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Interview|Shang Hailong sent a message to young people who dare to fail and use Lai Chi Wo Village to tell the story of Hong Kong to the mainland


The by-election for the electoral committee of the Legislative Council will be held on December 18 (Sunday), with six contestants competing for four seats. Shang Hailong, the general manager of the science and technology company "SenseTime" who is a self-proclaimed "political amateur" for the first time, accepts an exclusive interview with "Hong Kong 01"

The by-election for the electoral committee of the Legislative Council will be held on December 18 (Sunday), with six contestants competing for four seats.

Shang Hailong, the general manager of SenseTime, a science and technology company who claimed to be a "political amateur" for the first time, accepted an exclusive interview with "Hong Kong 01". He believed that the improved parliament would provide a platform for professionals to speak out. In terms of innovation and technology, he believes that only development can find a way out for young people and resolve deep-rooted local conflicts.

The society has often talked about the "Road to Normalcy" recently. Shang Hailong believes that in addition to telling the story of Hong Kong to the outside world, he should also repair Hong Kong's image in the Mainland. He revealed that he participated in the research on the restoration of Lai Chi Wo Village, which made the Mainland people's eyes shine. , "So there is rural revitalization in Hong Kong?"

Without the backing of a political party: Relying on the entrepreneurial spirit

Shang Hailong has been involved in scientific research and business for many years. He has been in the political field. He firmly believes that "great development, small difficulties; small development, great difficulties; no development, the most difficult." Help Hong Kong to be governed and prospered."

Shang Hailong revealed that he has been questioned by the outside world for ignoring politics, but he firmly believes that he must first do well in his professional field and put forward specific opinions in order to promote social development, instead of "pumping water" like "political KOL": "(Pumping water) This is not a political slogan, not not to supervise the government, but to have benign, professional interaction and professional supervision, it is useless to harass him.”

As for the reason for the sudden turn of the runway, Shang Hailong said bluntly:

People who care about politics are not professional, and professional people were not interested in participating in politics before, because they have to waste their time and have the opportunity to have physical conflicts, and they will die if they are not healthy!

Shang Hailong

He believes that after the introduction of a comprehensive electoral system, the atmosphere of the parliament is completely different, providing a platform for professionals to speak out, so they are willing to stand up for election.

In addition, I have been a "Hong Kong drifter" for more than ten years, and my children were all born in Hong Kong. He described that he has a "natural sense of belonging" to Hong Kong. "I hope this city will be good, and Hong Kong as a whole will be good."

Shang Hailong said with a smile: "You have a party, I have courage, I am not surprised, this is an entrepreneurial spirit." (Photo by Ou Jiale)

Running for the first time, and without the support of a political party behind him, Shang Hailong said that he is fortunate to have the entrepreneurial spirit: "Now when I go to visit, I am alone with my backpack, and others bring the party chairman and Legislative Council members, ( I am such a stupid amateur, and I am on the same stage (comparison) with others, people think it is too miserable! AQ (Adversity Quotient) is not surprised even when encountering difficulties. I am a political amateur, you have a party , I have the courage, I am not surprised, this is entrepreneurial spirit.”

A message to young people "Become a Loser!"

In recent years, many young people believe that life in Hong Kong is stressful and lacks opportunities for development.

Shang Hailong recalled that when he first came to Hong Kong, his salary was twice that of the mainland, and he thought to himself, "I have money, I earn 20,000 (yuan), and I thought I could save 10,000 (yuan), but I don't know that it is not enough. The rent is very expensive. Hong Kong is so proud, there is a thing called "freezing and setting heat", and you can add two drinks to cold drinks, but not to hot drinks. Shangtang” has experienced three bankruptcy crises: “During the meeting, the chief financial officer came to me and told me, ‘Look at the number of orders... I have a letter of resignation, the company will have no money in two weeks, and I will resign to find a job ’, you have to look at the key points when you encounter difficulties.”

Later, he worked hard step by step, and "SenseTime" became a "unicorn" produced in Hong Kong and a leader in the artificial intelligence industry in the mainland. He sent a message to young people not to be afraid of failure, but to "continue to be a loser":

Hong Kong is a financial center. People are used to calculating risks and admiring the culture of "Risk management", but I always say "Take big risks and get big opportunities".

Shang Hailong

However, as an "innovator", Shang Hailong noticed that non-local students are the first choice for scientific research. He believes that this is related to the changes in the local industrial structure. He said frankly that most parents expect their children to become dragons. "Everyone wants their children to be lawyers and doctors." It is believed that parents and young people are generally not optimistic about the development of innovation and technology because there were too few "unicorn" companies in the past that "go out and succeed".

He believes that if we want to successfully industrialize scientific research and attract more young people to enter the industry, we must have a "Role Model" (model), so that young people can understand the career direction of innovation and technology, "so that they know that through this road, You can get married, buy a house, and have children.”

Great development, small difficulties; small development, great difficulties; no development, the most difficult Shang Hailong

Promote the development of innovation and technology so that young people "have the freedom of cold drinks and two mosquitoes"

President Xi Jinping mentioned in the report of the "Twentieth National Congress" that "support Hong Kong and Macau to develop the economy, improve people's livelihood, and resolve deep-seated contradictions and problems in economic and social development." Shang Hailong believes that solving "deep-seated contradictions" cannot be separated from In the development of science and technology, it is said bluntly that "great development, small difficulties; small development, great difficulties; no development, the most difficult".

He said that the development of innovation and technology in Hong Kong lags behind: "There have been several waves, and the (opportunity) has not been properly grasped, which has affected the generation, two, and three generations that have grown up in the past 20 years. They will not be competitive in the future. Don’t be bold enough to have children, buy a property, and spend money.” He said that there should be no further delay, and the younger generation should not be allowed to think about “two cold drinks” and “have the freedom to add two cold drinks.”

In addition, he mentioned that the epidemic has brought a huge blow to the service industry in Hong Kong. "Nine out of ten shops on the street are empty." He pointed out that reindustrialization can solve the employment problem and provide employment opportunities for Hong Kong, but it must create a sustainable Re-industrialization must be led by innovation and technology.

In addition to "deep-seated conflicts", "return to normal after the epidemic" is also one of the hot topics in political circles. Shang Hailong believes that Hong Kong must first "restore its image to normal".

He said: "In the past, the mainland media reported some things publicly, and the mainland people have some opinions about Hong Kong." He called on Hong Kong people and the government to introduce Hong Kong's good governance experience to the mainland, such as Hong Kong's rural revitalization experience: "Same as Tsinghua University The university team researched Lai Chi Wo Village, Hong Kong’s rural revitalization, and it is a successful bottom-up experience. Everyone’s eyes were brightened, “So you have rural revitalization in Hong Kong?” This project won the first place in the competition and the highest score ...You (government) are only talking about how good Hong Kong is, all of them are the same, "Hong Kong has the backing of the motherland", "the advantage of one country, two systems", "the motherland has a big market, and we are the largest and largest investment in the mainland". .....Rural revitalization is the most talked about in the mainland, so we will use this topic to talk about Hong Kong. Hong Kong has a lot of good governance experience without introducing it to the motherland... (Introduction to Hong Kong's good governance) This guy repaired the relationship, which made the people in the mainland think, "Wow! Hong Kong really has a lot of material!""

The candidates for the Legislative Council by-election are Shang Hailong, He Jingkang, Huang Jinhui, Li Guangyu, Chen Yongguang and Huang Ziqian.

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