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Erdogan: The voice of aggression is stronger than claims of peace.. Written by: Abdul Rahim Ahmed


For almost 11 years, Syrians have been suffering from the policies and ambitions of the Turkish regime, which have been embodied in supporting terrorists

For almost 11 years, the Syrians have been suffering from the policies and ambitions of the Turkish regime, which have been embodied in supporting terrorists, since the beginning of the war on Syria, and direct intervention to protect them and prevent their successive collapses in front of the Syrian Arab Army, by entering the battle on their side in Idlib, and in the northern and western countryside of Aleppo.

Erdogan’s regime’s attacks against Syria never stopped, and expanded with the entry of his occupying forces into the northern countryside of Aleppo and Idlib, taking advantage of the Syrian Arab Army’s preoccupation with confronting terrorists in the countryside of Damascus, Aleppo, Palmyra, Daraa and Deir ez-Zor, and it worked during the past years to change the demographic structure of the areas occupied by its forces by displacing its people, and replacing them with terrorists and their families, while adopting policies that Turkify teaching curricula and street names, imposing the Turkish currency, and other measures that reveal the ambitions of the Turkish regime in the Syrian lands.

Despite all of this, the Turkish regime claims to defend its country's security and fight terrorism, by entering the battle on the side of terrorist groups and occupying areas of Syrian territory!!

He also speaks maliciously and cunningly about respecting the territorial integrity of Syria and the absence of Turkish ambitions in it.

And at a time when his forces are bombing the villages and towns of the countryside of Hasakah, Qamishli, Raqqa and Aleppo, Erdogan raises his voice to talk about peace and dialogue with Damascus and openness to it, but Erdogan will no longer be able to deceive the Syrians by talking about peace and cooperation at a time when he assaults them daily, kills their women and children with drones and steals Euphrates waters, occupies Syrian land, and supports terrorists fighting the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian state.

Erdogan's actions belie his words, and what he is doing in the border areas during the past years reminds us of what his ancestors did during the plot to flay Iskenderun with the complicity of France. Therefore, the Syrians in the border areas and in the Syrian Jazira must be aware of Erdogan's malicious intentions, stick to their land and homes and not be deceived by his media statements. All Syrians, army, state and people, must be ready to confront Erdogan's ambitions, which are well known.

On the eighty-third anniversary of the brigade's flaying, which took place on the 29th of November 1939, we must be more alert to what the head of the Turkish regime is planning, and unite in confronting his expansionist ambitions, and the militias that claim to confront Erdogan's army must know that the confrontation is under the leadership of The Syrian Arab Army, and within the options of the Syrian state and not in any other way, otherwise it will not succeed.

The Turkish regime, which is under the illusion that Syria today is wounded and unable to confront the Turkish army, must know that the Syrian people and their national army have the ability to confront, challenge and win, as they did in ten years of confronting hundreds of thousands of terrorist mercenaries and the forces supporting them.

The voice of peace must be sincere and consistent with actions, and the first of these actions is the Turkish regime’s cessation of support for terrorism and explicitly announcing plans to withdraw from the lands it occupies, in coordination with the Syrian state and cooperation to eliminate terrorists and impose security and stability in the border areas, in a way that guarantees security and peace for the Syrian and Turkish peoples. Otherwise, all the fanfare issued by the Turkish authorities about peace is just a cover for aggression and occupation.

Source: sena

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