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Ambassador Attia: Western countries have diverted the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons from its objectives


The Hague, SANA- Ambassador Milad Attia, Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the Organization for the Prohibition of Iron Weapons, affirmed


Ambassador Milad Attia, Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, affirmed Syria's categorical rejection of the use of chemical weapons by anyone, anywhere and under any circumstances, explaining that Western countries have diverted the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons from the goals for which it was established and turned it into a platform to guide False accusations against Syria and Russia.

Ambassador Attia said in a speech today during the opening of the twenty-seventh session of the Conference of the States Parties in The Hague, Netherlands: “The United States of America, France and Britain have turned the organization into a platform for making false accusations against Russia of using chemical weapons or preparing to use those weapons, as it did with Syria over the past nine years.” the past.”

Attia explained that the United States of America and its allies have not only committed crimes against the Syrian people, but are continuing to make vigorous attempts to reproduce and install false accusations and fabrications, and to practice misleading against Syria in the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, although Syria has implemented all that is required of it under the Chemical Weapons Convention. Despite the very difficult and complex circumstances that she went through and is going through.

Attia pointed out that Syria is still subjected to campaigns unprecedented in the history of this organization of skepticism and false accusations by Western countries against it, with the aim of achieving aggressive political goals that it was unable to achieve through direct and indirect war that is still continuing until now.

Attia said that the serious challenge to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons does not concern Syria, but rather it is a global problem that is broader in scope and of a systematic nature, because the organization has turned into a tool for political manipulation that diverted it from its technical nature, professionalism and credibility, pointing out that Syria has not stopped fully cooperating with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and its secretariat. and its technical teams within the framework of implementing its obligations, in particular

It was keen to hold a high-level meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Chairman of the Syrian National Committee, Dr. Faisal Al-Miqdad, and the Director-General of the organization, in addition to its recent submission of constructive proposals in this regard, the last of which was in October 2022.

Attia said: “Chemical terrorist threats from terrorist groups and non-state entities pose a serious threat to the security and stability of the state parties,” reiterating Syria’s call on all OIC member states to strengthen international efforts to confront this real threat, especially since it has become clear that Western countries are seeking to cover up Crimes and practices of terrorist groups in Syria, which encouraged them to commit more heinous crimes against Syrians and prepare to commit new crimes in which toxic substances are used to accuse the Syrian government.

Attia added: Syria has been constantly informing the organization and the UN Security Council of the terrorist groups and the terrorist group (White Helmets) continuing to prepare for plays using chemical weapons, especially in the countryside of the governorates of Idlib, Aleppo, Hama, Homs and Lattakia, but this important information did not receive any attention from the Technical Secretariat. and many western countries.

Attia stressed that Syria supports Russia's right to defend itself and protect its national security in response to aggressive Western policies, pointing out that it does not only defend itself, but also the world, the principles of justice and humanity, and everyone's right in a world that rejects the logic of hegemony and unipolarity.

Attia stressed that Western countries continue in an approach that undermines the work of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, as they were not satisfied with a documented gross violation of the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention, but rather contributed to unprecedented divisions within the organization by resorting to imposing decisions by voting away from consensus, as the Syrian case was the most prominent example of this. The way those countries deal with the organization and attempts to politicize it.

Attia pointed out that the United States of America and its allies were not satisfied with committing crimes against the Syrian people, occupying some of their lands, plundering their wealth in a flagrant and open manner, destroying their capabilities, besieging them, and starving them through economic terrorism represented by unilateral coercive economic measures, but rather they supported terrorist organizations that spilled the blood of Syrians without a moral or deterrent. Legal for nearly eleven years, in addition to the direct attacks on Syrian territory by those countries under false pretexts.

Attia explained that Western countries have made strenuous attempts to reproduce and synthesize false accusations, fabrications, and the practice of deception against Syria in the corridors of the policy-making bodies of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, such as accusing it of obstructing the holding of the round of consultations No. 25 between the experts of the National Committee and the “Declaration Evaluation Team,” which is considered good. Evidence of the politicization of the work of this team and therefore the organization, because Syria welcomed the holding of this round and agreed to everything proposed by the Technical Secretariat except for its request to replace one of the members of this team with any member that the Technical Secretariat and the Director General deem appropriate to perform this task.

Attia pointed out that the technical secretariat, in return for cooperation and positive dealings with Syria, required sending the evaluation team with Syria's agreement to grant all members of this team the required visas, explaining that, despite all that, Western countries continue to accuse Syria of obstructing the work of this team, while those who obstruct holding the round of consultations No. 25 It is the technical secretariat of the organization that has a very large number of technicians and experts who can carry out this task.

Attia said: The Syrian Arab Republic, along with many countries, has expressed, on more than one occasion, objective observations regarding the modalities of the “fact-finding mission” and its reports issued so far. Nevertheless, Syria cooperated with the teams of this mission and provided it with all the facilities required for the success of its missions. The last of which was Syria's cooperation and its provision of all facilities to the mission team on its last visit to Syria during the current month of November.

Attia stressed that the test of the “fact-finding mission’s professionalism and credibility” is subject to the mission’s overcoming the defects related to the approach and methods of its work, its respect for the provisions of the agreement, its commitment to its professional standards and the document of terms of reference that was agreed upon with Syria, and proving its non-bias in the reports that will be issued by it, and not as it did in its misleading reports. And the previous fabricated incident in Khan Sheikhoun 2017, Aleppo incident 2018, Saraqib incident 2018, Douma incident 2018, and the scandals and forgery that followed the report of this incident, which is clear to all, calling on the United States of America and its allies from Western countries to stop putting pressure on the team of this mission and stop covering the crimes of terrorists and their arm as a group (The White Helmets) in this area.

Attia stated that the Syrian Arab Republic still considers the decision to establish an “investigation and identification team” lacking legitimacy, as it was given a mandate that contradicts the provisions of the agreement and set a dangerous precedent by delegating to a technical organization matters that fall within the powers and jurisdiction of the Security Council. Therefore, Syria, along with other countries, does not recognize the legitimacy of this team. It rejects its funding and access to confidential information provided by the Syrian authorities to the organization and the Security Council, and rejects any outputs issued and those that will be issued by it in the future.

Attia said, “The United States and its allies, led by the European Union, continue to use the policy of economic terrorism against Syria, represented by unilateral coercive measures, in clear violation of what is stipulated in Article Eleven of the Chemical Weapons Convention, the United Nations Charter, and the principles and rules of international law.” This issue is the false claim of those countries that they are keen on human rights in Syria, especially since they are not satisfied with imposing these measures, but rather exert campaigns of enormous pressure on other countries that deal with the Syrian state and all its institutions, which has negatively affected the lives of Syrians and the inability to secure the most basic requirements of life from Medicines, medical equipment, electricity, oil, food, water, education supplies and other necessary needs.

Attia cited what the United Nations Special Rapporteur, Alina Dohan, said about the negative impact of unilateral sanctions on human rights, in a preliminary report she prepared after a 12-day visit to Syria. Life and sectors in Syria, including primary and secondary, down to health, education and culture.

The ambassador pointed to Dohan's description of continuing to impose these measures against Syria as amounting to crimes against humanity against the entire Syrian people, calling on the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the States Parties to assume their responsibilities to ensure the full, effective and non-discriminatory implementation of Article 11 of the Convention and to demand the United States The US and its allies to stop violating and undermining the provisions of the agreement and to lift these unilateral coercive measures against Syria.

Attia stressed that achieving the universality of the Chemical Weapons Convention represents a very important step in ensuring the establishment of an effective global regime against chemical weapons, pointing out that this will not be achieved without obligating Israel to join the Chemical Weapons Convention and the rest of the international agreements related to the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. He expressed Syria's regret over the existence of sponsoring countries of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons that hinder any effort to establish a zone free of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East in order to protect Israel and keep it outside any international control over its nuclear, chemical and biological facilities.

Attia explained that Syria calls for international cooperation to confront the illegal restrictions imposed by those countries on the transfer of scientific technology for peaceful purposes to developing countries and to subject them to unilateral illegal coercive measures against some other countries with the aim of preventing them from achieving economic and scientific development for their people and preventing them from using chemistry for peaceful purposes in A clear violation of the provisions of the Convention and international law.

One hundred and ninety-three state parties to the Convention are participating in the work of the twenty-seventh session of the Conference of the States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention, and the Syrian Arab Republic is represented in this conference along with Ambassador Milad Attia, Dr. Permanent Mission, and the conference will continue until December 2, 2022.

Source: sena

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