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Brazil lost the World Cup but recovered its identity


Since the extremist Bolsonaro pronounced his fateful and prophetic "it's over", society has sniffed that normality is once again at the gates

Brazilians are sad these days seeing themselves excluded from the World Cup final, something that for them has always been more than a sport.

It is part of your identity.

And it has been symbolic that the Brazilian soccer defeat has coincided with Pelé, the king of soccer, the world symbol of what is more than a sport, in the hospital seriously ill.

It has been like closing a cycle.

And yet, the bitterness of that defeat is being offset by the new political cycle of the third Lula government which, before officially starting, has already paralyzed the Bolsonaro storm of lightning and flashes of intransigence and death of democracy that were beginning to intimidate the country.

The four fateful years of extremist government and on the verge of an anti-democratic explosion that had placed Brazil in the cursed circle of countries in political and moral decline are beginning to dissipate, and it is visible to those who are in contact with ordinary people that they are beginning to dreaming of his lost normality.

And you have to know Brazil from the inside to understand that the fear of the democratic forces of plunging into a neo-fascist abyss in a climate of civil war, was also joined, and I would say, above all, the fear of losing one of its most ancestral essences as His love for parties, for friendship, for the simple pleasure of being together, for solidarity, especially for the poorest, who are the vast majority of the country, are.

It had been precisely the storm of hatred, violence, lies, contempt for democracy and even ripping within their own families and between friends that seemed eternal unleashed by a government with a vocation for destruction and with dreams of accumulating weapons of death. .

To understand the new airs of hope for normality and the return to the festive spirit of Brazilians while Bolsonarismo is reduced to a simple tantrum of violent children, it is good, these days, to read the letters from readers to the big national newspapers.

If these messages are always a faithful thermometer of the existential temperature of the mass of society, in Brazil, in these days of returning to the lost democratic normality, they are so with greater intensity.

And it is those people on the street who bother to write to a newspaper or a democratic social network who best know how to describe the state of mind of a country.

Since the extremist Bolsonaro pronounced his fateful and prophetic "it's over", after losing the elections, suddenly society, although it may know that the wave of violence and hatred will continue to lash its tail, has sniffed that normality is once again at the gates. .

It is worth as a sample button what, under the title “the defeat of hate”,

a woman, Clara Davidowich , wrote to the letters section of the newspaper

O Globo : “Democracy has defeated hatred, although it still needs to be taken care of.

I reiterate the call of the Brazilians to return to normality", and adds: "The characteristic of joy, mixed with solidarity, returns to our Brazil, unique among nations".

The reader concludes by predicting that the drama of what she calls "the destruction of our humanitarian values" will dissipate.

This is what the series, veteran and enlightened journalist Carla Jiménez has defined in one of her columns in the Brazilian edition of

The Intercept

as essential to the values ​​that Bolsonarismo had poisoned and that are an essential part of the idiosyncrasy of this country and that summarizes in a single word: "delicacy".

Someone might wonder how a country with heavy doses of racial and institutional violence can have delicacy in its DNA.

You are right.

And the part of that delicacy that Bolsonarismo had overshadowed to give way to hatred even among friends is returning.

Just yesterday I was on the street with some fruit in my hand that I had just bought.

A woman he didn't know approached me with a plastic bag to put them there: “It will be more comfortable for you to carry them”, she told me, and she disappeared.

Yes, it would be progress if the climate of hatred sown by Bolsonarismo began to sprout that difficult plant of delicacy in treatment in a world that seems more modern and technological every day, but also more orphaned of that rare seed of understanding. and the search for lost harmony.

It can be left, right or center.

Each one chooses their political or religious corner in which they feel most comfortable.

What cannot be done and what Brazil has just defeated is being a party or a belief that has hatred and a morbid passion for weapons as an essential ingredient of its politics.

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