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Exhibitors lamented the disputes at Asia Pacific Shopping Fair and went to the Meat Conference to refute that there was no time to do business due to the strike


The dispute over the "Hong Kong GO Carnival 2022" held by the AsiaWorld-Expo and chaired by the Hong Kong Federation of Industry and Commerce continued. Representatives of the exhibitors and the organizer again accused each other on a radio program this morning (29th). Some exhibitors said that the income is insufficient

The dispute over the "Hong Kong GO Carnival 2022" held by the AsiaWorld-Expo and chaired by the Hong Kong Federation of Industry and Commerce continued. Representatives of the exhibitors and the organizer again accused each other on a radio program this morning (29th).

Some exhibitors claimed that their income was not enough to make up for the rent and salaries. They now hope that the organizers will provide receipts as soon as possible so that they can apply for the SME Marketing Fund. Some exhibitors bluntly said that they only received 1,200 yuan in business in four days.

Cheung Wai Lok, chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Industry and Commerce, retorted that it was because some "claimed representatives" instigated other exhibitors to strike and disrupted order, so they had no time to take care of business.

He emphasized that the protesting exhibitors were only a minority, and most of the other exhibitors were dissatisfied with their behavior, and there was good business during the four-day exhibition.

Exhibitors' protest yesterday was classified as a "dispute" by the police

The "Hong Kong GO Carnival 2022" held for four consecutive days from last Friday (25th) to yesterday (28th) had exhibitors who were dissatisfied with the arrangements. dispute".

Mr. Chen, the representative of the exhibitor who sells seafood, said on the radio program this morning that the organizer had been responsible for the distribution of the exhibition area for the shopping fair and the food carnival. Therefore, from the perspective of the merchants, it was an indicator of confidence: "Who doesn't know that the original production is different from the manufacturer's association. Fight far."

Mr. Chen, the representative of exhibitors dealing in seafood business.

(File photo/photo by Hong Zhijing)

Organizers are urged to provide receipts as soon as possible to help apply for funding

Chen believes that the success of the CIIF Shopping Fair is due to the well-connected transportation. In the housing estates in the northwest of the New Territories and Kwai Tsing District, shuttle buses are arranged: "(This time) the arrangement of Lan Rongrong is irresponsible. Things!" At present, he hopes that the organizer can provide the receipt as soon as possible, so that exhibitors can apply for the "SME Marketing Fund" to subsidize half of the rent and transportation costs, otherwise there will be double losses.

He revealed that he rented 4 booths in the exhibition, with an average daily rent of 17,800 yuan, and a total of 190,000 yuan in business on the 4th day. However, the gross profit of seafood is low, which cannot make up for the expenses of rent and salary: "I don't think any stall owner can make money. money."

Healthy snack exhibitors had a turnover of 1,200 yuan in the 4th day: a loss to the meat

Jenny, another exhibitor representative who sold healthy snacks, complained bitterly that she was "losing money". The total turnover in the 4 days was only 1,200 yuan, which was all helped by other exhibitors.

She said that when she found that the crowd was sparse on the first day, she had checked with the organizer about the number of people entering the venue, and she received a response that there were 4,000 people before 2 pm.

"We have more than 200 stalls, I think each stall will get two people first."

It is said that when the organizer was attracting investment in August last year, it used the 1 million people in the trade fair shopping festival as a selling point. It said that the exhibition arrangement was the same as that of the trade fair, but in the end there was no free shuttle bus, and there was no large-scale publicity.

She was puzzled that irrelevant activities such as the inauguration ceremony and the debate competition for middle school students were held at the same venue, and she believed that they could not help exhibitors sell.

Cheung Wai Lok, Chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Industry and Commerce (first from left).

(Alliance webpage picture)

Organizers Question Protesting Exhibitors as "Self-Proclaimed Representatives"

On the same program, Zhang Weile questioned the above two as "self-proclaimed representatives", thinking that the business was not as expected because they had been instigating other exhibitors to strike, harassing the conference and the stage, and had no time to take care of business.

He also said that more than dozens of exhibitors expressed dissatisfaction and accused them of disturbing the order of the venue.

Afterwards, the program host asked if the business was booming, and the exhibitors would have no time to protest.

Cheung Wai-lok said that there were also a lot of people on Saturdays and Sundays. He pointed out that Hong Kong has returned to normal. He emphasized that the 12 representatives accounted for less than 10% of the exhibitors. It’s a little less, but it’s not like there’s no traffic at all, and some exhibitors are really doing business, and it’s even good.”

The goal is to have 100,000 people enter the venue during the 4-day exhibition. Clarify that enough publicity has been done

When asked about the number of visitors and the total business volume, Zhang Weile said that he had spent time recently dealing with the protest issue and would announce it later. He also pointed out that the original goal of the 4-day exhibition was a total of 100,000 people. Expected ideal.

He also clarified that a recruitment call had been held on October 31, saying that there were over a hundred reports on the exhibition; he also arranged for a publicity vehicle to drive in Hong Kong every day from the beginning of this month.

As for the shuttle bus, he said that he has cooperated with KMB to set up 12 routes in the Northwest New Territories and Kwai Tsing District, emphasizing that the schedule is not under the control of the organizer.

He also said that he has cooperated with travel agencies and community organizations to bring his neighbors to the site for shopping. There were a total of 10 groups on the 4th, emphasizing that it was not without prior arrangements.

AsiaWorld-Expo Shopping and Travel Fair Exhibitors Sit-in to Protest No Business and Promoting Refunds Home admission to visit the policy address ︱ Grab talents, promote the exhibition industry, and start infrastructure Roughly estimated to spend at least 147 billion yuan

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