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Legislative Council by-election|Li Guangyu hopes to help Hong Kong youth to go up and say that young people immigrate as working holidays


The by-election of the election committee of the Legislative Council will be held on Sunday (18th). Half of the six candidates have a background in innovation and technology. Li Guangyu, chairman of the Hong Kong IT People's Association, is one of them. Formerly a subsidiary of Tencent

The by-election of the election committee of the Legislative Council will be held on Sunday (18th). Half of the six candidates have a background in innovation and technology. Li Guangyu, chairman of the Hong Kong IT People's Association, is one of them.

Li Guangyu, who used to be the management of a subsidiary of Tencent, said that he had no father, started from the grassroots, and gradually promoted to the top of the company. He hopes to share his experience with young people and help them move upward.

In recent years, the problem of brain drain has become serious. Li Guangyu said that people leaving Hong Kong may not have enough confidence in the future of Hong Kong. Many young people choose to immigrate right after graduation, but I believe they just want to go out for a break: "The immigrants they talk about may be working holidays. (Working Holiday)."

The threshold for approving high-end talent certificates is too high: how many million yuan is the annual salary?

The shortage of talents in Hong Kong’s innovation and technology industry has attracted much attention. Li Guangyu said that there is a shortage of people in the innovation and technology industry. There will be more than 50,000 vacancies in the next five years. He believes that the threshold for the "High-end Talent Pass Scheme" proposed in the "Policy Address" is too high, requiring applicants to have an annual salary of 2.5 million yuan. In contrast, the annual salary requirement of Australia's talent plan is only about 1 million yuan. "(Annual salary) is more than 2 million yuan. Welcome to Hong Kong first, where are the tens of thousands of dollars going? Where are they going?"

He pointed out that at present Hong Kong lacks middle and low-level personnel rather than high-end talents. He hopes to urge the government to closely follow the needs of the people and introduce policies that meet the needs of different sectors, classes and enterprises.

Regarding the performance of the government in promoting innovation and technology, he said that the government is inclined to scientific research, but in fact, among the 120,000 practitioners in the innovation and technology industry, only about a few thousand are engaged in scientific research. He suggested that the government should strengthen the application of enterprises and the popularization of technology. Free Wi-Fi for low-level citizens and the elderly to access the Internet.

Immigrants may eventually return due to lack of confidence in the future and economic development

Li Guangyu mentioned that there have been several rounds of immigration waves in Hong Kong in the past. I believe that people who leave Hong Kong lack confidence in Hong Kong's prospects. The government needs to speed up economic development and revive the confidence of citizens. If it is better, I believe the land will be willing to stay low.” He also pointed out that many young immigrants just hope to experience foreign countries. The immigrant they are talking about may be working holiday, to venture into the country, to try it out.”

He believes that people who immigrate to Hong Kong will eventually find the beauty of Hong Kong and come back. "In the end, they may find that Hong Kong does not pay so much tax, earn as much as they can, live more efficiently, have more friends, nightlife and activities, all hope come back."

A former senior executive of a technology company hopes to help the Hong Kong government's digital transformation

Candidates who also have a background in innovation and technology include Shang Hailong, general manager of SenseTime Hong Kong, and Huang Jinhui, deputy dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Chinese University. Enterprises that Hong Kong people are familiar with, including JobsDB and OpenRice, etc., "It's just that I don't know the company name."

He mentioned that he has been engaged in financial technology for the past 8 years, and has served as a management team in a subsidiary of Tencent, focusing on digital transformation. He hopes to use his past experience to monitor the government's implementation of innovation policies.

Li Guangyu, who has been in the technology industry for more than 20 years, said that he started from the grassroots: "I worked step by step, step by step", and understood the difficulties of different classes and positions.

As for the difficulty in upward mobility of the younger generation, Li Guangyu pointed out that many young people just lack direction. "Young people often don't know what to do, and don't know what to do." I believe that young people can improve their strength step by step under appropriate guidance. It can change the status quo. "No one says that it's nothing to make 20,000 yuan at the beginning and suddenly make 100,000 yuan." If elected, he will ask the government to strengthen the relationship between enterprises and schools, hoping to guide the way for young people.

Candidates for the Legislative Council by-election also include He Jingkang, Huang Ziqian and Chen Yongguang.

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