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Why does my cat sleep all the time?


Is it normal for my cat to sleep all the time? My cat sleeps more than before: is this a sign of poor health? Do they have different types of sleep? The answers of Dr. Chloé Lacroix, veterinarian.

Sleeping a lot is part of a cat's metabolism, so it's completely normal for your

cat to sleep all the time.

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Is it normal for my cat to sleep all the time?

A cat naturally sleeps about 15 hours a day, which may seem like a lot to us.

Its nap time is correlated to your pet's age.

A kitten will always sleep longer and more soundly, as this promotes its growth.

In fact, growth hormone acts during your kitten's sleeping hours.

Similarly, an older animal will sleep more.

This is normal.

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My cat sleeps more than before: is he sick?

It is also possible that an illness can cause him to sleep more.

Your cat is then more tired and less active, compared to its usual.

Many diseases can affect your pet's activity, so always compare his behavior to his usual behavior: the cat's life is indeed very ritualized.

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Without any particular sign of depression or illness, you must also be attentive to your cat's environment.

The latter must be very interactive, reminding him of his hunting instincts.

Do not hesitate to stimulate your animal's awakening, especially through play, because the cat is a great hunter who, when he is not sleeping, plays cat and mouse.

Good to know

If you have any doubts, it is important to talk to your veterinarian.

Do cats have different types of sleep?

If you observe your cat's sleep very carefully, you will notice that he has two distinct types of sleep.

  • A deep sleep:

Your cat is totally relaxed and much more difficult to wake up.

  • Superficial sleep:

Your cat is actually very vigilant.

You can see it moving its ears or tail without opening its eyes.

Some of his senses are still on alert and he is, deep down, ready to pounce if need be… This is the fake predator's rest.


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