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The window is closing: is the easing of entry into the country for citizens of Russia and Ukraine about to end? - Walla! Sentence


The war in Ukraine led to significant facilitation of immigration to Israel for citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, but all of this may end for those who do not act quickly

Against the background of possible changes in the battlefield and the governmental upheaval in Israel, the relief for refugees may end (Photo: Reuters)

"The elections in Israel and political changes following the war between Russia and Ukraine may lead to the end of the concessions given to immigrants from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus in entering the country," according to attorney Irena Rosenberg, a partner in the law firm Decker, Pax, Ofir & Co.

According to attorney Rosenberg, Following the state of emergency in Ukraine, since February 2022 the absorption route for those entitled to the Law of Return from the three countries has been greatly shortened and the criteria have been relaxed.

But now, against the background of possible changes in the battlefield and the governmental change in Israel, these concessions may end.

"As a result, it is very possible that the window of opportunity will close," says Attorney Rosenberg. "For this reason, Russian-speaking Jews from the three countries, who are still considering immigrating to Israel, should hurry."

Temporary ID card within 24 hours

The war in Ukraine broke out in February 2022. Immediately afterwards, the government decided on emergency measures to absorb all those affected by the war, either directly or indirectly.

In a short time, thousands of immigrants arrived in Israel, mainly from Ukraine, who were accommodated in designated hotels.

They were later joined by immigrants from Russia and Belarus who received a "shot of encouragement" to immigrate to Israel following the obligation to enlist in the Russian army.

"In the beginning, the absorption procedure in Israel was a quick procedure," says Attorney Rosenberg. "It was possible to get a temporary identity card and an immigration card within 24 hours." However, now, against the background of the created load, the situation has changed a bit, and the process takes several weeks.

In order to streamline the procedure, special reception centers were established for immigrants from Russia and Ukraine.

"When the immigrant arrives, he already meets at the airport a representative of 'Nativ' (the relevant body in the Prime Minister's Office), who conducts a short interview with him and makes an appointment for him to receive a temporary identity card a few weeks later." , also representatives of the Ministries of the Interior and Absorption, who make sure that he has all the necessary documents and issue him, in addition to an identity card, an immigrant's certificate that gives him discounts.

Significant facilitations that may end

"Until now, the immigrants have enjoyed significant facilitations in entering Israel," says Attorney Rosenberg. According to her, because of the situation in Ukraine, there was less insistence on details in order to prove the immigrant's Jewishness. "In addition, Israel did not insist that the documents the immigrants bring with them be authenticated with an apostille stamp of the country of origin," she explains. "These are significant concessions that may soon no longer be granted."

One of the concessions that may be canceled concerns the sons or daughters of spouses of those who are entitled to immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return. In accordance with the procedure for changing status from a tourist to an immigrant, split immigration It is a situation in which a person who is entitled to immigrate by virtue of the Law of Return immigrates to Israel without his spouse, who is also entitled to immigrate, and the spouse's right to immigrate after him is preserved. However, according to the procedure, it is not possible to make an inverse split immigration. That is, the spouse of the eligible person is not allowed to immigrate Without him to Israel and wait here for the eligible person to arrive to make aliyah.

However, due to the situation in Ukraine, many women who are the spouses of those eligible for aliyah arrived in Israel without their husbands, and a special relief was given to Ukrainians - the spouses of those eligible can now make aliyah, even without their husbands, on the condition that the spouse eligible for the Law of Return joins the aliya request within one year of receiving the class

Now, as mentioned, this relief may be canceled, but we can assume, even if we can't be sure, that if the situation continues and the mandatory conscription remains the same, this deadline will be extended.

Another relief that must be taken into account is the one given to Israeli citizens who immigrated many years ago and lived outside of Israel.

As long as they lived in Russia or Ukraine, they are exceptionally allowed to come to Israel with their spouses without starting the process of family reunification in advance, in order to make it easier for them to enter Israel.

However, they will be required to deposit a bond that will be returned to them upon obtaining A5 status for their spouse.

It should be noted that even this relief may be questioned.

Alongside all of this, there is now also uncertainty surrounding the "grandchild clause", a clause that allows a person who is a third generation Jew to immigrate to Israel, even if he is not Jewish.

As part of the coalition negotiations, Religious Zionist Chairman Bezalel Smotrich and the ultra-orthodox parties demand the repeal of the clause.

At the moment, it is not known what will happen to the clause that may endanger the immigration to Israel of many people in Russia and Ukraine.

From the language barrier to the need to organize documents

According to Attorney Rosenberg, one of the difficulties of the new immigrants, apart from the language barrier, is the need to organize the documents necessary for immigrating to Israel.

"We go through all the documents, say what is missing, and in some cases, if there is a need for further searching in the archives, we assist with that as well," notes Attorney Rosenberg. "We make sure that within a few weeks from the moment the immigrant arrives in Israel,

Do you need assistance with the immigration process of Jews from Russia, Ukraine or Belarus?

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