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Crazy about Mary (Civilian) | Israel today


Only in Israel an elite group, representatives of establishments are able to declare "Civil Riots" without realizing how ridiculed they are • The discourse on the networks is an insult to the intelligentsia, and to the figures who led the rebellion in real conditions of violent repression, ethnic segregation and class dispossession

One of the questions I was asked this week is whether the members of the state camp are still determined to pass their well-known plan to stabilize the system of government in Israel, with the same fervor with which they announced it at the Israel Democracy Institute, of all places, but a few months ago.

Is Defense Minister Benny Gantz, who this week launched a branded campaign called "The Headquarters of the Struggle for the Image of the State", still burning to promote legislation that would set an unrealistic threshold of 70 MKs to dissolve the Knesset? Is former Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot, who threatened to spend millions on the streets, working In these moments about the drafting of the bill to define a minimum period of time between elections?

And Gideon Sa'ar, who implores the president not to extend Netanyahu's mandate, has he already finished preparing the paperwork to promote the reform, so that the Knesset will not automatically dissolve when the government fails to pass a budget?

Is the package of laws that was sold to us as a kind of critical oxygen for stabilizing the governmental system in Israel - still relevant in the eyes of our statesmen, even in the unexpected situation they found themselves in, where it is Netanyahu, and not them, who is going to form a government?

Or will it return, the same "stability" plan, to be relevant the next time Benny Gantz or one of the next PR clones manages to narrowly pull out a draw, get a foot in the door and assemble a patchwork government that will have nothing to hold its seams - except Erdogan-style reforms for aggressive neutralization of the opposition in the Israeli Knesset?

Mary Mary clap your hands

Oh well, as they say, we are already in another movie.

This is certainly not the time for measures that will prolong the life of the Likud government and strengthen Netanyahu's stability.

Now is the time to run and report to the good-hearted liberals in the "New York Times" that the forces of evil have defeated the "government of goodwill" in Israel.

They knew what to do;

They have already stood by us in the past.

Now is the time to call an emergency conference in Hall on the education system, and to declare a rebellion of local authorities - in the hope that the public will not be interested in the details and will understand that the chaos in the enrichment programs entering the schools is no less frightening than Avi Meoz.

Now is the time, like then in 2011, to do articles about young Israelis who gave up and are flying to Berlin (only to return to get a corona vaccine).

Now, of course, is the time to fantasize about the "mother of all protests" in Israel.

An awkward call to Mary.

Yair Golan, photo: Oren Ben Hakon

Because we are in the days of "Civil Marys".

This is the hot phrase in the networks, in journalism, in the discourse of the losers.

Ask your Deputy Minister of the Economy, Yair ("We are on the way to Meri Zarichi") Golan.

This discourse is tantamount to an insult to intelligence.

Leave the intelligence;

It's an insult to the concept of civil Mary.

To figures who led civil uprisings or participated in them under real conditions of violent oppression, of ethnic separation, of class dispossession.

of tangible risk of losing freedom or life itself;

of the almost certain sacrifice of all that is dear to you.

for freedom

for equality.

Only in Israel are elite groups, representatives of establishments, darlings of hegemony, holders of distinct privileges, able to declare "Civil Riots" without realizing how ridiculed they are.

Without any awareness of the grotesque.

Ask Merav Michaeli, who draws weak analogies on Twitter between the hijab protest in Iran and "gender legislation and institutionalized discrimination against women" in Israel.

It is difficult to exaggerate the description of the disconnection.

It is amusing, or perhaps not, that precisely from the position of a right-wing person you are amazed to discover that Palestinians, Israeli Arabs, the social periphery, the bottom decile - none of the ongoing suffering in the backyard has ever excited the left in Israel to embark on something similar to a "Civil Riot" and a protest "like no other ", like the possibility that someone will move their pedagogical cheese to Ron Huldai and Ron Konik.

And that too on the condition that the production sends a taxi at the end of the event.

These would not survive a minute in the real life of Rosa Parks or an Iranian football player, but you can be sure that in a month or two they will already be speaking in some European palace about their fight for democracy and human rights.


Is there a single person who believes that under the opposite conditions they would have stopped their gallop to form a government?

The answer is "no", and it has already been proven.

They did not stop when Israelis, salt of the earth no less than them, asked them how it was possible that a dark anti-Zionist was appointed chairman of the Interior Committee of the Israeli Knesset. They did not hesitate when citizens who lost family members to Palestinian murder cried on television about the legitimacy their government gives to political currents they discovered here And there is identification (or more than that) with incitement to terrorism. They don't blink in the face of criticism for pushing the opposition's feet in the Knesset committees, and they spat in the face of democracy itself when it was urgent for them to quickly pass a controversial strategic agreement in order to score a goal before the elections.

On the way to forming a government.

Netanyahu, photo: Koko

All these things should be remembered;

It is even recommended to memorize them every day in the face of the noise they make and will make - which is disproportionate, biased and full of disinformation.

The leaders of the outgoing coalition - Lapid, Gantz, Michaeli and their partners - are engaged in the deliberate sowing of demoralization and knowingly combine a crisis of loyalty to the state and social polarization, at decibels that Netanyahu - the "national instigator" - never came close to.

They did it while in power - when they branded all their opponents and critics as opal forces, poison machines and barn burners, and accused anyone who raised their head against them with a "civil war";

And they are doing it now with leadership irresponsibility, creating a baseless crisis climate and spreading fuel fumes in an engineered atmosphere of political partisanship.

For them, apparently, this is really Samson's choice.

And their failed response to their defeat in the elections confirms the gut feeling that none of them was really ready to bear national responsibility.

Menachem Begin Tzedek: This nation is wise.

were we wrong

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