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Like a prayer: the phenomenon that is driving Argentina mad at the World Cup in Qatar - voila! FIFA World Cup


This is much more than just encouragement: the Argentines have proof that God is on their side this time. Our emissary to Qatar saw the impressive victory of Messi and his friends, and was amazed by the power they receive from the stands

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The beauty of Argentina fans is that there is no distinct stand of "burnt out".

There is no single focus where fans who sing more, or wave more scarves are grouped.

There is no grandstand where there are more fans jumping or stomping their feet.

The entire stadium shakes, equally.

There aren't many Qatari hitchhikers in the games either, most of them are Argentinian, "ultras", singing and dreaming in Spanish.

After 11 days of the World Cup, it is already clear: no team enjoys such a push from the stands.

Whoever is present in them, feels the drift.

This is crucial: in fact, Argentina is hosting the World Cup.

She feels at home in every stadium.

For every half that goes up, regardless of which side of the field, the wind is picking up.

She is surfing on a blue and white wave, and who knows where it will stop.

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Diego and Leo in every corner (Photo: GettyImages, Francois Nel)

The unique structure of the World Cup allows for unique scenarios: one good game is enough, and you're in the next stage.

One great game, and you're already the favorite.

A team can open the tournament with an embarrassing loss to Saudi Arabia, continue with a mediocre victory, open the third game with a zero half, give an impressive second half, and that's it, they are back on the horse, galloping again.

And now Australia is in the eighth, the USA (a bold bet) in the fourth, and here is Lionel two games from the cup. The road seems paved.

Why? Because in this tournament there are several teams with strong and connected squads, all full of motivation, all tactical with an orderly formation, but around Argentina There is a different aura. It's not only Leo Messi (who, in addition to everything, also receives gifts from the referees), it's also this captivating song, which washes everyone's brains and creates consciousness.

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"I was born in Argentina

, the land of Diego and Lionel .

I'll never forget

the boys from Labinas .

It's impossible to explain it

because you won't be able to understand

the finals we lost

. I cried over them for endless years,

but now everything has changed

because the final in the Maracana against the Brazilians

was won for us again

. Muchachos

now back We have hope , we

want to win for the third time,

we want to be world champions,

we can see Diego in the sky

together with his father and mother,

all three of them together cheering Lionel"

Of course it is too early to crown, but you can feel something in the air.

When Argentina fans sing their official cheering song for the 2022 World Cup, it's not just a cheering song, it's a prayer.

Men and women, mothers and grandfathers, they don't just sing, they memorize the text like sacred words.

The hands are flailing, thrown forward in rhythmic movements.

The eyes are closed, like religious people in Shabbat prayer.

They don't just believe, they experience a revelation: they see Diego in heaven watching over them.

Maradona is present everywhere.

They wave flags with his portrait.

It is tattooed on their bodies.

His face on shirts, on hats.

Before the game, some fans had fun and bounced a ball, to the sound of a speaker playing "Life is life" (those who don't understand the context, may leave).

Beyond faith and hope, they believe they have divine providence, no less.

They are in WrestleMania.

And when they sing their song for 25 minutes straight, it starts to enter the head, the whole body.

A person leaves the stadium, continues to hum "Now everything has changed", and really believes.

This is what national pride looks like.

Tunisian players (Photo: Reuters)

And also: the great day of Australia and Tunisia, and the distance from Israel

When Israeli football fans analyze the failures in the industry, it is customary to refer to the "progress" of football in Europe compared to the stagnation here, but the Australian team shows that there is no essential need to "progress": it is enough to maintain your national sporting principles.

And what are the Australian national sporting principles?

Just excel.

There are so many industries in Australia before football.

First of all, Australian football and rugby are the ones that evoke the most emotion.

In terms of national pride, it is of course swimming.

In terms of hosting international events, there is tennis and Formula 1.

Only then basketball, soccer, beach volleyball, etc., etc., endless branches and successes.

Now the soccer team is in the round of 16 of the World Cup, and again, without leaving a special mark.

Without bothering with search committees, foreign coaches, who sleeps with whom in the room.

Not to mention progress, development, revolutions, short muscle, self-flagellation, ethical code.

They remain Australian, and that is enough.

It's hard not to think about Israel in this World Cup.

It is likely that there are quite a few people here who were happy to see four teams from the Islamic countries rejected from the World Cup within 24 hours: Qatar, Iran, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

But where are they and where are we?

And not only in terms of football level.

It was enviable to see yesterday the march of the Tunisian fans to the game, thousands of excited fans, coming to the game against the world champion knowing that the chances are slim, yet singing and cheering, waving the flag with pride, celebrating their love for the national team.

At the introduction of the players, each and every player receives a standing ovation.

Not like in Haifa they curse my gold and in Tel Aviv they curse my noble.

There everyone is received with true love, everyone is seen as heroes.

And at the end of the day, the Saudis beat Argentina, the Iranians beat Wales, and yesterday Tunisia beat France and with 4 points was close to qualifying for the round of 16.

It was a game in which one team fought for its national honor, and the other underestimated it.

These are things that stay with you long after.

Tunisia returns home with their heads held high, France has lost momentum.

And in a tournament like this it can make all the difference.

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