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Interview|Tsz-Him Wong laughs at himself about his "experience of losing the election" and enriches the letter into the overall situation of the country, Hong Kong people will return


The by-election for the electoral committee of the Legislative Council will be held on December 18, attracting 6 people to compete for 4 seats, including Huang Ziqian, director of the National Hong Kong and Macau Studies Association, who is running for the third time in the Legislative Council. Lost by 14 votes in last year's election, this year's comeback

The by-election for the electoral committee of the Legislative Council will be held on December 18, attracting 6 people to compete for 4 seats, including Huang Ziqian, director of the National Hong Kong and Macau Studies Association, who is running for the third time in the Legislative Council.

Last year, he was defeated by 14 votes in the election, and this year he made a comeback. In an exclusive interview with "Hong Kong 01", Huang Ziqian joked that he had more "rejection experience". The relationship between Venezuela and Venezuela is more solid, and we are confident that we will take into account the overall situation of the country and the world.

The tide of immigration in Hong Kong has not eased. Huang Ziqian said that Hong Kong immigrants reflect that they "embrace the world", and firmly believe that as long as Hong Kong does a good job of "living and working in peace", it will integrate into the overall situation of the country's development and "make it out" with the advantages of facing the world, especially the promotion of culture and art. With the development of innovation and technology, talents will eventually return.

Huang Ziqian said that the anti-epidemic work has allowed him to know many regional election committees.

(Photo by Ou Jiale)

Balancing reality and shrinking the political platform "Limited people have time to understand"

Last year, when he ran for the election committee of the Legislative Council, Huang Ziqian put forward a nearly 40-page political platform. This time, he said that he learned from the experience of the last election and shortened the concept of the election to two pages, which is a balance between theory and reality: "There are real The people who have the time to learn about political platforms are spend so much time doing research, you have less time to meet with the election committee, and this year the balance is better." He mentioned that last year, there was not enough time to prepare for the election, so that he Not familiar with many election committees, "I have met many election committees once, and each election forum only has a minute or two to speak."

Until the fifth wave of the epidemic this year, Huang Ziqian started an "unusual" relationship with the election committee. He said that he was the coordinator of the Hong Kong Community Anti-epidemic Connection Volunteer Group and fought the epidemic side by side with the election committee. "At that time, I met a lot of regions. Election committee, we have fought battles together, so the relationship with the election committee is different." He said that he is more humble and calm than last year, and he will look at success and failure from a positive perspective. "Last year, there were 956 votes in favor. 956 votes took off."

Wong Tsz-him (right) and artist Fong Lik-sun (left) distributed anti-epidemic materials at Sanwu Tanglou in Mong Kok when the fifth wave of the epidemic broke out.

(Huang Ziqian Facebook)

The centrists in the past are now claiming that the political environment is ideal: we can talk about culture and art

In 2016, Huang Ziqian represented the "democratic thinking" that advertised the middle line and ran for the direct election of the Legislative Council.

Later, in 2019, he said that the idea of ​​democracy could not help the society repair the tear and quit.

He recalled his role as a peacemaker at that time, but it was a thankless effort. "When the traditional system was pan-democratic and both sides were so fierce, people didn't want to talk to the peacemaker. In the end, they broke up with the peacemaker. In 2016 If you follow this path, you will not become a majority.” He said that the wave of political polarization in 2019 was even worse than in 2016. Not that most people agree."

He said that in 2019, it was impossible to predict the "Hong Kong National Security Law", and it was impossible to imagine revising the electoral system. Today, Hong Kong people generally have a consensus on the political system and believe that the current political environment is ideal. "Politics is based on Most Hong Kong people... ideally have space to discuss policy issues. In the early years of election, they really wanted to talk about cultural and artistic issues, but no one told you what to talk about. You must talk about political reform plans.”

Huang Ziqian believes that Hong Kong can serve as a bridge for cultural and artistic exchanges between China and foreign countries.

(Hong Kong Palace Museum)

It is said that immigrant Hong Kong people embrace the world port and do their jobs well and then return

After the "National Security Law for the Hong Kong Area" came into force, Hong Kong's society returned to calm, but it has ushered in wave after wave of immigration. Based on the data from mid-2021 to mid-22, the net migration of Hong Kong's population reached 113,000.

Huang Ziqian pointed out that some young people have lost confidence in Hong Kong's prospects after experiencing the anti-extradition law turmoil in 2019 and the new crown epidemic. They think that Hong Kong's development has stagnated. As long as Hong Kong does a good job in its industry, talents will definitely return. "Hong Kong has practical problems that have not been resolved, and it is no accident that people are not kept... If we do a good job of living and working in peace, people will come back."

Huang Ziqian has repeatedly emphasized "national concept", "Hong Kong feelings" and "international vision" since he ran for the election. He said that Hong Kong immigrants are showing that they "embrace the world", but Hong Kong people may not live as happy overseas as imagined. The most important thing is to let them have room to survive and make contributions in Hong Kong. I believe they will return to Hong Kong.

He also said that it is understandable that some Hong Kong people do not have a strong national concept, because Hong Kong people did not establish a national concept in the British Hong Kong era, and now a balance should be struck between the country, the international community and Hong Kong.

He also mentioned that in order to attract talents to return to Hong Kong, integrate into the overall development of the country, and face the world, we must make achievements. Just listen."

One of the key points of Huang Ziqian's platform is to promote the development of culture and art.

(Photo by Ou Jiale)

Advocating the promotion of cultural innovation to increase China's soft power: the international community believes in the taste of Hong Kong people

Wong Tsz-him said that culture, art and technology are good scenarios to show how Hong Kong can integrate into the overall development of the country and give full play to its own advantages. If elected, he hopes to promote "cultural innovation" and "science and technology innovation" in parallel in Hong Kong.

He said that Hong Kong can make full use of the characteristics of being backed by the motherland and facing the world, and serve as a bridge for cultural and artistic exchanges between China and foreign countries.

He said that many international investors trust Hong Kong's taste and choices, and displaying the works of mainland artists in Hong Kong will help them make a name for themselves, promote Chinese culture, and help China export its soft power.

He mentioned that places such as Hong Kong and Dongguan can also implement the "shop in front and factory in back" approach, in which artworks are produced in mainland cities and then sold in Hong Kong.

He also hopes to increase the proportion of cultural and creative industries in Hong Kong’s GDP, promote cross-border cooperation between art and sports, tourism, technology, retail, etc., and turn cultural creativity into business opportunities. .

Candidates for the Legislative Council by-election are Wong Tsz-him, Ho King-kang, Wong Kam-fai, Li Guangyu, Chen Yongguang and Shang Hailong.

Legislative Council by-election︱There is more than one way to develop

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