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Rocker Udo Lindenberg's appeal for donations: "Help, folks!"


Rocker Udo Lindenberg's appeal for donations: "Help, folks!" Created: 12/10/2022 12:18 am By: Dorit Caspary Udo Lindenberg calls for donations for our Christmas campaign for Unicef ​​and the Münchner Tafel. © Unicef Getting involved, Udo Lindenberg likes to do that. Especially when it comes to children's concerns. That's why he's been supporting Unicef, the United Nations Children's Fund, for

Rocker Udo Lindenberg's appeal for donations: "Help, folks!"

Created: 12/10/2022 12:18 am

By: Dorit Caspary

Udo Lindenberg calls for donations for our Christmas campaign for Unicef ​​and the Münchner Tafel.

© Unicef

Getting involved, Udo Lindenberg likes to do that.

Especially when it comes to children's concerns.

That's why he's been supporting Unicef, the United Nations Children's Fund, for 20 years.

Together against poverty

Poverty can affect anyone.

Suddenly and everywhere.

With our aid campaign "Together against poverty" we would like to support people in poverty, especially families from Ukraine who had to leave their homeland because of the war - together with the "Münchner Tafel" here and with Unicef ​​on site.

With celebrity help, it gets even better.

This is shown by the initiatives by Rewe, FC Bayern Basketball for the Munich food bank and - Unicef ​​godfather Udo Lindenberg.

Read his personal appeal to tz readers.

For Ukraine alone, the 76-year-old spontaneously collected 30,000 euros so that Unicef ​​and its partners can operate so-called "Blue Dot" contact points for Ukrainian refugees.

Here's how you can donate

With your donation - no matter how small - you support the tz aid campaign "Together against poverty" in favor of the Munich food bank and Unicef.

In concrete terms, the proceeds go to people who, despite all their own efforts, are dependent on help in Munich, especially families from the Ukraine who had to leave their homeland from one moment to the next with nothing.

And to needy children and families on site who need support so urgently in Ukraine and neighboring countries, especially now in winter.

Together with our partners and you, dear readers, we would like to help both here, right on our doorstep, and in Ukraine.

Poverty can affect anyone.

No matter where.

Through war, through personal strokes of fate.

Therefore: Please support our relief campaign with your donation.

Would you like to donate by bank transfer?

First, please select the organization you would like to donate to.

When making the transfer to the respective account, be sure to include poverty

as the keyword


For donations of up to 100 euros, the deposit slip serves as a receipt for the tax office.

For larger amounts, you will automatically receive a donation receipt from the respective organization.

Please be sure to enter your name and address in the intended use field, otherwise we will not be able to send you a donation receipt.

The recipient is either the Münchner Tafel or Unicef.

The donation accounts

For Unicef


IBAN: DE78 7008 0000 0326 9000 00


For the Munich table eV


IBAN: DE37 7002 0270 6850 1933 10


Would you like to donate directly online?

Here you will find direct access to our donation accounts:

- for the Munich table

- for Unicef

Now another important promise that tz has kept for over 30 years: Every cent that you donate goes 100 percent to the children and families.

All administrative costs are taken over from other pots and by sponsors.

During his Udopium tour, the Udo Lindenberg Foundation sold black T-shirts with the song title "Why are wars da" written on them?

Ten euros per shirt sold went to the children's charity.

There's also a Unicef ​​version of the song We're moving to peace and this year, of course, the artist's legendary Christmas greeting card on the subject of my heart is my compass.

The panic rocker Udo Lindenberg not only wants to make the great entertainer, with a big show and such, but he wants to get involved - especially for the weakest, who can defend themselves least.

That is why he also cooperates with Unicef.

"The little people who are helpless at the mercy of all the bullshit that the big ones pull off.

I've never forgotten what it feels like to be a little boy with big dreams.

We must not allow children's lives and dreams to be ruined," says the 76-year-old.

Every year Udo Lindenberg designs a card.

© Unicef

Above all, he wishes for one thing: that at some point the question “What are wars for?” no longer has to be asked.

“War is the worst thing that can happen to a child.

Every child needs peace, respect and justice.

And people to learn from.

Otherwise you'll already have lost before it even starts."

Hence his appeal to the tz readers: “Now our help is in full demand.

Christmas, love, peace and... gifts.

Yes, best distributed fairly for everyone!

But the kids in the Ukraine now have snow and hardly anything to heat.

Not school, but fear.

Many families are fleeing.

And don't need a bell, but real help.

So don't just think about the child on board, but also help with a donation for the children who now have to celebrate their first Christmas in the war.

That's so hard, ey - and so unfair!

That's why I'm ready to start.

You too?"

Udo Lindenberg sang the song Why Are Wars There for the first time 40 years ago.

Back then it was about the Cold War.

Since February 24, the song hasn't been as relevant for a long time.

Lindenberg has a message for you, dear readers: “The road is currently very difficult, but here in free Europe we will not let anything get us down and we will not be blackmailed.

Let us help all the people in need who urgently need our help now.”

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My space

Claudia Graus with Blacky Fuchsberger.

© Michael Westermann

She brings the stars to the city

Udo Lindenberg writes for the tz readers that the FC Bayern basketball players stand at the distribution point of the Munich food bank – as is well known, celebrities bring more attention to a good cause.

But how do you get stars involved, that they plan events for people in need in their packed schedules?

Social commitment is well received and is certainly good for the image, but the fact that world stars keep being lured to Munich is "a puzzle in which many pieces have to fit," explains Claudia Graus, former Deputy Chairwoman of Unicef ​​Germany.

Over the years, the Munich native has managed to attract big names to events in support of Unicef.

Michael Jackson, for example, painted a Christmas ball for a tz auction.

Christopher Lee (Lord of the Rings) wrote a personal Christmas letter to tz readers.

Legendary: star chefs cook, celebrities serve.

"The idea has to be good and the stars want to have a personal connection," says Munich's Unicef ​​lady.

And you have to dare to make contact.

This is never an issue for Claudia Graus.

"It's always about giving children a future, you can and have to take risks."

But the former banker also knows that the brand matters.

“Unicef ​​is a name that is well respected.

And I was and am 100 percent convinced of the work.


Ursula Egger (REWE, left) and Marko Pesic (FCBB) hand over 10,000 euros to the head of the food bank, Hannelore Kiethe.

©Oliver Bodmer

A piece of Audi Dome for the board

If the FC Bayern basketball players can support the Münchner Tafel, they are there.

Whether as a helper at a distribution point or with the latest REWE auction campaign.

For the good cause, they parted with four original chairs from the Audi Dome and REWE made sure that Katharina Boujerau was able to create real works of art from them.

The fans made almost 10,000 euros for the autographed chairs from the Olympic year 1972 at the auction on the Internet platform United Charity.

The minimum bid per chair was 250 euros.

Ursula Egger (REWE) and Marko Pesic, Managing Director of FCB Basketballer, handed over the check for 10,000 euros to Hannelore Kiethe, head of the food bank.

Pesic: “We are a sports club that is also committed to social commitment.

Helping the Münchner Tafel together with REWE is simply a great thing.”

Basketball fans from Austria secured three of the chairs, and one from REWE itself. In the future, it will be located at the headquarters in Eching.

Hannelore Kiethe, head of the Münchner Tafel: "In times when food is becoming scarce for those in need, we can make important purchases." And Kiethe is already looking forward to the next assignment of the FC Bayern basketball players at one of the distribution points.

"A visit is always a real highlight for our table guests."

tz editor Dorit Caspary.

© fkn

Your contact person

Do you have any questions or would you like to become active yourself, for example organizing your own fundraiser or auction?

Then call or write an e-mail.

tz editor Dorit Caspary got an idea of ​​both the projects of the Munich food bank and Unicef.

You can be sure: every donation euro is urgently needed.

You can reach our reporter on Tel. 089/5306 512 or by email at

Source: merkur

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