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The situation in the morning


The Chancellor presents his ideas on immigration policy. The Bundeswehr is running out of ammunition. And in China, people show historical courage. This is the situation on Monday.

today we are talking about a summit on integration, a summit on ammunition and a summit on civil courage.

The World Cup is developing

Germany is still in the game.

Our national team finished yesterday's

World Cup match

against Spain with a

1-1 draw

– if you say that in football.

She will not leave the hospitable "dream destination Qatar" (self-description) for the time being.

If you are interested in the details, please consult the extensive reporting by our competent, motivated, friendly World Cup team on

Otherwise, pretty much everything has already been said about this sporting event, whose






slowly approaching those of an


federal party conference.

Not from me, but I failed when asked by our new colleague and mini-columnist (self-described) Felix Dachsel to send him just one sentence about this World Cup.

Good luck to everyone watching here.

  • Niclas Füllkrug's World Cup goal against Spain: The savior who came from the second division

The chancellor doesn't want to jump

Federal Chancellor

Olaf Scholz

is speaking today at an event organized by his government on the topic »Germany.

immigration country.

Dialogue for Participation and Respect«.

Together with the Federal Government Commissioner for Integration, Reem Alabali-Radovan, Scholz wants to

present his government 's

integration policy concept .

At any moment, his home secretary,

Nancy Faeser

, could present her



law bill


If the traffic light coalition has its way, immigrants should not only be granted

citizenship after eight, but in future after

five years of residence

in Germany

can be obtained, reported "Bild" recently.

Anyone who shows "special integration achievements" such as great voluntary commitment should even be able to become a German after just three years.

The obligation to give up one's previous citizenship for the German passport or to integrate oneself into German living conditions will probably no longer apply in the future.

It is already said in "Bild" and from the Union faction that the traffic light would "sell off" the German passport.

It would not suit Scholz to address such allegations directly today.

He hates jumping over sticks.

Especially when "the conservatives," as he likes to call the CDU and CSU, put them off him.

But a foretaste of what the chancellor might say can be found in his latest video podcast.

As so often, Scholz quotes his home town of Hamburg, which he ruled as first mayor for a long time.

In the emigration museum there, says Scholz, you can see how

many millions of people

have left Germany over the centuries.

And vice versa ,




to the


of the German



According to Scholz, he himself had attended many naturalization ceremonies for new Germans in Hamburg, which had "touched" him deeply.

These people came "in their best suits and clothes" and were also very "touched" to become Germans - "touched", you notice, is a favorite word of Scholz.

The Chancellor's conclusion: "Germany needs better rules for the naturalization of these great women and men." One can assume that these words will have little effect on the Union.

  • Reform of citizenship law: Faeser warns of "sentiment mongering"

The tank howitzer needs supplies



, another important appointment is taking place in the Chancellery today: an

ammunition summit


How can German industry restart ammunition production as quickly as possible, and how could the federal government support the industry in this?

Our Bundeswehr expert Matthias Gebauer tells me that the basic problem is that there are

hardly any ammunition production

lines left in Germany , at least when it comes to



And new ones don't appear overnight.

There is a need – in the Bundeswehr, but also in the



What use are the Panzerhaubitzen 2000, delivered after a long dispute, without the corresponding projectiles?

It would be fatal if Ukraine's resistance to Vladimir Putin's attack failed due to such factors.

Even the USA could not produce the ammunition as quickly as the Ukrainian soldiers fired it, says Matthias.

The summit in the Chancellery, which was apparently scheduled at very short notice, is intended to look like a tangible, solution-oriented meeting of the technical level, top officials and industry people -

without the front row of the government


Not even Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht will apparently attend.

Her armaments secretary Benedikt Zimmer and for the chancellery Scholz's foreign policy adviser Jens Plötner.

It doesn't have to hurt if decisions are made without top politicians.

But maybe they don't want to come because there are no quick solutions?

  • Weapons aid for Ukraine: self-propelled howitzers out of action due to lack of spare parts

This corona protest is brave

How long can the


on the streets hold



What is meant is not the »last generation«, but the


who took to the


in several cities at the same time this weekend to protest

against the zero-Covid policy

of the autocratic regime.

The protests were triggered by a fire in a high-rise building in the northwest Chinese city of Ürümqi, in which ten people died - probably also because the rescue workers did not arrive in time due to the strict corona measures, as my colleague Christoph Giesen, our China correspondent, reports.

»There have not been protests in so many places at the same time in China

for decades

.« The state censorship can hardly keep up with the deletion.

Anyone who goes to a demonstration in China and dares to shout "Down with Xi Jinping!" is

really taking a risk


It is already difficult enough for the demonstrators to find and network with each other, across individual cities.

In contrast, the lateral thinker demos, protected by the police in this country, were certainly not a test of courage.

The German corona measures are just as incomparable with the Chinese tough corona policy, in which entire blocks of houses can be sealed off simply because a person living there was a contact person for another infected person.

There is talk of up to 400 million Chinese in some form of lockdown.

The number is beyond imagination.

Will the

pressure of the street have an effect


Probably not, says protest researcher and China expert William Hurst, whom Christoph Giesen quotes in his report.

The most likely scenario, protest researcher Hurst believes, is that they "fizzle out."

And yet the fact that the surveillance apparatus could not prevent millions of people circumventing digital censorship and demonstrating in many places is an encouraging signal for Chinese civil society.

Something is stirring.

  • Demonstrations in China: They shout: »Down with Xi Jinping!« 

You can find news and background information on the war in Ukraine here:

  • Selenskyj swears by a hard winter, Klitschko defends himself against criticism:

    President Selenskyj sees Ukraine facing difficult months - with cold and shelling.

    Kiev's mayor does not want to be criticized.

    And: The SPD leader is addressing the armaments industry.

    The most important developments.

  • Iran's drones fly with Western technology:

    Russia has been terrorizing Ukraine with Iranian drones for weeks.

    A look at the technology behind these weapons shows that many parts come from the West - and found their way into the country despite sanctions. 

  • Why Russian hackers are attacking Ukraine's Ministry of Finance:

    Documents and emails from the Ministry have been published on Telegram.

    A group called XakNet claims responsibility for the attack.

    But for IT security experts it is clear: someone else is behind it. 

  • »Now I've gotten used to the war a little bit«:

    Bombs are falling above, below ground, in the shelter of a subway station, magic is being done, people are painting, soap bubbles are flying through the air.

    How do the little ones deal with the war?

    A Unicef ​​team visited them.

Here's the current quiz of the day

The starting question today: Which EU country will introduce the euro as its currency on January 1, 2023?

loser of the day...


Melania Trump

, former First Lady of the USA.

During her time in the White House, she was ridiculed for the hideous Christmas decorations she put on President Donald Trump's official residence.

While her successor, Jill Biden, is now hoping to present more tasteful Christmas decorations in the White House today, Mrs. Trump has turned her decoration ideas into a business model.

She sells a self-designed Christmas tree pendant combined with an NFT, i.e. a digital version of the "work of art" in a blockchain.

"My creative inspiration is hope," Trump writes on her website.

In fact, you can see there that her creative inspiration is more likely to be business.

The section about her charitable concerns as First Lady is kept rather narrow, information about her own biography or her husband is completely missing.

The »FAQ« section contains all the details about buying and paying for the poinsettia and its digital version.

The most important question first: »Can I use a credit card to pay?

- Yes."

The latest news from the night

  • BBC reporter arrested and mistreated in China:

    In Shanghai, there has apparently been an attack by the police on an international journalist.

    The BBC man said he was arrested, punched and kicked.

    The version of the authorities is different.

  • Brexit is apparently exacerbating the shortage of doctors in Great Britain:

    Britain's exit from the EU has had a significant impact on the country's healthcare system.

    According to a survey, there is a shortage of thousands of doctors – some in particularly sensitive specialist areas.

  • At least ten dead in a terrorist attack on a hotel near the presidential palace:

    Islamists have attacked a hotel used by government officials in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu.

    A radical Islamic militia claimed responsibility for the attack.

The SPIEGEL + recommendations for today

  • Euthanasia?

    It must also be about a better life:

    The Bundestag wants to regulate assisted suicide.

    This is not possible without improving the living conditions for the elderly and the sick. 

  • “A judge decides for himself how much effort he puts into his work”:

    suspected murderers are released from custody because proceedings take forever: as a judge, Roman Poseck has harshly criticized the overloading of the judiciary.

    As minister, he should now solve the problems himself.

    He's got some ideas. 

  • The two from the gas station:

    A tax consultant and a real estate manager from Potsdam want to put Germany's first liquid gas terminal into operation in Lubmin - on a chartered special ship.

    Without state billions and loans.

    How does it work? 

  • Why an entrepreneurial couple moved into a mobile home:

    the industrial laundry is booming, but then the energy crisis: gas prices were ten times as expensive in the meantime.

    The Grenke-Klimstein couple hopes that the price brake will come soon.

    And slims down your own existence. 

I wish you a good start into the day.

Yours, Melanie Amann

Source: spiegel

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