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Opinion The refuge of the cowards Israel today


The only thing that unites the Arab youth is the hostility to Israel. In the absence of anything to identify with or to be proud of, adherence to the Palestinian cause becomes the common denominator that unites them

In a show of cowardice and hypocrisy, the players of the Moroccan national team chose to celebrate their victory over the Spanish national team - a victory that brought them to the quarter-finals of the World Cup - in a group photo on the grass with a Palestinian flag.

What an abysmal difference there is between the Moroccan players and the players of the Iranian national team, who with admirable courage refrained from singing the anthem of the Ayatollah regime on the court in their first game in the tournament, and in this way sought to express sympathy and support for the wave of protest that swept through the cities of Iran demanding change and freedom.

It goes without saying that the Iranian players may pay a heavy personal price when they return to the bosom of the regime - which, as we know, does not hesitate to kill protesters against it.

The Moroccan players, on the other hand, do not think at all, and probably also lack the courage, to express a similar protest against what is happening in their country and other Arab countries, or to sympathize with the protests of the Arab Spring, which at the time asked for justice and freedom.

Waving the Palestinian flag, on the other hand, costs nothing, and certainly does not involve danger.

But the truth is that it was not the Palestinian flag that the Moroccan players waved, and like them the many young people who filled the stadiums in Qatar - but rather a white flag.

After all, everyone knows that in Israel's historical struggle for its very existence and its security, which it has been conducting since it came into the world, the decision was made a long time ago and it was Israel that came out victorious.

And for evidence - Morocco itself, along with many Arab countries, have established diplomatic relations with Israel and are working to promote cooperation with it in a long list of fields.

However, the defiance against Israel has become "contagious", and in Qatar it also receives support from the Emirati authorities, who seek - by adopting a bellicose and defiant line, often from the language and pressure of support for Hamas and identification with Iran - to obscure the traces of their close and intimate cooperation with the US, and the dialogue they have had with Israel for years.

Qatar is not much better than Iran in terms of freedom and human rights, which it denies to the country's foreign workers - who are the majority of its population.

But none of the crowds of spectators who came to the World Cup stadiums, for the construction of which many foreign workers labored and died, does not think of attacking the rulers of the emirates.

The refuge of cowards is, therefore, hostility to Israel.

This is also the only thing that can unite the Arab youth today - after all, they are not able to agree or unite around anything else, nor do most of them dare to protest the prevailing reality in the Arab world - a reality of dictatorships, corruption and backwardness.

And so, in the absence of anything to identify with or be proud of, adherence to the Palestinian cause becomes the low common denominator that unites these young people who lack a future or hope.

None of this should be surprising, because one cannot expect anything else from someone who has been defeated in a struggle and acknowledges his defeat.

But what is surprising is that there are quite a few Israelis who have difficulty reading the Middle Eastern reality.

And maybe they actually understand and do understand her, but in a desperate search for attention or publicity they prefer to "discover America" ​​- that is, to discover that the Arab street is not ready to thank us or give us warmth and love, after a hundred years of struggle that ended for him in a resounding defeat.

It seems, by the way, that the Israelis' need for hugs and love has always been a stumbling block in the effort to reach a settlement of the Israeli-Arab conflict, since it imposed on the subjects and donors a burden that they could not bear.

It is better, therefore, for Israel and the Israelis to be satisfied with the victory they achieved - with the willingness of the Arab world to accept them and reconcile with them - and not ask for the "moon", that is, that which cannot be obtained, and which may not be necessary in today's Middle Eastern reality.

Making peace between nations is often the "art of the possible" and the realization of "real politics", and everything else is considered a luxury that does not increase or decrease anything.

The identity of the winning team in the World Cup will be determined in the coming week, but in real life in the Middle East - Israel is the winner.

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