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Finding a job in the third age - how do you start? - Walla! Pis for senior citizens


Have you reached retirement age, but are you interested in working? Here are all the tips that will help you find a job that suits you and fulfill yourself anew

Just as young people look for work on job ad websites, seniors can also look for suitable jobs around the web (Photo: ShutterStock)

Life expectancy continues to increase and many senior citizens choose to continue working even after retirement age.

Who chooses to work?

Those who have not managed to save enough money for retirement, those who wish to increase their monthly income and enjoy financial welfare, and also those who are looking for meaning, working after retirement age may be the solution.

In addition, going to the workplace every morning, the social meeting with the staff and the sense of value and meaning that employment gives, encourage many to look for work even in their third year.

Looking for a job after retirement age can be challenging.

Many of you have worked for many years at the same workplace, and now you have to start over - looking for a job in the job market that has undergone many changes in recent years.

So how do you do it?

Yaron Viner, an employment expert in the third age who guides employment workshops in the field, presents to you some tips that will help you find a job after retirement:

What jobs are suitable for senior citizens?

"There are people who reach retirement age and wish to continue working in the same field in which they have worked all these years, but prefer to reduce the scope of the job - from a full-time job to a part-time job. Others, may feel a sense of exhaustion from their field of occupation, and will choose to undergo professional retraining," says Viner.

"When interested in retraining, it is important to understand what the job requirements are, they require a certain education or training. It doesn't matter how old you are - the job should match your functional ability, experience, professional background and your skills."

Many seniors are afraid of old age and that potential employers will not want to hire them due to their advanced age.

"Ageism among employers does exist, but in many cases it is self-aggrandizing," says Wiener.

"Many senior citizens feel within themselves that they are no longer relevant and therefore in advance will not apply for a certain position. It is important to recognize your advantages and break down the barriers you set for yourself."

In this context, Wiener points out that despite the prejudices, seniors can also integrate into jobs in the field of technology: "There are people who have passed the age of sixty with excellent digital literacy. If you desire a job with a technological touch, you can overcome the barriers and learn new systems. The question is How much willpower do you have and how much are you willing to invest."

Job search using job ads sites

Just as young people look for work on job ad websites, seniors can also look for suitable jobs across the web: "It is important to map the required field of work and examine the sources where relevant jobs exist. This could be a website that specializes in jobs in a certain field such as high-tech jobs, boards Rules or groups are needed on social networks that publish job ads in the field in which you are interested in working."

Dedicated employment programs for the elderly

There are various programs that promote employment for senior citizens, provide tools and training for the elderly and help find jobs for girls and those 60 and older.

*"Veterans at work" is a government program of the Ministry of Social Equality that helps those 60 and older integrate into the labor market.

The program is operated through two companies: Tigbor Temporary Professional Pool Company Ltd. and Meuf Human Resources Company (of the Meuf Group) Ltd.

As part of the program, job seekers will go through a process of occupational guidance, training and workshops to improve skills, preparation for a job interview and writing a contract, personal support from the job search process to placement. The stages of recruitment and absorption up to successful long-term integration into the organization and the creation of age diversity in the organization. The service is free of charge (financed by the Ministry for Social Equality).

More in the program: 2 designated job search websites for people 60 and older: Authority employment centers for frontal service: Beer Sheva, Ashdod, Jerusalem, Rehovot, Bnei Brak, crossings in the valley and crossings in the Upper Galilee as well as other centers scattered throughout the country.

To register for the program:

looking for a job,

an employer

"You have to decide what is the field of work that interests you."

Wiener (Photo: Shlomi Mizrahi)

*The "Experience Required" project of "Vahder the Third Power" - "Vahder" has been working for over a decade to promote the employment of adults and their integration into the new world of work.

The "Experience Needed" project founded in 2013 by the association helps tens of thousands of older workers integrate into the labor market and is an empowering platform for older citizens who consider themselves an essential and inseparable part of the Israeli society and economy and wish to take an active part in its growth.

The association offers a variety of services such as: personal support in the job search process, editing of resumes, preparation for job interviews, pre-retirement workshops (in organizations), support of human resources teams.

Zoom meetings for the jobseeker community on topics related to integration into the labor market as well as diverse offers for volunteer activities.

* Legacy

experience is required to register for the project

- The Legacy company was established as a social-business enterprise, by Noam Gleicher and Zeev Leshem, entrepreneurs with a lot of experience in business companies in the Israeli economy.

The project was established with the aim of providing an effective response to a variety of companies by combining senior and experienced experts in various fields, while focusing on the fields of high-tech and technology, economics and finance.

Legacy prides itself on being one of the leading experts in Israel, which includes professional experts with a proven business and professional record of many years.

Through this database, the project takes an active part in the valuable effort to integrate adults in industries in Israel while recognizing the unique qualities and experience of this segment of the population in Israel and in the world.

Legacy is engaged in the placement of post-retirement academic adults with experience and expertise, who have held senior positions.

In addition, it operates project teams based on seasoned experts working in outsourcing and providing advanced consulting and optimization services.

The veteran experts employed through Legacy work in business companies often in part-time and flexible jobs in think tanks or as temporary employees.

This form of employment is compatible with the schedule and needs of the older professional.

The advantage of employing legacy experts for the business companies is that they are not bound by standard employee-employer relations.

For more information and registration for "Legacy">>



- Motka is the largest, well-known and important digital platform in Israel for men and women 60+ and the pioneer of the Well Being agenda for these ages.

The site, which operates free of charge, combines quality content articles on topics such as employment, leisure, money, health, pensions, relationships, fashion and more, with an extensive social network with groups on a variety of topics.

On the Motka website there is a group that discusses questions in the field of employment, relevant jobs targeted at those 60 and older, and dedicated content in the field of job search that includes various tips.

To the Mut'ka website>>


50+ association

- The non-profit association, "Fifty Plus Minus".

The association is actually a social organization that includes a variety of mentors and professionals with a lot of experience in the field of employment and career, which operates nationwide, and aims to treat both experienced job seekers who wish to reintegrate into the workforce and employers looking to recruit quality and professional candidates.

All the members of the staff at the association are volunteers who do their work with commitment and loyalty from the bottom of their hearts, and this in order to provide assistance and solutions to all those looking for work in Israel, aged 40 and over.

The 50 Plus-Minus association operates in several professional channels: individual personal guidance, employment programs and incubators, and employer relations (yesterday, Tuesday 11/15, we held a well-attended job fair at Rananim Mall in Ra'anana - hundreds of job seekers came and were exposed to over 1,500 job offers - that was it employment happening).

Employers/job seekers, authorities and organizations, to receive the association's services - you can register on the association's website>>

Wiener says that the most recommended way to find a job is through networking: "Networking is the use of social connections to find an occupational direction. You must map all the connections you have, such as family members, friends, colleagues, previous employers, clients, etc. I call this exercise - 50 cups of coffee. Try to schedule a meeting for a cup of coffee with people from your social, family and professional circles, and you won't believe what employment opportunities you can reach. Maybe your colleague heard about a vacancy at their place of work, or your friend can "throw" a good word for you to the employer He is just looking for a new employee. You will be surprised, but people like to help other people and they will be happy to help you. Many think that networking is protection, but these are simply the rules of the game."

In conclusion, Wiener says that you must decide what is the field of work that interests you, what is the scope of a job that suits you, and what is your preferred work location: "Try to understand what is available and what is desired in the employment market, and accordingly you can aim for the jobs that are relevant to you. You need to come with an open mind in order to increase the The chance of finding a job, and at the same time also being focused so as not to get confused by the extensive offer. In addition, it is important that you know what your advantages are that make you worth hiring, such as a lot of experience, and what are the challenges you face. To find the right job for you, you need to work on looking for a job ".

A senior citizen, looking for a job?

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citizen, looking for a job?

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