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what animal are you Millions were amazed by the personality test that revealed them in 15 seconds - voila! news


A girl uploaded a video to Tiktok in which she explained how it is possible to know how we see ourselves, how others see us and who we really are. The responses were mixed

Personality test in 15 seconds (@morganaoreilly)

Remember Gadi from "Survival"?

The lovable character who would entertain the survivors and analyze their personalities by comparing them to an animal in the wild.

Well, a girl named Morgana uploaded a video to TikTok where she shared a 15 second personality test where you are asked to choose three animals and it should say a lot about your personality.

She began the video by asking viewers to pick the first animal that comes to mind.

But there's a twist - once you've chosen an animal, it claims that this animal is unavailable and you have to choose another animal.

She then again claimed that the animal was "unavailable" and asked to select a third animal.

After you chose three animals she explained the purpose of the test.

Watch the video

@morganaoreilly I saw this on a deep tiktok scroll.

I can't remember the creator that shared it, I'm sorry.


Its been with me ever since.

#15secondpersonalitytest ♬ original sound - morganaoreilly

"The first animal is the way we see ourselves. The second animal is the way other people see you and the third animal is who we really are," she said in a video that went viral with 3.5 million views and drew thousands of comments from people who were amazed and admired and others claimed Which is a trap at all.

And these are not the only personality tests


the way you hold your cell phone reveals a lot about your personality

the way you see those faces will reveal your personality

good to know (in advance)

A revolution in the world of facial treatments: AI and radio waves in a home device at a special price

Served on behalf of B Cure Laser

Many have tried the test

@bitbit_diamond Wanted to try this??

#15secondpersonalitytest #blindreact #quiztime #plottwist ♬ original sound - Victoriaemilia

@hyukacore no because whenever I've asked my friends what their first impression of me was, they always say cute? ♀️ never fails ?


#fyp #blindreact #personalitytest #15secondpersonalitytest ♬ original sound - Learn Russian - I'm Anna

@sugargliderdiaries #duet with @morganaoreilly #15secondpersonalitytest ♬ original sound - morganaoreilly

"I think I'm a dog. People see me as a horse, but I'm actually a giraffe," one commenter wrote and another laughed: "So I see myself as an elephant but others see me as a squirrel?".

So what animals are you?

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