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"You wanted an Arab World Cup, you got it. But you ruined the tournament for us" - Voila! FIFA World Cup


"You drained us, you took all the joy from us. There is no party atmosphere here, it's no coincidence that only the Arab national teams are celebrating." A Welsh fan in a painful monologue explains how difficult it is to have fun in Qatar

Report by Paz Hasdai, messenger of Walla!

Sports for Qatar, after Morocco's victory over Belgium (Photo: Paz Hasdai. Video editing: Aviad Belili)

"Do you know what could have been here now?" says Trevor, a fan of the Wales team, while standing in a crowded car on the way to the team's game, "Do you know British football? Do you understand the differences? Instead of everyone here standing next to us now and talking, we could jump and sing . Do you know how much noise there could have been here? What joy? How much energy, here on this train? Everyone would be dancing here now. Yes, singing and dancing. Hands in the air, hugs. I'm not exaggerating. Instead I'm standing here talking to you. Talking. Why am I not singing? What is this silence?".

Trevor clicks his lips, and continues.

His pain is evident in every word.

"I don't know what was going through their minds with the decision to deny us alcohol. They dried us up completely," he says, "Beers are an essential part of football, and for those who don't understand that, it's a shame."

Sir, it sounds like you may have developed an alcohol dependency.

"Don't talk nonsense. I have an addiction to football, that's all. I love the game. But they took away a big part of the fun of it.

"There is no violence in the streets, but no joy in the eyes either" (Photo: GettyImages, Richard Heathcote)

"What can I tell you, alcohol is fun. Beers are fun. It's not by chance that when people hang out they drink. It's always been like that. Drink at parties, drink at social events, because it's liberating. It connects. It makes you happy. It loosens your shoulders , your legs, look at me, how jumpy I am now."

Say, you can also argue that because there is no alcohol, then there are also no hooligans and no fights and no flying chairs in the streets, right?

Trevor replies angrily.

"Okay, right, there are no fights. But there are also no dancing. There is no singing in the squares. There is no joy in the eyes of the people. Is it worth it?"

Suddenly his eyes close, he smiles for a brief second, imagines something, brings up a memory, and continues to speak seriously.

"Most of all, I'm sorry for the early games, at 1:00 p.m., when you start early," he says, "Oh man, it's so nice. You set a meeting place, all the friends, and drink. You book one round, the next round is for someone else, It's a different social experience, you know? It connects strangers. We're not into getting drunk until we pass out. We just want to have a good time. Sing.

"People here take risks, drink whiskey in a Coke bottle on the train, put vodka in personal aluminum bottles, try to sneak into the luxury hotels at night because that's the only place they sell. The Pen-Zone? Give me a break. I don't like being limited to one place where I can drink, and a lukewarm Budweiser beer that they pour me a can into a plastic cup for $20. Besides, look at the queues there. This place just shows how many people are thirsty for a good drink. There are also restrictions there. Policemen confiscate your lighter at the entrance, so that you don't light a cigarette. Other yachts are nothing to talk about at all. People don't even dare to think about looking for some weed for themselves, they are afraid of being caught and having their hand cut off in the city square, or something."

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The Welsh fans in Qatar (Photo: GettyImages, Julian Finney)

Aren't you exaggerating a bit Trevor?

There are a lot of Iranians and Saudis and Moroccans here who party very well and enjoy themselves even without drinking.

The Argentines and Mexicans sing like crazy.

Maybe the problem is with you?

"Look, regarding the Argentines, I have nothing to say, they are really crazy," he says, unimpressed, "As for the rest, fine. You wanted a World Cup in the Arab world? You got an Arab World Cup. I'm glad they're enjoying themselves, you have to respect their culture, but Ours too. As far as I'm concerned, they ruined the tournament for us.

"Listen, we hardly talk about it, but it's not a World Cup for fucks.

There is no sexual atmosphere in this place.

These tournaments always have a party vibe, the ladies are always happy to join these trips, there are always local girls to hang out with, but sorry, we don't have that here.


I don't want to offend anyone, but there is a strong Islamic section here.

Without disrespecting anyone, God forbid, but too many women here are covered.

It's a turn-off.

You keep thinking it's wrong to be horny.

I'm free, damn it."

Trever appears to be a troubled guy, but expresses a frustration that is heard by many fans from the West.

"To a certain extent, we gave up on this tournament," he says, "alcohol is a symbolic matter, for the entire surrender of the West and FIFA to the Qataris.

A lot of Europeans boycotted the tournament, and did not want to come.

Think why you have a match between Iran and Wales, and there are 40 thousand Iranians and 2,000 Welsh in the stands.

40 thousand Saudis in the stadium, in front of 2,000 Poles.

40 thousand Moroccans, against a thousand Belgians.

We allowed them to take over the tournament.

They also win because they dominate the stadium.

There are no Europeans here.

The Germans are lethargic, they don't even feel the English.

I don't know, I feel that the players of the European national teams are also giving up on the tournament a bit.

There is a vibez fabric here.

I don't understand why there is a World Cup, and I already want to go home for a league game."

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