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Watch the main short news in the world for this Tuesday, November 29, 2022. 🔄 Click here to see the most recent entries 5 posts 14 mins ago At least 11 boats with immigrants have arrived in the Florida Keys in recent days By Juan Carlos Paz (Credit: United States Coast Guard) The United States Coast Guard reported this Tuesday that during the last six days at least 290 Cuban immigrants arrived in the Florida Keys in 11 boats, some of them quite simple, as shown in

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5 posts

14 mins ago

At least 11 boats with immigrants have arrived in the Florida Keys in recent days

By Juan Carlos Paz

(Credit: United States Coast Guard)

The United States Coast Guard reported this Tuesday that during the last six days at least 290 Cuban immigrants arrived in the Florida Keys in 11 boats, some of them quite simple, as shown in the images released.

Only this Monday, they reported the arrival of eight boats with more than 180 immigrants on board, who are in custody, according to the authorities.

Between Thursday and Saturday, three other boats arrived with 110 Cubans on board, who were also taken into custody.

13 hours ago

Colombia asks border countries for help to combat criminal groups linked to drug trafficking

By Reuters

Colombia will launch a military offensive against illegal armed groups linked to drug trafficking in its border areas, for which it requested the collaboration of Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela, Colombian Interior Minister Alfonso Prada announced Monday.

"We have established contact with the countries on the border, because we noticed an activity on the border that we are going to combat with our forces, but also with the international collaboration of Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela and Panama," Prada said in a statement. to journalists.

The South American country of 50 million people is facing an internal conflict that has lasted almost six decades that has left at least 450,000 dead, despite the efforts of the government of President Gustavo Petro to silence the guns and stop the bloodshed.

Petro, recently re-established a peace negotiation with the National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrillas in Venezuela and seeks to implement a peace agreement that was signed in 2016 with the former FARC guerrillas.

The president intends to incorporate the FARC factions that did not accept the pact and others that returned to the armed struggle, while the criminal gangs involved in drug trafficking will be offered a plan to submit to justice, which includes benefits such as discounts of penalties in exchange for the delivery of routes and fortunes obtained illegally.

"We will have contact at the level of the Defense Ministers, the force commanders and the regional commanders of each of the sectors on the border," Prada explained at the end of a security council in the Presidency without providing further details.

Prada said that it is about dealing with multi-crime groups with international projection, which is why the collaboration of those countries is needed.

14 hours ago

$10 million worth of counterfeit luxury goods seized in New York, 17 arrested

By Liam Reilly

A view of some of the counterfeit luxury goods seized by the NYPD.

(Credit: NYPD)

New York police seized more than $10 million worth of counterfeit luxury items and arrested 17 people in the Canal Street corridor in New York City on Monday, police officials announced.

Agents seized three large trucks filled with "high-end trademark counterfeit merchandise" after searching an area of ​​Canal Street that looked like a street market packed with goods and merchandise, the city Police Department's patrol chief said. from New York, Jeffrey Maddrey.

The seizure follows an investigation by the Bureau of Patrol Services, which focuses on counterfeit goods in the area, NYPD First Deputy Commissioner Edward Caban said.

After receiving multiple complaints from small businesses, local businesses, community residents and manufacturers, NYPD on Monday conducted a frontline enforcement operation, Maddrey said.

It's unclear if the market was part of a larger operation, authorities said, but investigators are looking into arrest records for those detained.

Currently, the top recommended charges are counterfeiting property trademarks of more than $1,000 as a felony, Maddrey said.

Parts of Canal Street are known for selling counterfeit luxury items.

“For people who are interested in selling merchandise, we will help them and show them the correct way to obtain a general seller's license,” Maddrey said.

“Over the next few days we will be partnering with our local businesses, our community partners, and making sure we explain the right way to get a general seller's license so people can go out and earn a living the right way.”

14 hours ago

A pickup truck crashed into a Phantom Fireworks store in Florida causing a large fire that set off fireworks

By Claudia Dominguez

An SUV crashed into a Phantom Fireworks store located on West New Haven Boulevard in Melbourne, Florida, on Monday, starting a fire and then igniting fireworks, according to Lt. Graig Erenstoft of the West Melbourne Police Department.

The driver of the SUV was killed in the crash, however no one else was injured in the incident.

“At approximately 4:20 pm we received a call regarding a fire in the store.

When officers arrived they observed a van crash through the front windows of the business,” Erenstoft said, adding that the impact apparently started the fire inside the store which then ignited the fireworks causing a very large blaze.

Erenstoft told CNN that when first responders arrived on the scene, the store was "totally submerged" and emergency crews were unable to enter the business.

However, the authorities were able to secure the perimeter of the building.

Several hotels surround the business.

The driver's identity has not been confirmed, Erenstoft said.

Two store workers were in the warehouse at the time of the accident, Erenstoft told CNN, but were able to safely exit the store.

There were no customers in the store at the time.

"The building is a total loss and the fire department will be working for several hours tonight to make sure nothing else ignites," he added.

The Melbourne and West Melbourne Police Departments, the Brevard County Sheriff's Office, the Brevard County Fire Department, and the Melbourne and Palm Bay Fire Departments responded to the emergency.

The Florida Highway Patrol is leading the investigation into the crash due to the death of the driver, Erenstoft said.

14 hours ago

Some universities in Beijing are offering transportation that would allow students to return home early amid protests

by CNN

What moves young Chinese to confront the regime in their country?


Days after protests broke out across China, including on many university campuses, some universities in the Chinese capital of Beijing have opened enrollment for students to sign up for transportation arrangements to return home early, citing an effort to reduce fees. Covid-19 risks of students taking transport to return home, China's state-run tabloid Global Times reported on Sunday.

Starting Tuesday, Tsinghua University will provide direct transportation to Beijing train stations and airports for students returning home early, the university said in a statement posted on its official WeChat account on Saturday.

Students can reserve seats online and use the service for free, the university added.

Peking University, another of the city's major universities, arranged buses for students to go to airports, train stations and bus terminals starting Sunday, in order to “meet the real needs of students, minimize contact between students and society, and ensure the safety of students on the way home," according to a notice seen by CNN.

The Peking University campus has been closed since mid-November.

The University of International Business and Economics and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in Beijing have also started helping students return home, the Global Times reported on Sunday.

CAS will organize students into groups in the order of registration to prevent students from returning home en masse and sparking a new round of outbreaks, a CAS student told the Global Times on Sunday.

The announcements come after nationwide protests in a rare show of dissent against the ruling Communist Party sparked by anger over the country's increasingly costly zero-covid policy.

Protests also took place on campuses, including at the prestigious institutions of Beijing University and Tsinghua University in Beijing, and the Communication University of China, Nanjing.

Beijing universities have been the origin of the demonstrations that started the May Fourth Movement in 1919, from which the Chinese Communist Party traces its roots, and the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 that eventually led to the massacre of unarmed civilians.

Given the long history of student-led movements in modern China, authorities often worry about mass gatherings of university students on sensitive occasions.

From CNN's Wayne Chang, Xiaofei Xu, Nectar Gan and Sophie Jeong;

Previous reporting by CNN's Jessie Young, the Beijing bureau and James Griffiths

Source: cnnespanol

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