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Like a private house, but inside a building: an elegant garden apartment with a huge yard - voila! Home and design


A couple with twins and a baby bought a duplex with a huge yard - they rezoned it to fit their lifestyle - with an unusual choice in the living room, and a yard with a huge jacuzzi and a climbing wall

Totally feels like a private home.

Garden duplex with a yard of 225 square meters. Planning and design: Tzvia Kazioff (Photo: Elad Gonen)

The elegant and impressive appearance will be revealed already at the entrance.

View from the entrance to the kitchen and living room (photo: Elad Gonen)

The project:

Duplex in Ramat Hasharon


couple + 3 (7-year-old twins and a baby)


upper floor 140 square meters, lower floor 50 square meters, yard 225 square meters

Planning and design:

Tzvia Kazioff

Welcome to an elegant and dramatic apartment that offers all Treats for young and old. The apartment, which belongs to a couple in their 30s with small children (7-year-old twins and a baby), is located in a new residential project in Sharon and was purchased by them in advanced stages of construction, so the far-reaching changes that were made inside it only occurred after receiving Form 4: "The We started planning near the end of construction and as soon as the occupancy permit was received, we broke the existing one and created an almost completely different LAYOUT," says interior designer Zvia Kazioff who is responsible for the planning and design of this spacious duplex that feels like a completely private home.

An aesthetic storage hinge with asymmetric touch doors that look like tiles and also cover the front door (Photo: Elad Gonen)

"A house, or an apartment, should be faithful to the lifestyles of those who live in it, even if the planning is different from what is customary."

The living room that was reduced in favor of enlarging the kitchen (Photo: Elad Gonen)

"The guest toilets planned by the contractor were located right next to the front door and we changed their location, the pair of 7-year-old twins asked to live in a common room, so we combined two rooms into one large room for them and by changing the location of the bathroom we created a room for the baby and enlarged the master bedroom for the parents. Since the family members spend a considerable part of their free time in the outdoor environment, and at the same time they often entertain and cook, we changed the locations of the functions in the public space and significantly enlarged the kitchen at the expense of the living room, which has become much more intimate in the new design. The family gatherings are usually in the kitchen space, where they enjoy six seats , or in the yard and if they want to enjoy quality time together in front of the TV, a spacious and luxurious family room awaits them on the lower level with a home theater system and a game console. This is a good example of how a house, or an apartment, should be faithful to the lifestyles of those who live in it, even if The planning is different to one degree or another from what is customary,"Kazioff says in reference to the unusual choice to reduce the area of ​​the living room in favor of other spaces.

The elegant and impressive appearance of the new apartment was revealed upon entering it.

The multi-layered parquet floor, imported from Belgium, is made of aged oak, and to the right of the entrance door an impressive 5-meter-long power wall is revealed, accompanying the entrance and wrapping around the corridor connecting the public space with the private wing: "Since this is an active family with 3 small children, The storage received special attention. I designed a particularly aesthetic whole hinge for them with touch doors in an asymmetrical composition, behind which there is plenty of storage space. This wall cabinet, made by a craftsman carpenter, does not give away even the slightest bit what is going on inside. The doors were painted in the oven and look like Tiles of varying sizes and the sealed mass are broken by two black iron niches in which we have integrated beautiful utensils. In the connection between the two fronts (the one of the entrance hall and the one facing the public space) I have integrated a fireplace that adds a warm and homely dimension. The electrical cabinet and the communication cabinet are also hidden in this cabinet, so the space remains clean and free of visible systems".

In the connection of the two ends of the impressive carpentry piece, the designer also incorporated a fireplace for a homely and warm feeling (Photo: Elad Gonen)

Kazioff expanded to do and harnessed the entrance door to the apartment as part of the design monument: "Since this building has a fifth facade, which means that it is forbidden to replace the original contractor's door, I was looking for another creative idea that would link the entrance door to the design of the space. I covered it with the same carpentry as that of the cabinet and with the same lines, so It serves the same idea. The door of the MMAD located nearby is also covered with the same material.

It was important for us to keep the standard door and that's what we did - we kept the original door and with the help of the cladding we were able to obscure the rough and raw appearance of the standard steel door."

If only you knew what thought work was required here to match the cladding to the surface so precisely.

The kitchen (photo: Elad Gonen)

A hanging metal element that serves as a kind of hanging bar and emphasizes the height of the ceiling in the kitchen (Photo: Elad Gonen)

The kitchen is undoubtedly the star of the floor, which is impressive in itself: "I designed it as a parallel kitchen for several reasons: it gives the public space an airy and spacious look and allows effortless access to every area. All the corners are well used and the ergonomics are optimal. In the middle of the tall cabinets, which hugs the window overlooking the garden and reaches Up to the height of the ceiling, integral refrigerators have been placed and next to the stove is the wine refrigerator. The facades have been painted in an aluminum shade - graphite gray, which gives them a polished and luxurious appearance. The island, which is about 6 meters long, is covered with a cladding imported from Italy with a special texture, which exactly matches the pattern of the porcelain granite from which it is made The upper surface - these are two completely different materials and it took a lot of thought to create a single homogeneous surface from both."

Above the island, Kaziov designed an element made of black iron that serves as a storage addition and as an aesthetic motif that emphasizes the height of the space: "By CNC cutting the bottom of the device, wine glasses can be hung upside down and even when a few glasses are hanging from it, when you look at it from the bottom up, the rack remains elegant and impressive."

The gatherings of the members of this house all take place here.

A kitchen in Parelli with an airy and spacious look (Photo: Elad Gonen)

Outdoor kitchen with bar and seating - the garden (photo: Elad Gonen)

And from the kitchen, to the living room, the space of which was compromised, but not on its design: the designer created the power wall in the center using wooden panels painted in a metallic black shade: "The apartment is relatively high (3.4 m) and if I had chosen iron panels, we would have had to use several separate panels and make connections between them In order to maintain the continuous, clean and transformable look, I chose to use whole wooden pallets that allowed me to rise from the floor to the ceiling height. A thin metal shelf is installed under the TV screen and on the sides are up&down lights that flood the wall with dramatic lighting. In general, in the public space I chose to work with quite a few items that emphasize the good proportions of the space, for example the linear lighting strips that are embedded in the ceiling and emphasize the longitudinal lines of the apartment," says the designer.

Garden duplex in Ramat Hasharon, design: Tzvia Kazioff (photo: Elad Gonen)

Large bathroom cabinet with oak veneer fronts and dark paneling on the walls.

Parents' shower (Photo: Elad Gonen)

The front of the mirror hides a surprise behind it.

The separation between the parents' bedroom and bathroom (photo: Elad Gonen)

A dynamic and young look.

Tiles in three shades of blue in the children's bathroom (photo: Elad Gonen)

Like many of the twin pairs, the couple's 7-year-old sons also chose to join forces and asked for a shared room.

When they grow up, one of the children will be able to move to the nursery school, where Kaziuf planned all the necessary preparations. Kaziuf covered the children's bathroom with tiles in three shades of blue that create a dynamic and youthful look. without wetting the space."

In the parents' master bedroom, Kazioff designed a wall-to-wall closet with plenty of storage space, with a black glass front that also has a television screen embedded in it.

The front that separates the bedroom from the bathroom holds a surprise: "This is actually the wall that separates the guest toilet from the master bedroom so I used this part for a 30 cm deep shoe cabinet that is covered with a body mirror and looks like an integral part of the front of the bathroom.

Instead of creating a built wall that would differentiate between the functions, I chose to work with a Belgian profile in which I inserted Master Line glass that obscures the figure and allows intimacy.

In the bathroom, the couple enjoys an extra-large bath cabinet, covered with oak veneer and surrounded by LED lighting, and an extra-large shower with a built-in niche for shampoo and soaps.

I covered the walls with black porcelain granite tiles from floor to ceiling, with a pattern of fine gray veins."

Large and deep sofas for family gatherings in the family room on the lower floor (photo: Elad Gonen)

A custom-made library for storage and decorative display (Photo: Elad Gonen)

The outdoor environment does not fall in its design from the interior of the house.

Huge jetted jacuzzi and pleasant sitting areas in the yard (photo: Elad Gonen)

The lower level, which is used as a family corner and has an area of ​​about 50 square meters, has an English courtyard and as such is naturally lighted and ventilated: "I created a huge wall cabinet for storage in the color of the walls, and in another vintage I designed a library that was partly oven-dyed and partly made of oak veneer.

It is used to store games, books and video games.

The members of the family enjoy a high-quality home theater system, powerful speakers and large, deep sofas with only luxurious upholstery that allow them to stretch out comfortably."

The outdoor environment does not fall from the apartment itself and as mentioned, the family members spend a significant part of their time there: "For the children, we planned a dedicated play area equipped with a climbing wall, a trampoline and garden toys.

We have integrated a jacuzzi with currents that allows you to swim against the current next to a shower, where you can wash off just before entering the water.

The family and their guests also enjoy a large dining table, a TV screen and a well-equipped and luxurious outdoor kitchen that includes, among other things, an island and a grill, a refrigerator, an ice machine and more."

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