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Unidas Podemos warns with "concern" that the PSOE blocks social laws for political calculations


Echenique affirms that the internal discrepancies on various laws harm the entire coalition but Patxi López limits the tension to a problem of "legislative overdose"

At United We Can neither hide nor want to hide that they are "concerned" about the current state of the government coalition with the PSOE.

The parliamentary spokesman for Unidas Podemos (UP), Pablo Echenique, wanted to begin his weekly press appearance in Congress this Tuesday by admitting the internal problems of what he called the "general political framework", to then express that in his formation lies the sensation "worrying" that the PSOE is sending them "too many signals" after the approval last week of the State Budget for 2023 that they want to "block important social laws for citizens" for "political and electoral calculations".

The PSOE denied it and limited the tension to a management problem of "legislative overdose."

The leader of UP listed the discrepancies on the

trans law

, the family law, the lack of communication about an alternative proposal to reform the crime of sedition or last-minute calls to report appointments to the Constitutional Court.

Echenique did not rule out that it could be good to convene now the so-called crisis or follow-up table of the coalition to clarify positions before the imminent final phase of the legislature.

“We are concerned because we are already seeing too many signs that seem to suggest that, after the approval of the Budgets, the coalition partner, the PSOE, is blocking important social laws for citizens and we do not want to think that the PSOE have a political or electoral calculation there, but the signs are accumulating ”, Pablo Echenique reviewed in the press room of Congress before entering the Board of Spokespersons.

Unidas Podemos suspects that the PSOE has entered

campaign mode

and, although both parties had met at the highest level just a month ago to clear up problems and laws thinking precisely of avoiding conflicts for that period that opens in 2023, the discrepancies have jumped and have been made public on several fronts.

Echenique ratified this Tuesday what the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, had advanced on Monday about the fact that the PSOE keeps alive its amendments to correct aspects of gender self-determination of the

trans law

, which should advance in its passage through the presentation this Wednesday in Congress, and which now seems to be stuck because the Socialists want to introduce more judicial authorizations for the change of sex for minors between 12 and 16 years of age.

It seems to United We Can that these corrections could be supported this Wednesday by the right wing of the PP and Vox and its spokespersons do not dare to venture the consequences of these differences within the coalition.

Echenique repeatedly highlighted his "concern" about this behavior of the PSOE right now, at this key and final moment of the legislature, and conceded that these internal divisions harm, first of all, trans minors who have suffered so much discrimination, but also , politically, to the two partners of the coalition.

The leader of UP took the opportunity to question, also, one of the arguments used by the PSOE to amend the

trans law:

its alleged legal deficiencies.

Echenique concluded that the full Government approved the rule jointly last summer and thus presumed, with irony, that it understands that "the PSOE does not make laws without legal certainty", for which reason he concluded that the reasons for these corrections are other.

"Legislative overdose"

The PSOE does not observe that level of seriousness in the current differences between the partners and limits them, according to its spokesperson in Congress, Patxi López, to a problem of "legislative overdose" among other issues, because in the month that remains in this period sessions, with three plenary sessions planned, seek to include up to six pending projects.

López thus highlighted the importance of the "stability" that the approval of the Budgets has provided and insisted on lowering the tone of the disputes and their significance.

López insisted on highlighting the idea that the PSOE maintains amendments to "the LGTBi law that is not a

trans law

”, or objections now to the family law, or the law on animal abuse, or others, but only because it pursues “they come out as well as possible” and endure foreseeable appeals before the Constitutional Court of the right-wing opposition.

The socialist spokesman ruled out any intention to agree with the PP on these reforms to the trans project, as feared by the minister Irene Montero and her party, and in fact the popular ones confirmed that they have not even called them.

The PSOE intends that UP agrees to negotiate after the passage of the law for the paper, starting tomorrow, some compromise amendment with the majority of the investiture, an option for now very remote.

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The PSOE is conditioned to negotiate with the PP before the rejection of its partners to cut the 'trans law'

In United We Can, however, they do not understand these objections now from the PSOE or how that party told them late Monday night that the family law, which they also consider essential and which is sponsored by the Ministry of Social Rights, which heads precisely Ione Belarra, its general secretary, would not enter the agenda for approval in the Council of Ministers this Tuesday as agreed.

Echequine indicated that the socialist sector of the Executive had not given them any reason in this regard.

The UP spokesman also revealed that the PSOE had called them on Monday at the end of the day to inform them that they would bring to the Council on Tuesday the two appointments that correspond to the Government in the Constitutional Court.

Echenique did not rule out that it might be appropriate to convene a meeting of the so-called crisis or coalition monitoring table, which has not been held for months, although he specified that they already maintain daily dialogues with spokesmen for the PSOE and the Government and the reasons are repeated there and criticism for which stopping or stopping social laws can be a bad management decision, but also a political and electoral one.

Spokesmen for other formations allied to the coalition, such as Más País and Compromís, also lamented in Congress that this public noise harms the future of their alliances and policies.

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Irene Montero assures that the PSOE rejects an agreement for the 'trans law' with United We Can

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