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In the next four years, 200 hectares of brownfields will be collected. The government will announce a list of resettlement land next year: it can be transferred to farmland


Yi Zhiming, a member of the Legislative Council of the Liberal Party's shipping and transportation sector, raised an oral question on the resettlement of brownfield operations at the Legislative Council today (7th), asking the government to explain the progress of the brownfield recovery and whether it has assisted the affected businesses.

Yi Zhiming, member of the Liberal Party's Shipping and Transportation Legislative Council, raised an oral question on the resettlement of brownfield operations at the Legislative Council meeting today (7th), asking the government to explain the progress of brownfield recovery and whether it has assisted affected operators in finding land reset.

The Secretary for Development Ning Hanhao said that in the past few years, the government has recovered and cleared about 30 hectares of brownfields for development projects, involving about 400 affected operators, of which about 120 belong to the warehouse, storage or logistics industry; about 110 are General workshops; 70 are related to the construction industry; about 40 are for vehicle maintenance or related industries, and the rest include recycling and car parks.

Ning Hanhao said that from now to 2026, the government will gradually recover and clean up 200 hectares of brownfields, and provide financial compensation to the affected operators according to the policy.

Recovering and clearing 30 hectares of brownfields in several years affects about 400 operators

Ning Hanhao continued that in addition to monetary compensation, the Lands Department will contact the operator as soon as possible to explain a more specific move-out date and provide assistance according to the operator's intention.

She said that the Development Bureau will strengthen the coordination of various departments to provide planning and land management consulting services to land resetters. From July 2019 to the end of November this year, the authorities have assisted 21 operators to obtain planning permission for resettlement land.

She expects to provide a list of operations to operators in the first quarter of next year, and the authorities will provide assistance to those who intend to reset.

She also pointed out that the authorities will identify more suitable government land for operators to participate in short-term lease bidding.

She said that the government promotes the development of multi-storey modern industrial buildings, and requires the enterprises developing the buildings to hand over part of the floors to the government, and then lease them to brownfield operators at a rent similar to the market price of brownfields.

The review of green space will be completed next year, and those connected by roads will be used to build houses

Liu Guoxun of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong pointed out that there are currently 16,000 hectares of green land in Hong Kong, and only 10% of the land needs to be released to accommodate the current 1,600 hectares of brownfield operations. He asked whether the government would consider developing green land.

Ning Hanhao said that half of the 16,000 hectares of green land are located in remote areas with steep terrain that is difficult to develop, and more than 200 hectares will be developed for housing.

As for the rest of the green areas, the Government is reviewing their development potential and will complete the relevant work next year.

She mentioned that in the past several rounds of green land review, the government has taken out the nearby green land connected by roads for housing development.

She pointed out that more than 4,000 hectares of land in the New Territories are planned as agricultural zones, among which the land with low potential for recultivation and flat terrain has the potential to be developed into multi-storey industrial buildings or used for the transfer of brownfield open-air operators.

Brownfields increased by 38 hectares a year, which is equivalent to two Victoria Parks invading wetland conservation areas. Environmental groups urged to take back land. Brownfields are facing relocation difficulties. Completion in 2027 Land resumption garages hope seamless handover and resettlement Brownfield operations Multi-storey industrial building site selection to be handed over to developers to bid for construction Special rent Lands Department: Lease 3 pieces of land in the New Territories to help brownfield operators relocate business groups to find 433 hectares of brownfields, 100 hectares of unused waste to build 100,000 units, and advocate to replace tomorrow's Lantau

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