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Cause of death of police officer in Causeway Bay|The law-abiding man stabbed himself in the chest after stabbing the police and was ruled a suicide


Leung Kin-fai, a law-abiding man with a legitimate job, stabbed a male police officer in the back with a knife outside the Sogo Department Store (SOGO) in Causeway Bay on the night of July 1st last year, and then stabbed himself in the chest to die. Coroner's earlier

Leung Kin-fai, a law-abiding man with a legitimate job, stabbed a male police officer in the back with a knife outside the Sogo Department Store (SOGO) in Causeway Bay on the night of July 1st last year, and then stabbed himself in the chest to die.

The coroner's inquest on the incident earlier, his family and colleagues all said that Leung was a quiet person and seldom talked about politics. The items he left behind showed that he cared about current affairs and left some words against the police in a notebook .

Psychologists believe that Leung tends to be perfectionist and idealistic. Coupled with social events and the epidemic, it is difficult for him to vent his negative emotions, which may lead him to extreme behavior.

Coroner Gao Weixiong guided the 3 female and 2 male jurors today (7th) and asked them to consider the two options of "died by suicide" and "cause of doubt". The jurors unanimously ruled that Liang "died by suicide".

About an hour after the jurors retired, they ruled that the deceased Liang Jianhui (50 years old) stabbed himself in the left chest with a knife at 10:05 p.m. Died of chest stab wounds.


On July 1, 2021, the police stabbing incident outside the Sogo Department Store in Causeway Bay took place.

(See the picture below for details)


Family members and superiors all said Liang was a quiet person

X, brother of the deceased Liang Jianhui, confessed that Liang had good grades in middle and elementary school, but he was introverted, didn't like going out, and had mature ideas.

Leung worked as an accountant after graduating from university. A few years later, he went to Australia for further study. After returning to Hong Kong, he failed to find an ideal job and his relationship with his family deteriorated.

The elder brother did not know that Liang had worked as a part-time data collector for Apple Daily for several months.

At the time of the incident, Leung was working as a procurement director in a company. His boss, Leung, was very quiet and responsible for his work, but he seldom participated in group activities and did not listen to Leung talking about politics with others.

Police in uniform attacked while on patrol

Su Jingzu, a police officer in uniform who was attacked, said that at about 10:05 that night, while he was standing outside Sogo on patrol, Liang Tu stabbed him in the back and near the shoulders with a knife.

He ran away from the stinging pain and called for help, before collapsing on the road and remaining conscious as he waited for an ambulance to arrive.

He had a 12cm cut on his left shoulder near his waist, and a 3cm wound on his lung. He was hospitalized until the 19th of the same month, and he is still unable to perform his duties.

Female Inspector Pan Weiqi said that if he arrived at the scene 3 minutes after the incident, Liang was lying in a pool of blood, his reaction was low, his pulse was weak, there were two wounds on his heart, and he lost signs of life within a few minutes.

Liang Zi stabbed himself twice in the heart and died within a short time

Doctor Lau Shau-kee of Ruttonjee Hospital pointed out that Liang's heart had stopped when he arrived at the hospital, and he did not improve after rescue. He was pronounced dead at 11:20 that night.

Forensic doctor Lin Weiguo pointed out that the deceased was stabbed in the chest, and two wounds in front of the left chest penetrated the left chest wall, left lung, ribs, heart, diaphragm, liver, etc., causing massive bleeding and affecting heart function.

Leave 4 suicide notes briefly expressing dissatisfaction with the police

Afterwards, the police seized a total of 8 USBs believed to belong to Liang at the scene, containing 10 photos of different types of knives, and 4 text files, two of which explained work and funeral affairs to colleagues and family members, and the other two were named , "To the Hong Kong Police" and "To the Uncle Auntie of Hong Kong" briefly described the reason why he attacked the police, because the police did not admit that they had injured citizens in the past two years, and they also shielded criminals.

The police also found diaries and some notes on social and public issues in Liang's home, as well as stacks of "Apple Daily" and some books on politics and economics.

Police clinical psychologist He Yingsi pointed out that the deceased Liang Jianhui did not have obvious psychological or mental illness, but he had a tendency of perfectionism and idealization, and his dissatisfaction with society could not be vented, or led to his extreme behavior.

(Photo by Liu Anqi)

Psychologists believe that Liang's negative emotions cannot be vented

Based on the analysis of these data, police clinical psychologist He Yingsi believes that Liang has a tendency to be perfectionist, idealistic, and has high moral values, but he has no obvious mental or mental illness.

She also believes that Liang has long been dissatisfied with the government. Due to the impact of the epidemic and social movements in recent years, the situation has intensified. The degree may lead to extreme behavior.

Stabbing and self-destructive behaviors are extreme expressions

Zhang Chuanyi, vice president of the Hong Kong Psychological Society, believes that there is a clear gap between Liang's educational background and career progress, and he may feel that his talents are underappreciated, and then project this idea on social events.

Liang did not act impulsively. His attack on the police was obviously symbolic, and then he stabbed himself twice with the same knife, which was a more extreme expression, showing his indignation and frustration.

Case No.: CCDI-555/2021(MC)

Cause of death of police officer in Causeway Bay|Experts pointed out that the assailant could not vent his negative emotions or lead to extreme behavior Cause of death of police officer in Causeway Bay|The boss had never heard of the assailant talking about the words of hatred against the police in the notebooks of politicians|The perpetrator left 4 suicide notes to report to the police Cause of death of Causeway Bay police officer|The assailant’s wound pierced the heart and multiple organs and was expected to die in a short time Cause of death of Causeway Bay police officer|Seeing jelly-like blood next to the injured policeman The sergeant once called an ambulance to rescue his colleague Causeway Bay The cause of death of the stabbing police officer|The policeman was on duty on the street, was suddenly stabbed in the back and ran out of the road, and fell down on the road.

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