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Opinion The transfer of the powers of the Palestinian Authority to Smotrich is the first administrative statement, to be followed by more | Israel Today


The great news in the transfer of responsibility for the coordination of the government's actions in Yash to religious Zionism is actually the declaration of a policy change • The left will have to get used to a democratic reality in which an elected government fulfills a world view

Many Israeli citizens scratched their heads this week in embarrassment when word of the new threat became known.

Another new threat.

This time in the eastern sector.

The designated minister Smotrich, it was reported in a tone of impending disaster, is about to receive the authority in regards to the coordination of the government's actions in the territories - or in its abbreviated name: the National Security Agency - and the Civil Administration. Robbery and theft; look for a doorpost because the earth will shake.

Exclusion of women or gender conversion of children - these are ferments that are understandable to everyone.

But the TPASH? It is doubtful that even the most passionate fans in the Hark-La-Bibi stand will know how to explain who and what this TPASH is, and why the fact that his treatment will be handed over to religious Zionism is such a terrible decision.

Minister-designate Smotrich, it was reported in a tone of impending disaster, is about to receive the authority regarding the coordination of government operations in the territories, photo: Oren Ben Hakon

But the lack of knowledge and elementary familiarity with the facts did not prevent the collective coughing fit - it may have even contributed to it.

Once again we faced a wave of "executives" with a position that cannot be contested.

When the outgoing defense minister says to his expected replacement, Yoav Galant, "Be a second-rate defense minister" - who are we to argue?

"Netanyahu handed the IDF over to the ultra-Orthodox," he added.

The IDF was also shocked. Anonymous sources close to the Chief of Staff briefed journalists that the army "will not allow" the move, apparently in the expectation that most of us, the citizens, will forget that in a democracy the role of the army is not to "allow" things - but to carry them out subject to the government's instructions.

"Be a second-class defense minister" - who are we to argue?, Yoav Galant, photo: Oren Ben Hakon

Another collapsed concept

To the Prophets of Rage's credit, it must be admitted that this is indeed a dramatic change, but it is not certain that you will want to dismiss it outright so quickly.

The Palestinian Authority, currently headed by the esteemed Major General Rasan Aliyan, is responsible for the structure of life in Judea and Samaria on behalf of the Israeli government, and under it operates the Civil Administration, which concentrates a great deal of power when it comes to the area beyond the Green Line. To the condemnation of the opponents of the changes, it will be said that they are the ones who caused that even in this sector, on which They were entrusted, a deep change was required; a change of conception that failed with a great noise.

The name of the TPF made headlines in a different context last November, around the repatriation of the body of the young Druze Tiran Pero who was killed in Jenin. A video produced by the unit, and intended for Arabic speakers, may have tried to convince of the economic benefits of security peace, but was understood as encouraging Israeli Arabs to enter to Jenin, to shop there and spend time there. This, by the way, is against the law that prohibits Israelis from entering the terror nest in northern Samaria.

The Palestinian Authority, currently headed by the esteemed General Rasan Aliyan, is responsible for the fabric of life in Judea and Samaria, Aliyan, photo: Devor IDF

IDF officers in uniform served as presenters in a kind of branding campaign for Jenin, the contents of which revealed a sliver of the distorted operating concept of the security system, according to which if we only allow a life of economy and peace - the attacks will stop, and no one will sit under our vine and under his fig tree.

This is the spirit that activated the Palestinian Authority; this was the leading concept. General Aliyan jumped between leaders in the region and Palestinian leaders, economic ties were forged, containment in the face of illegal Palestinian construction became an almost official policy, and the Palestinian Authority and its people became a target for courtship.

However, in practice, in the face of cooperation and declarations of friendship on the ground, he faced a wave of terrifying terror in which members of the Palestinian security apparatus also took part.

In the political arena as well, it has been proven that extending a hand to Abu Mazen and his emissaries did not prevent the Palestinian demand at the UN to open an investigation, or to lead moves against Israel. Turning a blind eye to illegal construction.

The name of the Palestinian Authority made headlines in a different context last November, around the repatriation of the body of the Druze youth Tiran Pero, photo: No

Now the realization begins to seep in that the concept has failed.

It is true that the IDF is leading an operation that has had many achievements - "wave breaker" it is called - but in the first place why and how were concessions and confidence-building measures responded to a wave of terrorism?

There is no doubt that the Palestinians deserve a life of peace, but Jews in YOSH are also entitled to security and prosperity. However, in relation to them, it sometimes seems that the system does everything possible to create the opposite atmosphere: where is the pride in creating jobs, sources of income, trade - not to mention the possibility of expanding, settle down, build?

The agenda that won

Minister Gantz and the government he served in led a certain type of policy.

In the opinion of many, as mentioned, it was proven to be wrong, and failed to achieve security.

You can also argue about that.

This is the essence of democracy.

But the incoming government is also allowed to define policy and priorities - and moreover, it is also allowed to signal the change of policy, by transferring authority to a minister who is clearly identified with the agenda that won the election: settlement.

Minister Gantz and the government in which he served led a certain type of policy, Benny Gantz,

And to a large extent it is also a governmental statement, which includes a decision on the deliberate "nationalization" of an area of ​​activity and control that from the outset concerns the aspects of civilian life in the field.

The Israel Defense Forces and the IDF will have to swallow the pill, be more attentive to the civilian needs of the residents - including the Jews in the Yosh - and approve development projects and moves for them.

How strange that the natural reality, in which the political echelon decides on policy while a military unit implements it, is an unusual and noteworthy thing.

The left will have to get used to this reality called "democracy", in which an elected government works to fulfill the policy for which it was elected.

were we wrong

We will fix it!

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Source: israelhayom

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