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They asked for a "clutter-free apartment" and received a minimalistic and precise house in black and white - voila! Home and design


A minimalist living space with accurate splashes of color only where necessary. To avoid a mess, the designer received customized storage solutions that even hide the phone's charger

There is something very comfortable about working with a designer who has prior knowledge of the property and knows all its problems.

A 5-room apartment designed by Adi Bergman Aral (Photo: Itay Banit)

It was too small, so they enlarged it at the expense of the corridor.

The kitchen (photo: Itai Banit)

The project:

Renovation of a 5-room apartment in Kiryat Ono


couple + 3


140 square meters

Renovation budget:

400 thousand NIS

Interior design:

Adi Bergman Arel

You won't see a mess in this apartment.

Every item in it has a storage space carefully designed by personal carpentry, even for charging phones.

The owners of the house, a couple in their 40s, purchased a 5-room contractor's apartment, second hand, from the good friends of the designer Adi Bergman Aral.

In the first phone conversation between them it became clear that for years they lived next door to each other.

"After we put together the puzzle regarding the relationship between us, I sought to understand what their needs were and what kind of house they were dreaming of. They asked for a modern, orderly and inviting apartment. The apartment was not well used and was very basic and old. Since I know the residential building well, I was aware of its obstacles: A kitchen wall that is not wide and a pillar at the end of the study. Despite these obstacles, the number of options for dividing the space were many and I was carried away with the imagination. I made many changes to make it spacious and used for the benefit of the family's needs," explains Bergman Aral.

In order for everything to look FINE, all the storage spaces were designed with custom carpentry (photo: Itay Banit)

The balcony was expanded and designed so that it would be a continuation of the house (photo: Itay Banit)

A touch of color in the sideboard and a piece of carpentry that even hides the chargers (Photo: Itay Banit)

A long, narrow corridor at the beginning of which a space for a home office closes off (photo: Itay Benit)

"In order for everything to look 'FINE' the way the couple likes, we created custom carpentry around the house so that the equipment is stored in an optimal and orderly manner, from a place for coats, shoes and bags to a designated place to charge the phones. In the general bathroom we placed a cabinet with the washing machine and cleaning supplies inside. Everything has his place."

Barber Bergman Arel.

Areas from the long and narrow corridor were taken in favor of creating a warehouse for work tools.

The service balcony was canceled in favor of expanding the children's bathroom.

Each child got his own room, the balcony was expanded and became an integral part of the house, and the parents' bathroom was completely renovated.

Do you like the minimalist style?

We too!

Kiton Baton: a minimalist and special house for a small

minimalist family with lots of hints of color: a stunning house in shape

He wasn't here before.

An office with glass doors that was added in the renovation (photo: Itay Benit)

One of the most important rooms created in the renovation was the home office.

The couple, who worked from home during the Corona period, wanted to create an office that would not be disconnected and would allow them while working to be a part of what is happening at home.

"We created a comfortable and inviting office that will be used by the whole family, including the children for homework. To make the office located in front of the living room, an integral part of the house, we placed glass doors with black fittings, which actually create the illusion of space and blend harmoniously with the public space. The need actually became an advantage. After the new division, the natural light coming in from the wide showcase illuminates the office and compensates for the lack of a window in the room."

says the designer.

Expanded, enlarged and added lots of storage spaces.

The renovated kitchen (photo: Itay Banit)

The stove on the island and around it seating for all family members (photo: Itay Banit)

The couple wanted to enlarge the kitchen as much as possible, and since its structure is short and without many storage spaces, a significant part of the corridor was taken for its benefit, so that on one side of it is a large tall cabinet niche with a pantry and storage space for kitchen items and also for equipment that does not belong to the kitchen, and on the other side is a storage room for work tools.

The stove was placed on the island and around the island were places to sit.

The colors chosen for the house are white, black and gray, quiet colors that produce a sense of cleanliness and order, something essential for the couple.

To balance the monochromaticity and introduce a dimension of natural warmth, parquet was laid in a warm intermediate shade.

An antique pink sideboard was chosen for the living room, which adds a splash of playful color and corresponds with the cushions of the luxurious hammock that hangs on the balcony.

A light gray corner sofa was placed next to the balcony wall, continuing the design line of the house.

The parents' room (Photo: Itay Banit)

To create interest despite the lack of color - a game of samples (Photo: Itay Benit)

Terrazzo tiles in black and white with a mixture of samples (photo: Itay Banit)

paint stain.

Hanging bathroom cabinet in deep green (Photo: Itay Banit)

All the accessories in the bathrooms maintain uniformity in black (photo: Itay Banit)

In the bathrooms, large tiles were chosen that create a feeling of a large space, in different patterns of terrazzo in black and white colors that create interest despite the limited color scheme.

In the children's bathroom, there is a small bathroom cabinet in a deep green shade and the wall is fully covered with a fine grain pattern.

The sanitary tools chosen are black in color, from the faucets to the towel racks and flush buttons.

Dominant wallpaper creates an interesting wall of power in the girl's room (photo: Itay Banit)

Where there is no wallpaper, there is color.

Children's room (Photo: Itay Banit)

The print adds charm and interest to the room almost effortlessly (photo: Itay Banit)

A dominant color was chosen for each of the children's rooms, which is expressed in a power wall through a dominant wallpaper that adds charm and interest to the room.

In the third room, the power wall was painted grayish blue.

The textile items were carefully adjusted to each room and together with the pictures, meticulous and pleasant rooms were created.

Black ceiling fans were chosen for all the bedrooms in the house, which also include a light fixture.

In the living room and the kitchen, black lighting fixtures with a minimalist look were hung, which complement the design line of the house.

Since the color palette in the house is quiet, the designer scattered decorative pots at the entrance to the house, in the living room, in the office and on the balcony, in order to add some color and liveliness.

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