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Lamma shipwreck|The captain of the Haitai returned to freedom and refused to mention the tragedy again, hoping to talk to find the truth


Ten years ago, the Lamma shipwreck killed 39 people, including eight children. Li Ximing, the captain of the Haitai, who was criticized in the shipwreck, was sentenced to eight years in prison by the court. A reporter from "Hong Kong 01" went to his residence at the end of last month and found that he had

Ten years ago, the Lamma shipwreck killed 39 people, including eight children.

Li Ximing, the captain of the Haitai, who was criticized in the shipwreck, was sentenced to eight years in prison by the court. A reporter from "Hong Kong 01" went to his residence at the end of last month and found that he had been released from prison, but he refused to bring up the tragedy again. He was asked what he could say to him When the relatives of the victims spoke out, he only said: "Sorry, I don't want to mention it again, I won't mention it again."

Zhao Bingquan, a survivor of the shipwreck and family member of the deceased, said that he had forgiven Li Ximing, "It's hard work to forgive people." He continued He pointed out that if a coroner’s court is held, more truths may be learned from Li Ximing’s mouth, and he hopes to ask the other party in person to understand why the ship collided that day and why the Haitai did not help rescue people. Don’t let so many people die.” However, the court rejected the application to convene the coroner’s court. Zhao Bingquan only hoped that one day he could directly talk to Li Ximing to find out the truth.

Lamma Disaster 10th Anniversary Series Report:

Ten Years of Lamma Shipwreck|Ten Years of Shipwreck Investigation Seesaw 3 Reports Revealed Mistakes and Omissions of the Marine Department, But No One Was Lost. The surveyors of the Marine Department are short of 30% and those who made mistakes have been promoted to the assistant director of the Lamma Ship Disaster Ten Years|Former Transport and Housing Bureau Secretary Zhang Bingliang: Our open internal investigation should be open to the Lamma Ship Disaster Ten Years. The truth of the shipwreck is unknown, it’s hard not to think about the Lamma shipwreck for ten years|Niece’s 10th birthday, the survivor of the shipwreck Xu Zhisheng supported the deceased brother and niece for ten years

On October 1, 2012, under the bright fireworks, the waters off Lamma Island were in chaos.

The Hong Kong Electric Lamma No. 4, carrying 124 passengers, was hit by the Hong Kong and Kowloon Ferry Haitai before the fireworks were released. As a result, the stern of the ship plunged into the seabed in less than two minutes. In the end, 39 passengers died, including eight children.

Afterwards, Lamma No. 4 captain Zhou Zhiwei and Haitai captain Li Ximing were both charged with manslaughter. In the end, Li Ximing was convicted of manslaughter and endangering the safety of others at sea. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison, and Zhou Zhiwei was sentenced to 9 months in prison.

During the hearing, Lai Ximing was judged by experts as "poor" and he should bear great responsibility. Instead of turning right according to the rules to avoid a collision, he turned left instead; the captain of Lamma No. 4 said he was "ok".

Li Ximing went to court and entered the court (Hong Kong Broadband bbTV)

Li Ximing has been released from prison and does not want to mention the incident again

Li Ximing, who has been imprisoned for eight years, has been released from prison after deducting his leave. The reporter went to his residence at the end of October this year. After knocking on the door, Li Ximing answered the door in person. At that time, the reporter asked him if he was Li Ximing. Damen, and pointed out that he is not Li Ximing: "I'm sorry, it's not."

The door was only ajar and not completely closed. Then the reporter asked if

he would have something to say to the families of the victims on the 10th anniversary of the shipwreck. He was silent for a moment and then responded: "Sorry, I don't want to mention it again, I won't Bring it up


When the reporter asked whether his life would be troubled by the shipwreck, his family members refused to mention it.

The reporter expressed the hope to make an appointment for a visit in the future and leave his contact information. His family members said: "It's been years, I don't need to ask for more trouble." After nearly a month, the reporter did not receive any contact from Li or his family members.

Victim's family: Li Ximing has been forgiven but hopes to find out the truth through dialogue

On the night of the shipwreck, Zhao Bingquan boarded Lamma No. 4 and went out to sea with his family to watch the National Day fireworks. In the end, he experienced the greatest pain in his life and was separated from his sister forever.

Regarding Li Ximing's response, he expressed his understanding, "He just doesn't want to mention it again." But for the victims' families, he believed that Li Ximing would help them find the truth: "There may be many things we know, but we don't."

Lamma shipwreck ten years|Survivor Zhao Bingquan seeks the truth for his deceased sister: I am still very sad at this moment

Zhao Bingquan pointed out that he has forgiven Lai Ximing, "I have forgiven you. In fact, it is very hard for people not to forgive people." Even so, he still hopes to meet with Lai to learn more about the accident, such as why the ship collided at that time, " He didn’t do it on the first day, he did it for twenty or thirty years, there’s no way it’s possible.”

After the accident, the Haitai pulled away and did not help rescue people. Zhao Bingquan wanted to know the reason, "He backed up and left, I will watch him", "He will save us that day, so many people will not die. .”

Zhao Bingquan said that if the coroner's court is held, he believes that when Li Ximing is summoned, he can learn more truths from his mouth. Unfortunately, the court rejected the family's application. He only hopes to have the opportunity to meet Li and pursue the truth as an injured person involved in the incident: "I was in the frame that day. On the boat."

▼The fifth anniversary of the Lamma shipwreck in 2017▼


Lamma shipwreck|The judge rejected the convening of the coroner's court to apply for the death of the families, disappointed to discuss whether to appeal the Lamma shipwreck that caused 39 deaths. The family members of the 39 deaths in the Lamma shipwreck asked for the death court judge to reject the application for the Lamma shipwreck. The family members ask the coroner's court for the Lamma shipwreck|The family members of the 4 deceased are dissatisfied with the coroner's refusal to inquire and submit to the High Court for reconsideration

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