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Last minute of the crisis and protests in Peru and Dina Boluarte live: elections, state of emergency, news


Peru lives convulsed days after the fall of Pedro Castillo and the assumption of Dina Boluarte, who announced that she seeks to advance the elections. Follow live what is happening in the South American country.

Supporters of former President Pedro Castillo protect themselves from tear gas fired by the police during clashes at a demonstration demanding his release and the closure of the Peruvian Congress in Lima, on December 11, 2022. (Credit: ERNESTO BENAVIDES/AFP via Getty Images)

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4 mins ago

There are already seven dead during the protests in Peru

By Andy Ortiz

At least seven people, two of them minors, have died during the demonstrations against the vacancy of Pedro Castillo from the Presidency of Peru, the press officer of the Ombudsman's Office told CNN on Tuesday.

Two of them died on Sunday and five on Monday.

Most lost their lives in the protests unleashed in the province of Apurímac.

In Arequipa, only one deceased person is reported.

5 hours ago

Chaos in Peru: Protesters attack facilities of various media outlets in Lima

By Jimena de la Quintana

Television stations are attacked by protesters in Peru 4:17

Protests in Peru turn violent.

The headquarters of some television channels were the target of attacks by the protesters, who were close to former President Pedro Castillo.

The facilities of Panamericana Televisión, América TV and Exitosa Noticias were attacked in Lima.

Jimena de la Quintana has the report.

5 hours ago

Infiltrated groups could be responsible for the violence in the protests in Peru, denounces a congressman

By Fernando del Rincon

Malaga: violent protests in Peru would be caused by radical groups 1:36

Protests in Peru already leave at least four dead.

Faced with this scenario, the ungrouped congressman Edward Málaga defends the demonstrations as a legitimate claim of the population but rejects the violent acts that, according to him, "have to do with radical organized groups of vandals."

7 hours ago

Eleven regions of Peru present roadblocks due to protesters

By Gerardo Lemos

This Monday, the National Police of Peru reported through a statement that, so far, there are blockades on national roads in at least 11 regions of the country.

The blockades occur in the regions of:












So far, the police have not reported any arrests or injuries from these roadblocks.

8 hours ago

A state of emergency is declared in several provinces of the department of Apurímac

By Gerardo Lemos

The Government of Peru, through the Council of Ministers, informed this Monday through a statement that a supreme decree was issued declaring a state of emergency in the provinces of Abancay, Andahuaylas, Chincheros, Grau, Cotabambas, Antabamba and Aymaraes in the department of Apurimac.

8 hours ago

The Cusco international airport is temporarily closed after a violent incursion by protesters

By Gerardo Lemos

This Monday, the Peruvian Corporation of Airports and Commercial Aviation (CORPAC) reported through a statement that the Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport in Cusco was closed, after a group of protesters tried to enter the air terminal violently.

CORPAC added in the statement that they requested support from the Peruvian National Police to safeguard the place.

So far, the authorities have not reported arrests or damage to the airport, nor injuries or deaths from the protests.

9 hours ago

National Association of Journalists of Peru rejects attacks against media outlets

The National Association of Journalists of Peru (ANP) rejected the attack on the headquarters of various media outlets that occurred during the protests that broke out in the country after the impeachment and arrest of former President Pedro Castillo.

With a message posted on its Twitter account, the ANP condemned what it classifies as "attacks" on Panamericana TV, América Televisión and channel N.

"The right to protest does not support these acts of vandalism that distort them," said the organization, which also reported its request to the Prosecutor's Office to "initiate the corresponding actions in these cases."

According to information gathered by the ANP Journalist's Human Rights Office, the attacks during the coverage of protests range from "excessive use of force by police officers to aggression, insults and attempts to dispossess equipment of work to journalists by the protesters".

In addition, the ANP also reported the vandalization of the Exitosa Noticias vehicle, as well as the physical assault on its driver.

In total, until this Sunday, ANP counted attacks on at least 21 journalists in Lima, Apurímac, Huaura, Arequipa and Puno.

13 hours ago

Prosecutor of the Nation of Peru files constitutional complaint against Castillo

By Andy Ortiz

The Prosecutor of the Nation of Peru, Patricia Benavides, filed a constitutional complaint before Congress on Monday against former President Pedro Castillo and several of those who were officials of his Government.

According to the lawsuit document, obtained by CNN, Benavides accuses Castillo of co-authoring the crimes of rebellion and conspiracy, and author of the crimes of abuse of authority and serious disturbance of public peace.

The document is addressed to the president of Congress, José Williams Zapata.

After learning of this complaint, former President Castillo, who is under 7-day preliminary detention by order of a judge, posted a handwritten letter on Twitter in which he claims to feel "humiliated, incommunicado, mistreated and kidnapped."

Castillo adds that he is "unconditionally faithful to the popular and constitutional mandate that I hold as president, that I will not resign or abandon my high and sacred functions."

The document ends with his signature, and the demand for a constituent assembly and his immediate release.

Ronald Atencio, Castillo's lawyer, confirmed in conversation with CNN the authenticity of the letter posted on Twitter.

14 hours ago

Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Bolivia support Pedro Castillo

The governments of Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Bolivia reaffirmed their support for Pedro Castillo, whom they recognize as president of Peru, in a joint statement released by the Colombian Foreign Ministry.

The statement states that the governments of these four countries are concerned about the situation of the former Peruvian president, detained since December 7.

"Our governments call on all the actors involved in the previous process to prioritize the will of the citizens that was pronounced at the polls," says the joint statement.

They also request that Castillo's rights be respected and that the judicial protection of the former president be guaranteed.

15 hours ago

Castillo claims to be kidnapped and calls President Boluarte a "usurper"

Through his official Twitter account, the former president of Peru Pedro Castillo requested his immediate release and classified President Dina Boluarte as a "usurper."

With a handwritten letter and a series of messages on the social network, Castillo addressed the Peruvian people and said that he would not resign from his duties.

Pedro Castillo's lawyer, Ronald Atencio, confirmed to CNN that the letter is real and corresponds to his client.

The ex-president is detained at the headquarters of the National Division of Special Operations (Dinoes) after Congress approved his vacancy for having announced that it would dissolve that power.

Dear great and patient Peruvian people: I, @PedroCastilloTe, the same person who elected me all of you 16 months ago, to serve as constitutional president of the Republic.

I speak to you in the most difficult moment of my government... (1/4)

— Pedro Castillo Terrones (@PedroCastilloTe) December 12, 2022

15 hours ago

At least four dead in the demonstrations

At least four people have died in the demonstrations that broke out in Peru after the dismissal and arrest of Pedro Castillo, the Ministry of Health reported on Monday.

Eight other people continue to be hospitalized and 30 were discharged after being treated, according to figures from the official report.

A total of 51 health employees have worked on the interventions.


#Minsa informs that so far 8 people have been hospitalized, 30 medical discharges and 4 deaths, during the demonstrations registered in different regions of the country.

In addition, the sector mobilized 51 health professionals and 12 ambulances.

– Ministry of Health (@Minsa_Peru) December 12, 2022

19 hours ago

The UN Human Rights Office is "concerned" that the situation in Peru could escalate

By Claudia Rebaza, Hira Humayun

The UN Human Rights Office is concerned that the protests in Peru could escalate further, spokeswoman Marta Hurtado said in a statement Monday.

"With violence increasing as protests continue in Peru, we are deeply concerned that the situation could escalate further," Hurtado said.

"Given the number of protests, including strikes, planned for this week, we call on all involved to exercise restraint."

Referring to the two people who died on Sunday in clashes between protesters and the police in the Apurímac region, Hurtado called on the authorities to launch an impartial and transparent investigation so that those responsible are held accountable.

He pointed out that in the protests there have been injuries throughout the country and that there have been cases "in which the police appear to have resorted to unnecessary and disproportionate use of force and the indiscriminate use of tear gas."

Hurtado added: "The authorities must comply with their human rights obligations and allow people to exercise their rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of opinion and expression," and urged the police to ensure that only force is used. when it is strictly necessary.

"We underline the importance of listening to people's concerns and complaints to effectively address the current situation, in line with the State's obligation to respect, protect and guarantee human rights," said Hurtado.

21 hours ago

The Arequipa international airport is evacuated and closed due to the entry of protesters, reports Aeropuertos Andinos de Perú

By CNN in Spanish

Dozens of protesters entered the Alfredo Rodríguez Ballón international airport in the city of Arequipa this morning and "destroyed the security infrastructure and set fire to the control booth," according to a statement from Aeropuertos Andinos de Perú.

Due to the events that occurred, the authorities evacuated all the people who were in the air terminal and the airport was closed.

"Aeropuertos Andinos del Perú urges the general population to cease violence and respect the rights of citizens and free transit, and we demand control of the security of all by our authorities," they detailed in the statement.

They also indicated that pertinent coordination is being carried out with the airlines and the airport community "to resume operations in the short term and when the conditions exist that guarantee the safety of passengers, the team and the entire airport community."

22 hours ago

Pedro Castillo's appeal hearing will be this Tuesday, announces the Judiciary of Peru

By Ana Cucalon

The Judiciary of Peru announced this Monday on its Twitter account that the virtual appeal hearing of former President Pedro Castillo to the preliminary arrest ordered against him will be held tomorrow Tuesday at 9 in the morning (local time).

Castillo is accused of rebellion and conspiracy after announcing on Wednesday the dissolution of Congress, which later voted a vacancy motion against him.

Permanent Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court schedules a virtual hearing for the appeal of former president #PedroCastillo to the preliminary arrest ordered against him, in an investigation for rebellion (alternatively conspiracy), for tomorrow, Tuesday, December 13 at 09:00 am /vHU6I2pXbc

– Judicial Power Peru (@Poder_Judicial_) December 12, 2022

22 hours ago

Peru accuses Mexico of interfering in internal affairs after the overthrow of Pedro Castillo

By Hande Atay and Claudia Rebaza

Mexico's ambassador in Lima was summoned by Peru's foreign ministry over complaints that Mexico is interfering in its internal affairs, after senior officials weighed in on the ouster last week of former Peruvian president Pedro Castillo.

Castillo, who was ousted from power on Wednesday after he tried to dissolve Peru's congress and call new elections, was arrested while allegedly traveling to the Mexican Embassy, ​​according to Peruvian prosecutors.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard later said Castillo had applied for asylum, and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador criticized Peruvian elites and called for the protection of the ousted president's human rights.

López Obrado also said that he had ordered Ambassador Pablo Monroy to “open the door of the embassy” to Castillo.

Monroy reportedly met with Castillo last Thursday.

A statement from the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday said that the "comments made by the Mexican authorities are an interference in the internal affairs of Peru and do not reflect the events of recent days."

It added that the "comments made by these (Mexican) authorities on the right to asylum requested by former President Castillo, (we) inform Ambassador Monroy of the need for States to follow all the regulations established in current international treaties and comply with all the requirements”.

He also highlighted the "mutual respect and the norms of international law," as well as the "long tradition of friendship" between Mexico and Peru.

22 hours ago

Congressman assaults colleague during session in Peru's legislative palace

By Marlon Sorto

(Credit: The Republic)

An extraordinary session of the plenary session of the Peruvian Congress held this Sunday was marked by the attack of a legislator on one of his colleagues, an incident that was recorded on media cameras.

The incident was carried out by Pasión Dávila, a congressman for the Magisterial Bloc, who after a tense start of the session —marked by accusations between parties for and against the vacancy approved against former president Pedro Castillo last week— crossed the legislative compound during a recess and punched Juan Burgos in the face -from behind-, who currently does not belong to any political group in Parliament.

According to the images of the incident - recorded by the media at the scene - Burgos later chased Dávila, but other legislators blocked his path and prevented him from reaching him.

Then a struggle began to which more legislators quickly joined, between shouts and pointing.

Interviewed by the state TV Peru, Burgos described the attack as "cowardly" and criticized that other congressmen had protected him.

Burgos pointed to Dávila and the other legislators as "Pedro Castillo's associates" and suggested that they had business relationships for which they "did not want to vote for the vacancy."

Until this Sunday, Dávila had not ruled on the incident and CNN is trying to get his version of what happened.

La sesión de este domingo en el Congreso tenía como punto único tratar un oficio del Ministerio Público que informa sobre diligencias iniciadas contra el expresidente Pedro Castillo por presuntamente quebrantar el orden constitucional, así como contra dos exministros.

Hace 22 horas

Cinco expresidentes de Perú tienen problemas con la justicia, con acusaciones que van de corrupción a desaparición forzada

Por CNN en Español

El expresidente de Perú enfrenta a la Justicia 3:24

El expresidente de Perú Pedro Castillo está acusado de rebelión y conspiración luego de haber anunciado el miércoles la disolución del Congreso, que posteriormente votó una moción de vacancia en su contra. Pero Castillo está lejos de ser el único expresidente del país que enfrenta problemas con la justicia.

Tanto Castillo como sus predecesores Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (2016-2018), Ollanta Humala (2011-2016), Alejandro Toledo (2001 - 2006) y Alberto Fujimori (1990 - 2000) tienen cuentas pendientes con la justicia.

Lee los detalles aquí.

Hace 23 horas

Enfrentamientos entre manifestantes y policías en Andahuaylas deja decenas de heridos

Simpatizantes del expresidente peruano Pedro Castillo chocan con la policía antidisturbios durante una manifestación exigiendo su liberación y el cierre del Congreso peruano en Lima el 9 de diciembre de 2022. Crédito: ERNESTO BENAVIDES/AFP vía Getty Images

Al menos 20 personas resultaron lesionadas este sábado luego de enfrentamientos entre pobladores que participaban en una protesta y policías en la ciudad de Andahuaylas, en el departamento de Apurímac, en el sur de Perú, informó en Twitter la Defensoría del Pueblo.

Entre los heridos se reportaron cuatro policías, según la Defensoría.

Aunque no se explicó el motivo de las protestas de este sábado, Andahuaylas es una de varias localidades del país donde pobladores salieron a las calles este viernes y se manifestaron en respaldo al expresidente Pedro Castillo, de acuerdo con información proporcionada a medios de comunicación por el Ministerio del Interior.

Lee más aquí

Hace 24 horas

Presidenta de Perú anunció un proyecto para convocar a elecciones anticipadas

La presidenta de Perú, Dina Boluarte, anunció este lunes a través de un mensaje televisado que enviará al Congreso de la República un proyecto de elecciones anticipadas para abril de 2024.

  • Congreso de Perú aprueba proyecto de ley que quita la inmunidad al expresidente Pedro Castillo

Boluarte también destacó que su gobierno promoverá la concertación en el Congreso de una reforma del sistema político.

En relación a la protestas y enfrentamientos registrados en las últimos días, Boluarte anunció la declaratoria del estado de emergencia en las zonas de alta conflictividad social.

Lee la nota completa aquí.

Hace 24 horas

El Congreso aprueba el proyecto de ley que quita la inmunidad al expresidente Pedro Castillo

Por Omar Fajardo

El Congreso de Perú votó la madrugada de este lunes para aprobar un proyecto de ley que quita la inmunidad al expresidente Pedro Castillo, autorizando a la Corte Suprema a procesarlo por el presunto delito de rebelión.

Castillo fue destituido de su cargo el miércoles pasado después de que una mayoría de 101 miembros en el cuerpo legislativo de 130 personas votaron a favor de destituir al expresidente. Actualmente, Castillo se encuentra bajo arresto preliminar de siete días ordenado por la Corte Suprema de Justicia de Perú.

El proyecto de ley aprobado el lunes recibió una mayoría de 67 votos, tuiteó el Congreso, y agregó que su aprobación autoriza la formación de un proceso penal contra el expresidente.

El congresista Alejandro Muñante, quien también es el tercer vicepresidente del Congreso, le dijo a CNN en Español que la legislación estaba justificada debido al “intento de golpe de Estado” del expresidente y las violaciones constitucionales.

Lee más aquí.

Hace 24 horas

Al menos dos muertos tras enfrentamientos en el departamento de Apurímac

Por Marlon Sorto

Al menos dos personas han muerto y tres más han terminado hospitalizadas durante las manifestaciones que se registran en el departamento de Apurímac, informó en Twitter este domingo el Ministerio de Salud de Perú.

En esa región, específicamente en la ciudad de Andahuaylas, al menos una persona murió y un Policía resultó herido tras enfrentamientos entre manifestantes y policías en el aeropuerto de Huancabamba, según había reportado más temprano la Policía Nacional del Perú en un comunicado.

Según la entidad, el altercado se registró cuando "pobladores de la zona" atacaron las instalaciones.

Lee más aquí.

Hace 24 horas

Así fue la caída de Pedro Castillo: las seis horas de caos

Hours of confusion and chaos were experienced in Peru on Wednesday of last week when a day that was expected to be far from relative calm ended with an attempt to dissolve Congress, the vacancy motion against President Pedro Castillo, his arrest and finally, the arrival to the Presidency of the first woman to occupy this position.

The now former president Pedro Castillo is detained in Lima, while Peru tries to return to calm and the new president, Dina Boluarte, called for a "political truce" to "install a government of national unity."

Check out the timeline of a day that saw the arrival in Peru of the sixth president in five years amid political chaos that seems to never stop, here.


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