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A man found numbered mosquitoes and ignited a conspiracy: "These are government spying devices" - voila! news


A video showing mosquitoes with numbers on their bodies has attracted a lot of attention among conspiracy theorists who believe that the government created them to spy on the residents

Are mosquitoes spying devices?


Conspiracy theorists seem to have somewhat abandoned the idea that pigeons are government drones used for spying, and many now believe that governments are making spy mosquitoes to spy on citizens.

The bizarre theory was posted by TikToker Liam Dixon. In his video, which has already been viewed 3.5 million times, Dixon presented a video Another has been circulating on social media for the past few weeks in which a man claims to have found a mosquito with the number 38 mysteriously stamped on its back. Dixon says that a short time later he was found by another unknown blood-sucking insect wearing a different number: "Of course it created a conspiracy theory," Dixon said

. He added: “Some people are saying that this guy is breeding mosquitoes to do scientific experiments on and so somehow he's putting numbers on their backs to track them.” However, others ran with the theory that the mosquitoes are actually just bots used to spy on the world's population.

Spy mosquitoes? (Photo: screenshot,

The spy mosquito theory is more or less the same as the robotic pigeon theory, which Liam explained in detail in his video: "For years people believed that birds, but mostly pigeons, were created by the government to spy on humans."

He said: "There have been many strange events over the years where thousands of pigeons have fallen dead from the sky."

He laughed and added: "People believe that this is due to the fact that the government had technical difficulties and that the corona lockdowns were supposed to keep everyone inside so that the government could go out, replace and change all the pigeons."

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Watch his full explanation:

@itsliamdixon They're watching.. ?

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And there are other unfounded theories in the world

. Is this photo the proof that the moon landing was faked?

People believe that the earth is hollow and the Nazis live inside it, led by Hitler

. Liam is not the only one who laughed at this story.

Many in the comments agreed with him.

One wrote: "It doesn't make sense. My mother once ran over a pigeon and the guts and blood were scattered everywhere."

Liam replied with humor: "Ah, that must have been one of the real ones."

Another added: "As someone who has swatted quite a few mosquitoes in his life, I can confirm that I saw nothing but my own blood."

Another user agreed with the explanation that the mosquitoes in the video are used for testing or - most likely as part of an experiment - and therefore they are numbered.

Spy Mosquitoes - The True Story (Really!)

About a decade ago, a photograph was circulated showing an insect that functions as a spy drone and it is claimed that it can take pictures and take DNA samples. You will probably be surprised to hear this - but it is not completely unfounded. The website snopes, which regularly debunks urban legends and fake news, determined that it is not a mosquito in the photo, but it is Yes an insect spy drone for urban areas, already in production and funded by the US government. It can be controlled remotely and is equipped with a camera and microphone. The drone can land on you, and may also have the potential to take a DNA sample or leave tracking nanotechnology on the skin your.

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