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Yehuda Barkan in a documentary and an intriguing adaptation of "Pinocchio": all the culture recommendations for next week | Israel today


Marginal youth reunite with Michael Ben David, Shrek's cat returns in a spectacular film, Ohad Naharin returns in a new show and the international exhibition of Claude Monet comes to Israel for the first time • These are the most interesting things that await you

Another week is coming to an end, and just before the end of the week - why don't we start thinking about what to do next week?

Precisely for this purpose, we have collected some recommendations for everything that is interesting in the world of culture in the week of 12/15-09/12.

motion pictures


Academy Award-winning director Guillermo del Toro ("The Shape of Water," "Pan's Labyrinth") brings a new adaptation of the classic children's book, just months after Disney did it with Robert Zemeckis' mediocre live-action version of the story of the tree boy, who goes on a journey to fulfill his dream become a real child.

Now del Toro is reinventing the beloved story with a spectacular stop-motion animation that won rave reviews when it screened at various festivals.

A very wide and impressive cast participates in the film, in which you can find Ewan McGregor, Tilda Swinton, Christoph Waltz, Cate Blanchett, and also the almost constant partner Ron Perlman.

Available on Netflix

Yehuda Barkan: We will never part

Two years after he passed away from Corona, Alon Gur Aryeh's documentary presents the story of one of the most beloved people in the entertainment world in Israel.

The new archival materials show how Barkan switched genres without a problem, alongside the problems that accompanied him in his life.

Among the participants: Zeev Varach, Yigal Shilon and Nitza Shaul.

Second, yes Doku and HOT8

Shrek's Cat 2: One Wish Is Enough

11 years after the release of the first film, the spin-off to the beloved film series returns with a new film - and surprisingly fun.

When the cat discovers that he has saved eight of his nine souls, he sets out with old and new friends on a journey into the legendary world, to get a wish from a star that will give him back his souls, and of course it won't be so easy.

With excellent animation (obviously inspired by "Spider-Man: The Spider Dimension"), a fine cast (Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Florence Pugh and Olivia Colman) and a lot of humor, director Joel Crawford created a successful pawn, which no one expected to be so successful.

in the cinemas

My Son

John, who works as a window cleaner, is a single parent who devotes all his free time to being with his 4-year-old son Michael, whose mother left them immediately after birth.

John's routine life changes when he discovers that he only has a few months left to live.

In the remaining time he tries to find Michael a perfect adoptive family, while trying to keep his son happy.

Oberto Pasolini directed James Norton ("Valley of Happiness") in this heart-warming drama, the many compliments of which justify every use of a handkerchief.

in the cinemas


Marginal youth in a union show

The legendary band, whose pop-rock hits dominated Israeli music from the mid-80s to the early 90s, is back.

Of course there is grief: Michael Ben David, Israel's representative for the last Eurovision, stepped into the shoes of vocalist Mikiagi, and Amir Zoraf, who was a member of the band when his first album was released, will not join the celebration either.

It won't hurt the group's party, whose high energy and great excitement experienced by its fans in its last performances left no room for doubt - the demand for this comeback is there, and it's big too.

Thursday, Barbie Tel Aviv

Marginal youth and Michael Ben David, photo: Noam Yarkoni

Eric Feldmer - All the way back

14 songs are on the second album of the young singer-songwriter, in which the influence he received from names such as Algiers, Berry Sakharof and Ehud Banai is very noticeable.

This led him to combine thundering guitars with speech and shouting into the microphone in his exciting singing, and his rock ranges from loud to quiet.

Listening to the album is like a punch in the gut, and it offers a sense of melancholy authenticity, full of embracing a story told in a unique way by its author.

Available on all platforms


His dark stuff

When HBO launched the show in 2019, it had high hopes that it would be a replacement for "Game of Thrones", but in vain: this fantasy series, created in partnership with the BBC and based on Philip Pullman's books, did not catch on with the audience, and its new season will be The last one too.

The stellar cast (including Daphne Keane, Ruth Wilson and James McAvoy) returns for season three, where the series' heroes will find themselves preparing for the biggest battle they've ever fought.

Will they succeed in their mission, and along the way will they also save the honor of HBO?

Available on yes, Cellcom TV and HOT

A national treasure: the edge of history

The pair of adventure films directed by John Tarteltaub, which also starred Oscar winner Nicolas Cage, were a pleasant surprise when they were released in 2004 and 2007, but despite their success they were not produced a third film.

The Great Wait is now coming to an end, in a new series that follows Jess, a young treasure hunter who sets out to uncover her family's mysterious and secret past, while trying to discover a historical treasure thought to be lost.

The series was directed by the acclaimed director Mira Nair ("Monsoon Wedding"), and also stars big names such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Harvey Keitel.

Wednesday, Disney+

There is no way out

A new suspense and mystery series that won rave reviews when it aired, whose producers include the brothers Anthony and Joe Russo ("The Avengers").

The protagonist of the series is an American family that travels around the USA and arrives at a mysterious town where everyone who enters it is trapped inside.

The local residents, who want to leave the town, will have to encounter many scary creatures and secrets on their way, and at the same time try to understand what prevents them from leaving the place.

Starring Harold Perrineau ("The Rookie") and Oscar nominee Catalina Sandino Moreno ("White Maria").

Wednesday, yes

in what

Waiting for the birds

In a post-destructive world where all places have fallen into one place, five actors will breathe life into 12 characters in a musical comedy-drama show.

Yehoshua Sobol's new play shows viewers how they meet themselves and those close to them after they discover that something real is waiting for them.

Wednesday, the Incubator Theater, Jerusalem

The play "Waiting for the Birds", photo: Yael Ilan

The Citizen Festival is here

No less than four new source plays will have their premiere at the festival, which will be held for the 13th time in a format dealing with human and civil rights issues.

During the event, there will be several cultural events, including community theater performances by children and adults with special needs, a social poetry marathon, an exhibition of art installations, performances and artist meetings by two artists from abroad. The diverse content that will be presented at the festival will try to touch on issues of belonging and identity, all of this without giving up its freshness.

throughout Tel Aviv

A show that will be shared at the Citizen Festival here, photo: Nimrod Aronov


Ohad Naharin, the Israeli dancer and choreographer who won the Israel Prize, is back in a new show, which he created in collaboration with the dancers of the Bat Sheva Dance Company and Ariel Cohen.

At the heart of the work is the character of Momo, who has two souls: one folds myths of a cohesive and raw masculinity within it, and the other constantly hunts for a personal and distinct DNA.

The soundtrack of the show consists of the album "Landfall" by Laurie Anderson and the Kronos Quartet, thus helping the excellent dancers to express the circularity of beauty and deep sadness that accompany us throughout our lives.

Starting from Saturday

From "Momo" by Ohad Naharin, photo: Natalie Michelson

Ravital Witelzon Jacobs - stand-up for tired parents

With hundreds of thousands of followers and countless viral posts and videos on social networks, the stand-up comedian and successful network host is not shy about creating an entire show that is mainly dedicated to a main target audience - tired parents.

There is not one poor moment in this show, where Witelzon Jacobs shares her parenting experience with the audience, without filters and with tons of charisma.

Anyone who has at least one little one at home will not be able to connect with some of her stories, which seem to have happened to all parents.

Saturday, the performance hall in Mizra;

Monday, Zappa Beer Sheva;

Third, Zappa Herzliya


Synthetic ivory

Already in the name of artist Neta Dror's exhibition (curated by Gil Cohen) there is a hint of what is to come: connections that are not natural, dissonant and defiant.

Dror invited some of her friends to play with Barbie dolls, that nostalgic childhood activity, which today has already become one that is tainted with gender and feminist interpretations.

She plays on the gap between saccharine childhood and adulthood - the game without the criticism compared to the embarrassment and presuppositions that adults come to the game with.

The result is a grotesque and thought-provoking installation that confronts us with the narratives that have been fixed in us since childhood, and gives them a disturbing angle.

P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv

From the exhibition "Synthetic Ivory", photo: Neta Dror

The international exhibition of Claude Monet

Almost 100 years have passed since the death of the French painter, one of the leaders of the Impressionist movement - and now his art exhibition, which more than 5 million people have already seen around the world, is finally coming to Israel.

More than 300 of the acclaimed artist's most recognizable and fascinating works are on display in the new exhibition, which follows his life story and the interesting stories behind those works.

In addition to this, the exhibition will also include a 360-degree projection space, which will combine Monet's various works and sayings, an intriguing VR complex, and also an interactive complex, through which visitors can get to know Monet's paintings in depth - and even give them life.

The Cube complex, Holon

From the Claude Monet exhibition, photo: Exhibition Hub


touching the sounds

At the heart of this show, which through an innovative device developed for it the hearing impaired will be able to experience it in an unusual way, is the famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven, who, even though he was deaf, contributed to humanity a multitude of masterpieces, which are still being performed some 200 years after his death.

The sounds of the Raanana Symphont Orchestra will be projected live, which will make the sounds accessible through sight and touch.

This creates a show that viewers not only enjoy but also receive an important message, according to which we all need to learn a thing or two about accepting others.

Shabbat, Ra'anana Performing Arts Center

"Touching the sounds", photo: Yoel Levy

A family show

There is no such thing as Hanukkah without plays that are suitable for the whole family, and this year also the children's star Menni Memtra is participating in one of these.

His wife, the actress Perla Danoch, stars in the new show, as well as the YouTuber Sapir family.

The new show of this group combines a celebration of rhythm, laughter, dance and emotion with some of the most familiar songs of the beloved child stars, during which they will mainly try to remind the viewers of a kitsch but so true saying - there is nothing like being at home with the family.

Across the country

From "A Family Show"

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