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From the laundry straight to the closet: tricks for washing and folding your winter clothes - voila! Home and design


We have prepared a detailed guide for you with tips from an expert on the right way to wash winter clothes. Bonus: tricks for simple folding of any item. Watch and try for yourself

A trick for hanging clothes to dry at home (@chloesdealclub)

The rain is already dripping on the back of the neck and it's starting to get cold outside, even the forecasters have already officially announced that winter is here.

The rediscovery every year of the winter items that we haven't worn for almost a year brings with it quite a bit of joy.

But you can't argue with the fact that winter clothes take up much (much!) more volume and space in our closet and laundry.

This fact requires slightly different organization on these two fronts - organizing the closet and washing winter clothes.

We caught Assaf Motello, product manager at Bosch, Siemens and Constructa, for a conversation, and with his help we formulated iron rules for washing winter items as well as simple tricks for organizing the closet.

Down jackets

Can be washed and dried in the machine.

Just pay attention to the correct program.

Puffer coat in the wash (Photo: ShutterStock)

How do you wash?

Down jackets contain synthetic fillings that, if washed incorrectly, may form inseparable lumps, which will destroy the look and quality of the jacket.

Some washing machines have a program for items with fluff (usually marked with a feather drawing) designed to maintain the uniform distribution of the fluff in the wash.

After washing, it is recommended to transfer the coat to the dryer on a cold drying program, in order to dry the feathers well and give volume, using the cold air.

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Want to save hanging space in your closet or pack a down jacket in your suitcase?

This is how you fold a down jacket

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Sweatshirts and long shirts

How do you wash?

In most cases, sweatshirts and long shirts are made of mixed and synthetic fabrics, so you should check the washing instructions on the label.

If they do not exist, it is recommended to wash at a temperature of up to 30 degrees and choose the lowest spin level (approximately 400 rpm).

If you run it on a no-spin program, the garment will remain full of water and may lose its original shape.

There are washing machines with built-in programs such as Hand wash and Easy care adapted to this type of clothing.

Need help with the laundry?

A survey found what the most common laundry mistakes are - do you make them too?

Winter has come?

The easy and cheap trick to dry laundry quickly without the need for a dryer

before you put sweatshirts and t-shirts back in the closet - watch this trick for folding long-sleeve shirts:

A trick for folding a long shirt

woolen clothes

How do you wash?

Wool clothes, including sweaters and knitwear, require special care because the wool fabric is very delicate.

Hot recommendation: don't be lazy to wash one wool item by yourself!

If the garment contains more than 50% wool, it is best to first of all separate it from the other garments that do not contain the same type of fabric and then wash in a cold wash program or in a program designed for wool clothing.

3 ways to fold knitwear - which one do you prefer?

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Don't be lazy!

Woolen clothes are washed separately.

A woman holds folded knitting needles (Photo: ShutterStock)

coats and cardigans

How do you wash?

For the most part, we rarely wash our coats and cardigans, even though we often wear them in the winter.

It is recommended to wash the jackets and cardigans when they are inside out and buttoned up or with the zipper tightly closed.

At the end of the wash, it is better to spread out on the laundry rack and not hang them with clips, as they may lose their shape and stretch excessively.

If you wish to dry them using a dryer in the laundry, be sure to dry them at gentle heat.

Folding cardigans and arranging them in the drawer in an efficient and convenient way

Folding cardigans and arranging them in a drawer to save space

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leather jackets

How do you wash?

As a general rule, you shouldn't machine wash leather items because the leather loses color and can cause color changes to the other clothes.

It is recommended to clean the leather jacket with cotton wool and cream intended for leather fabrics.

If the coat is dirty, it can be put in the washing machine, but it is important to check the instructions on the garment label.

In order to protect the skin, turn the coat inside out and put it in a closed cloth bag (to avoid direct contact with the drum) and use a liquid and non-concentrated detergent.

Also, it is advisable to wash in a gentle program with a temperature of up to 30 degrees.

After washing, it is recommended to wrap the coat in a towel to absorb the remaining water, and only then hang it to dry.

No hanging space?

This way you will fold the leather jacket without damaging its shape

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