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How to make an Advent wreath yourself?


In the Christian tradition, it is customary to make a wreath for the Advent period. Discover the steps to create one easily.

Why do we make Advent wreaths?

The period of Advent (from the Latin


, "advent") extends over the four weeks which precede the day of the Nativity, that is to say Christmas.

On this occasion, it is customary to make a wreath made of fir branches, adorned with four candles.

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This Advent wreath


has its roots in Germany in the 16th century.

On the first Sunday of this period, one candle is lit and the following ones one more.

The four burning candles are the symbol of the approaching Christmas light.

What does it take to make an Advent wreath?

If you want to follow this tradition, or just decorate your home with a nice Christmas accessory, know that it is quite simple to make the wreath yourself.

The result is often prettier and less expensive than a wreath purchased from a furniture store, florist or department store.

If you have a garden, it is possible that everything you need is there.

Here's what you need :

  • For the base of the crown: fine branches (vine, wisteria, dogwood, poplar, cedar, willow, etc.);

  • For decorations: small pine cones, twigs and leaves of holly, mistletoe, laurel or ivy, fir branches, acorns, rose hips;

  • 4 candles;

  • Iron wire.

Good to know

If the twigs of your trees and shrubs are not suitable for making a wreath, buy a straw wreath base, which you will decorate with the various objects and the candles.

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Advent wreath: the manufacturing steps

The design of the branch

To make the base of the wreath, arm yourself with secateurs and cut out a certain amount of twigs and twigs.

Then arrange these branches around a rigid support, as if you were making braids.

The support can be a simple iron wire or for example a deformed and rounded hanger.

In the latter case, the hook can be kept in order to hang the wreath on a door.

Avoid choosing branches that are more than 1.5 cm in diameter, as they will not be bendable.

Choose thin, long and flexible branches.

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Prepare decorative fasteners

Then, gather your decorations: pine cones, Christmas balls, holly branches... To attach these elements to the wreath, you need to use a wire.

It is also possible to use a silk thread - or any other textile - but the fixation will be less solid.

Pass the thread around the decoration: around the stems for the branches or around the base for the pine cones.

Twist the wire tightly around the decor, then grab both sides of the wire and wrap them around the branch wreath.

Tighten it again and twist it.

Do the same with all the decorations, which you distribute around the wreath.

A traditional Advent wreath has four candles.

Adobe Stock

Adorn the Advent wreath with the candles

When the plant part of the wreath is complete (twigs, leaves, pine cones…), adorn it with the four Advent candles.

To do this, drill a hole under the base of the candle in order to pass the iron wire through it: one end is flattened at the bottom of the base, under the candle, the other surrounds the crown.

The candles must be lit one by one, every Sunday until Christmas.

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Where to place an Advent wreath at home?

The traditional Advent wreath has four candles, so it should be placed on a flat surface.

The custom is to lay it out on the table.

She is even at the center of the table for Christmas Eve.

However, many people like to make Advent wreaths to adorn the door of their house.

In this case, they do not include candles but rather holly leaves or stars.

This location signifies a welcome to guests.

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