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Knife attack in Illerkirchberg: girl (14) buried – “an unbelievable number of people” on site


Knife attack in Illerkirchberg: girl (14) buried – “an unbelievable number of people” on site Created: 2022-12-14 04:50 After the knife attack in Illerkirchberg, the 14-year-old woman was buried on Wednesday. The alleged perpetrator remains silent. Knife attack in Illerkirchberg : the suspect is said to have injured himself. Burial of the killed 14-year-olds : the mayor calls for prudence. Deta

Knife attack in Illerkirchberg: girl (14) buried – “an unbelievable number of people” on site

Created: 2022-12-14 04:50

After the knife attack in Illerkirchberg, the 14-year-old woman was buried on Wednesday.

The alleged perpetrator remains silent.

  • Knife attack



    : the suspect is said to have injured himself.

  • Burial

    of the killed


    : the mayor calls for prudence.

  • Details

    of the


    : The 13-year-old victim is said to have given the police more details.

  • Prosecutor

    issued arrest warrant for murder

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    news ticker

    about the attack on two girls in Illerkirchberg is updated regularly.

Update from December 8, 5:01 p.m

.: The act of violence in Illerkirchberg shook.

The suspicion of the murder of the 14-year-old girl and the attempted murder of a 13-year-old is directed exclusively against a 27-year-old from Eritrea.

Knife attack in Illerkirchberg: the suspect is said to have injured himself

The suspect is currently in custody in a prison hospital – he is silent on the allegations.

According to initial findings, the suspect is said to have injured himself.

According to information from Thursday, the public prosecutor's office expects more information from forensic examinations as to how the injuries actually came about. 

Temporarily suspect in the Illerkirchberg case of Zug caught and died

Update from December 8, 11:51 a.m

.: A 25-year-old man took his own life on Wednesday at the Send station.

This was announced by the public prosecutor's office in Ulm and the police on Thursday.

The authorities announced that they would investigate the suicide.

It is also determined whether the man may have been threatened, reports the SWR.

The 25-year-old was briefly suspected of being involved in the knife attack on the two girls in Illerkirchberg.

However, the police soon dropped this suspicion.

According to the authorities, there is still no suspicion against him.

Do you have suicidal thoughts or have you noticed them in a relative/acquaintance?

Help is available from the telephone counseling service: anonymous advice is available around the clock on the free numbers 0800 / 111 0 111 and 0800 / 111 0 222. Internet advice is also available at

Hundreds of people at the funeral in Illerkirchberg

Update from December 7, 10:49 p.m

.: After the deadly knife attack in Illerkirchberg, the 14-year-old was buried in her hometown on Wednesday.

Several hundred people traveled, the city had to divert traffic.

A police spokesman spoke of “an unbelievable number of people”.

Sadness and anger still prevail in Illerkirchberg.

According to investigators, the alleged perpetrator had not commented on Wednesday either.

He is apparently still in a hospital in the penitentiary and has had an arrest warrant issued against him for murder and attempted murder.

The second girl is said to be still in the hospital, suffering serious injuries.

Illerkichberg News: Migration researcher has been to Eritrea several times

Update from December 7, 10:23 p.m

.: The migration researcher Dr.

Magnus Driver, who has already spent several research stays in the civil war country Eritrea - the country from which the alleged perpetrator from Illerkirchberg comes.

He says to

: "Growing up in wartime societies - for example in the Horn of Africa - is characterized by violence and suffering, sometimes people are perpetrators and victims at the same time.

Under no circumstances can one completely escape mediated or physical experiences of violence there - and these often continue on the way through the desert and across the Mediterranean after a successful desertion and escape."

In Germany, there is often a lack of specialists to treat people adequately.

"It is often left to friends, family members and diaspora churches to take care of newcomers who are in danger of collapsing under the weight." After the crime, the alleged perpetrator locked himself in a refugee shelter.

The mayor of Illerkirchberg described that there was "a high level of social control" in the accommodation.

It is not yet known whether the perpetrator was mentally ill.

Investigators have so far found no evidence of the alleged perpetrator's religious or political motives.

Criminal statistics: analysis after the murder of a 14-year-old in Illerkirchberg

Update from December 7, 8:55 p.m

.: After the knife attack in Illerkirchberg, in which a 14-year-old girl was fatally injured, a debate about crime by immigrants who are in Germany for reasons of flight has flared up.

The Federal Criminal Police Office publishes statistics that the

Süddeutsche Zeitung

analyzed after the murder in Illerkirchberg, which a 27-year-old man from Eritrea is accused of.

Among the 1.9 million refugees in Germany, very serious crimes are very rare - as in the rest of the population.

In detail, however, there are the following peculiarities:

  • Refugees make up 7.1 percent of all people suspected of committing a crime in Germany within a year - a high proportion because the entire group of refugees only makes up around 2.3 percent of the population

  • After peaking in 2015, the proportion is falling again.

  • Refugees are particularly conspicuous when it comes to serious crimes: 12.8 percent of suspects in murder or manslaughter, 13.1 percent of suspects in crimes such as rape - and thus six times as many as Germans, measured by proportion of the population.

  • Around 34 percent of the refugees are young men, while this group only accounts for 8 percent of Germans.

    However, young men are more likely to be criminals than other population groups.

    This factor skews the statistics.

  • Another factor that distorts the statistics: "Foreign-looking people" are reported more often than average - both people with German and other nationalities are more likely to report a crime if the perpetrator looks foreign.

According to SZ,

the criminologist Christian Walburg cannot confirm that young men who have fled pose a very great danger to the general population

: "As is often the case with serious acts of violence, this takes place in the immediate social area," he said, "between people who do things with each other have that live together.” 

Illerkirchberg mourns and is angry: no street lighting near the scene of the knife attack

Update from December 7, 7:44 p.m .:



reports that in the days after the knife attack on a 14- and a 13-year-old in Illerkirchberg, there was sadness and anger in the village.

Friends from the neighboring Bavarian town of Senden, who danced with the 14-year-old, also came to the funeral of the 14-year-old who was killed.

Other parents would have brought their children to the school door on the days after the crime.

The two girls were attacked on Monday on the way to school - apparently near an unlit sidewalk.

Illerkirchberg near Ulm mourns the 14-year-old who was killed.

© Christoph Schmidt/dpa

The problem of the missing street lamps is also known to the non-party mayor, Thomas Häußler.

He therefore promised: "We'll do something about it now." The alleged perpetrator was housed as part of a follow-up accommodation after his asylum application in the house in front of which the murder happened - together with other men.

"There was good social control there," said Häußler.

At the moment, he too cannot explain why it failed on Monday.

Knife attack on 14-year-old: 27-year-old man from Eritrea is silent on his crime on Wednesday

Update from December 7, 6:04 p.m

.: It is still unclear on Wednesday afternoon why the 27-year-old attacked the 14-year-old from Eritrea on Monday and fatally injured her.

The autopsy revealed that the girl bled to death from stab wounds.

The police found a knife on the alleged perpetrator that could be used as a murder weapon.

He was last in a hospital in the correctional facility.

On Tuesday evening, the public prosecutor's office had issued an arrest warrant for him for murder.

According to the police, the man remains silent about his crime.

Illerkirchberg: Mayor writes an open letter to the community after the death of the 14-year-old

Update from December 7th, 5:15 p.m

.: The mayor of the city of Illerkirchberg, where a 14-year-old girl was murdered with a knife on the way to school on Monday, calls on the citizens of his city to be prudent: “The attack on the two Girls must be pursued and punished with the utmost consistency,” wrote Markus Häußler in an open letter.

"But this insidious crime was committed by a single person, not by a group of people."

More than a thousand people attended the funeral of the dead girl in the town of 4,000 today.

Police were also present to give people a sense of security.

On Monday, a man from Eritrea living in a refugee shelter allegedly killed the 14-year-old with a knife and seriously injured her 13-year-old friend.

After the act of violence in Illerkirchberg: anti-racism expert wants objectivity despite understandable emotions

Update from December 7, 4:32 p.m .

: The anti-racism expert Anetta Kahane thinks that despite a heated debate on Twitter, some reason has come into the discussion and advocates objectivity, despite great emotions.

Since the act of violence in Illerkirchen became known, there had been speculation on social networks about the origin of the perpetrator, later the police and public prosecutor announced that the alleged murderer of the 14-year-old came from Eritrea and lived in accommodation for asylum seekers.

"Anyone who has children knows that this is the worst thing that can happen to you," says Anetta Kahane on



She is Chair of the Antonio Amadeu Foundation.

"If this man murdered this girl and attacked the other girl, then he needs to go to prison.

Then he gets to feel the full force of the law.

That's perfectly clear.

It has nothing to do with the color of the skin.” According to her observations, however, voices were heard that pleaded for reason.

She advocates taking a close look at murder statistics and not allowing the case to be used for political instrumentalization.

Nevertheless, it is understandable that people are afraid when they hear about cases such as the knife attack by a man who is believed to be from a refugee accommodation: "People who think so are also right, they have feelings for this act.

That's totally normal.

And it's also normal for such a generalization to come up." However, it is important to use reason: "Wait a minute, I can't, because I'm rightly angry with this man, generalize now and say that applies to everyone to those who come from Eritrea or to all asylum seekers.

I think that's the trick: to say I have to come down to a factual level - as bad as this act is."

After the act of violence in Illerkirchen: emergency chaplains help the families of the victims

Update from December 7th, 4:18 p.m .

: The families of the killed 14-year-olds and the injured 13-year-olds in Illerkirchberg are supported by emergency chaplains for the affected families.

"The point is that they get the feeling that they are not alone in these difficult hours," said the head of emergency pastoral care in Ulm/Alb-Donau-Kreis, Michael Lobenhofer, of the dpa.

The three pastors on site would also contribute organizational things - such as organizing the funeral service.

"When we see that relatives and friends are taking good care of the families, we withdraw again." Lobenhofer said that a person who saw the crime was also being cared for in Illerkirchen.

Burial after a knife attack in Illerkirchen: More than a thousand people at the funeral service

Update from December 7, 3:40 p.m

.: More than 1,000 people are said to have come to Illerkirchberg for the 14-year-old’s funeral.

The SWR reports that hundreds of people wore black clothes and had a picture of the girl infected.

"You wouldn't believe how much it hurts when the whole world mourns you," a family member is said to have told



The police cordoned off the funeral service over a large area and set up a traffic control system so that the town of Illerkirchberg could be bypassed over a large area.

The 14-year-old was buried on Wednesday afternoon at the Illerkirchberg cemetery.

© picture alliance/dpa/Ralf Zwiebler |

Ralph Zwiebler

The grave of the girl, who was apparently a member of an Alevi community in Ulm, was decorated with a simple wooden plaque that only read "2008 to 2022" and the girl's name.

In addition to the girl's family, her secondary school class and many members of the Alevi community and citizens of Illerkirchberg are said to have been present.

An emergency pastoral care team was on site.

"We will always love you," was written on one of the wreaths laid at the grave.

Knife attack in Illerkirchberg: Two days after the fact, the motive is still unclear

Update from December 7th, 2:59 p.m.:

Two days after the attack on two underage girls in Illerkirchberg south of Ulm, the motive for the crime is still unclear.

An arrest warrant for murder and attempted murder was issued for the suspect.

The man was last injured in a correctional hospital.

In addition to the main suspect, the police also arrested two other men on Monday.

These are now free again, as reported by


, citing a spokesman for the Ulm police headquarters.

Act of violence in Illerkirchberg: dead 14-year-old buried on Wednesday

Update from December 7th, 2:26 p.m.:

Two days after the attack in Illerkirchberg, the killed girl was buried.

There were police officers at the cemetery so that the funeral service could take place in an orderly manner, a police spokesman said on Wednesday.

Many people mourned the 14-year-old.

A man is said to have attacked and seriously injured two girls on the way to school in Illerkirchberg near Ulm on Monday.

One of the victims later died in the hospital.

The autopsy showed that the 14-year-old with a Turkish migration background bled to death after stab wounds.

The police found a knife in the 27-year-old Eritrean that could have been used as a murder weapon.

Act of violence in Illerkirchberg: 13-year-old victim is said to have described details of the course of events

Update from December 7th, 11:36 a.m

.: The small town of Illerkirchberg (Alb-Donau-Kreis) is deeply shaken.

A 14-year-old girl has died after a brutal act of violence.

Her friend (13) is seriously injured in the hospital.

Much is still unclear.

The investigation is in full swing.

The 13-year-old victim is said to have already given the police details of the crime.

The perpetrator is said to have hit the two girls first, reports RTL.

Then he apparently attacked the two students with a knife and inflicted serious cuts on both of them.

An arrest warrant for murder and attempted murder has been issued against the suspect.

The 27-year-old comes from the civil war country Eritrea and is injured in a prison hospital, he has been silent so far.

According to their own statements, the police also found a knife on him, which comes into consideration as a murder weapon.

Great sadness in Illerkirchberg: deadly knife attack on girls shaken

Update from December 7th, 6.16 a.m

.: After the act of violence in Illerkirchberg, the horror and grief for Ece S. is great.

The 14-year-old was stabbed by a man on the way to school.

Her friend (13) is seriously injured and is in the hospital.

The two were on their way to the school bus on Monday morning when an asylum seeker from Eritrea attacked them with a knife, apparently out of nowhere.

The motive for the attack is initially unclear.

Attacker and victim did not know each other, at least that's what the investigators assume, according to the Ulm public prosecutor's office.

However, there were still evaluations of cell phones and chat logs there.

In addition, the questioning in the environment of the perpetrator and the victim continued.

An arrest warrant for murder has been issued for the suspect.

The 27-year-old is silent on the allegations.

Fatal knife attack on schoolgirl (14): Funeral service in the cultural center of the Alevi community

Update from December 6, 8:37 p.m.:

On Tuesday evening, a funeral service for the 14-year-old girl who was killed took place in the cultural center of the Alevi community in Ulm.

Several hundred people attended the funeral service, as reported by the

Augsburger Allgemeine


The mother of the deceased girl had to be supported when entering the hall.

The member of parliament for the Greens, Ekin Deligöz, is one of the mourners.

She has known the family for years.

I stood in the playground with her father," said Deligöz.

"A child has left us." Grief, bewilderment and anger accompanied the funeral service.

“[She] was calm and incredibly kind.

Now she's dead. Her family hasn't realized that yet.

I don't get it yet," a family friend told Focus


Candles and flowers at the scene where two girls were attacked with a knife.

© Bernd Weißbrod/dpa

"We are horrified and simply stunned and simply cannot find the words to express our grief," said community leader Yalcin Khan at the funeral service.

"We are deeply shocked and our thoughts are with the parents, to whom we would like to express our deepest condolences.

Rest in peace, little angel!”

Fatal knife attack on schoolgirl (14): public prosecutor issues arrest warrant for murder

Update from December 6, 5:15 p.m .:

The alleged attacker has still not commented on the fact.

He relied on the right to refuse to testify, as a spokesman for the public prosecutor said.

There is still no new knowledge about the motive of the perpetrator, as Michael Bischofberger, spokesman for the Ulm public prosecutor's office, explained to AFP on request.

Investigators assume that the attacker and the two girls did not know each other.

Cell phones and chat logs are still being evaluated.

The questioning of the perpetrator and victim environment is also ongoing.

With the opening of the arrest warrant, however, there are no sufficient reasons for placing the man in a psychiatric institution, at least for the time being.

"Certainly" there will be further psychiatric assessments of the man, as Bischofberger said.

According to the current status, however, it can be assumed that the man is guilty.

more on the subject

Knife attack and arrest warrant for murder: what we know after the death of the 14-year-old - and what not

Update from December 6, 4:34 p.m

.: On Tuesday afternoon, one day after the attack on two schoolgirls in Illerkirchberg near Ulm, an arrest warrant was issued against the suspect.

According to the police and prosecutors, the 27-year-old is accused of murder and attempted murder.

The 14-year-old girl succumbed to her injuries on Monday.

The autopsy revealed that she bled to death from stab wounds.

The police found a knife on the 27-year-old that could have been used as a murder weapon.

As the investigators announced on Tuesday, the man did not comment on the allegations during the demonstration in the clinic, where he is due to his own injuries.

The 27-year-old from Eritrea is now in a prison hospital.

Illerkirchberg: Turkish Ambassador Ahmet Basar Sen demands complete clarification and visits the family

Update from December 6, 2:57 p.m

.: The Turkish ambassador Ahmet Basar Sen has demanded a complete clarification of the attack on two girls in Illerkirchberg.

The crime had greatly unsettled the Turkish community, he said when he visited the crime scene on Tuesday.

"Who is this?

Who did that?

Will it be cleared up?” All these questions should now be clarified.

According to his own statements, the ambassador visited the family of the deceased girl on Tuesday morning.

Ahmet Basar Sen said he expressed the sympathy of the Turkish community to the parents. The attack came as a shock to everyone.

Illerkirchberg News: So far no indication of the political or religious motive of the perpetrator

Update from December 6th, 2:32 p.m

.: After the fatal attack on the way to school on two girls in Illerkirchberg near Ulm, there is no evidence of a political or religious motive.

The background to the crime, in particular the motive, is unclear up to now, said Baden-Württemberg Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) on Tuesday during a visit to the crime scene.

"At this point I would like to say very clearly: We have no knowledge of a political or religious motivation for this crime."

Baden-Württemberg, Illerkirchberg: Thomas Strobl (3rd from right, CDU), Minister of the Interior of Baden-Württemberg, and Ahmet Basar Sen (4th from right), Ambassador of Turkey in Germany, stand at the scene of a knife attack on two girls during a minute's silence laid flowers and candles © Bernd Weißbrod/dpa-Bildfunk

Perpetrators from Illerkirchberg have not yet been noticed by violent crimes

Update from December 6, 2:10 p.m

.: The alleged perpetrator of the deadly school route attack from Illerkirchberg has never been noticed by the authorities through violent crimes.

He was only caught once driving without a ticket and was not otherwise known to the police, a spokesman for the Ulm public prosecutor told the



As reported by

, Ulm's chief of police, Weber, said: "We don't know what made him commit this terrible act.

Assumptions are useless.” And further: “He has a residence permit and is entitled to stay here in Germany.

He was accommodated in the community center as part of the accommodation.” The townspeople need not be afraid: “There is no reason to be afraid and not to send the children to school.

I assume it was a one-off act, an ad hoc act.”

The public prosecutor's office reports on the second victim that the girl is receiving medical care, but that her psychological situation is very difficult.

This was said by the spokesman for the public prosecutor's office.

She learned that her friend had been killed.

The 14-year-old victim from Illerkirchberg: family was a member of the Alevi community in Ulm

Update from December 6, 1:59 p.m .

: The Alevi community in Ulm, to which the killed girl and her family apparently belonged, had already announced a funeral service for the 14-year-old on Tuesday at 2 p.m.

“Unfortunately, in shock and horror, we have to tell you about the death of our still much too young angel.

We can't find words, we can't even imagine her family's pain," the community wrote on Facebook.

Apparently, both of the girl's grandfathers are members of the community, because condolences are expressed to them by name.

Knife attack in Illerkirchberg: Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Kretschmann warns

Update from December 6, 1:32 p.m

.: After the act of violence in Illerkirchberg, Baden-Württemberg’s Prime Minister warned against jumping to conclusions.

"I can only warn against making any connections before the crime is even cleared up," said Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) on Tuesday in Stuttgart.

Nothing is known about the motives.

The state government takes the moods that are sometimes stirred up seriously, which is why Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) is also driving to the scene.

Winfried Kretschmann (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen), Prime Minister of BW, warns against hasty conclusions in the Illerkirchberg case © Bernd Weißbrod / dpa

Einen Zusammenhang mit dem anstehenden Flüchtlingsgipfel in Baden-Württemberg wollte Kretschmann nicht sehen. Zunächst einmal sei es eine schreckliche Tat im Leben der Schülerinnen. „Wir fühlen da ganz besonders mit den Angehörigen.“ Die überlebende Schülerin sei geschockt und wohl für ihr ganzes Leben beeinträchtigt.

Nach mutmaßlichem Mord in Illerkirchberg - erste politische Konsequenzen in Ulm

Update vom 6. Dezember, 13.00 Uhr: Nach Meldungen der Südwestpresse war es schon Ende November in der Region zu einem Abbruch einer Versammlung gekommen, die sich mit dem Thema der Unterbringung von Geflüchteten beschäftigte. Demnach hatten mehrere Menschen vor der Ortschaftsratsversammlung in Gögglingen-Donaustetten „für Unruhe“ gesorgt und geschimpft, weil sie wegen des zu großen Andrangs nicht mehr in einen Sitzungssaal kamen. Ortsvorsteherin Eva-Maria Emmenecker nannte die Vorgänge „erschreckend“.

Nach dem gewaltsamen Tod einer 14-Jährigen und der schweren Verletzung durch mutmaßlich einen Mann aus einer lokalen Geflüchtetenunterkunft, zieht die Stadt Ulm nun Konsequenzen. Die Ortschaftsratsversammlung in Gögglingen-Donaustetten sei abgesagt worden, bei zwei anderen Sitzungen wurden die entsprechenden Tagesordnungspunkte aufgeschoben, wie die Südwestpresse berichtet.

„Diese furchtbare Tat wühlt uns alle auf. Wir sind entsetzt über das Geschehen, das uns vollkommen unfassbar und sinnlos erscheint. Der Schock über diese brutale Tat sitzt tief. In dieser Lage ist es für alle Seiten unmöglich und auch nicht zumutbar, eine sachliche Diskussion zu führen“, so der Ulmer Oberbürgermeister Gunter Czisch (CDU). Zu diesem Zeitpunkt eine öffentliche Veranstaltung in einer Halle zu diesem Thema abzuhalten, „würde bedeuten, man nimmt eine Eskalation in Kauf, die den Mandatsträgern auch nicht zuzumuten ist.“, so Czsich.

Den Mitgliedern und Mitgliederinnen des Ortschaftsrats solle jedoch eine sachliche Debatte und Entscheidung möglich sein. Die Sitzung werde ja stattfinden: „Die Ziele bleiben.“ Dieser Schritte habe nichts damit zu tun, dass man sich wegducken möchte und sich kritischen Fragen seitens der Bürger nicht stelle. Weiterhin bittet der Ulmer Oberbürgermeister die Menschen darum, „jetzt innezuhalten“. Und er drückt den Opfern und der Familie namens der Stadt sein Mitgefühl aus: „Unsere Gedanken sind bei den Angehörigen der beiden Opfer, die damit fertig werden müssen, was ihren Kindern angetan wurde.“

In der Region gab es bereits 2019 ein Verbrechen in einer Asylunterkunft, die bundesweit für Schlagzeilen sorgte: In der Halloweennacht geschah in Illerkirchberg ein schweres Verbrechen an einer jungen Frau.

Nach der Messerattacke in Illerkirchberg sind zwei weitere Männer wieder auf freiem Fuß

Update vom 6. Dezember, 12.32 Uhr: Neben dem mutmaßlichen Täter wurden am Montag zwei weitere Männer nach der tödlichen Schulweg-Attacke von Illerkirchberg festgenommen. Sie sind beide wieder auf freiem Fuß, wie ein Sprecher der Staatsanwaltschaft Ulm der dpa am Dienstag bestätigte. Der Verdacht gegen die beiden Männer habe sich nicht erhärtet, so dass man sie wieder auf freien Fuß habe setzen können.

Der mutmaßliche Tatverdächtige berufe sich indes auf sein Aussageverweigerungsrecht. Es gebe weiterhin keine Erkenntnisse zum Motiv. Im Verlauf des Dienstags soll bekannt werden, ob Haftbefehl gegen den Mann erlassen werde. Derzeit lägen ihm keine Erkenntnisse einer psychischen Beeinträchtigung vor, sagte der Sprecher.

Gedenken am Tatort: Innenminister Strobl (CDU) und der türkische Botschafter Ahmet Basar Sen in Illerkirchberg

Update vom 6. Dezember, 11.45 Uhr: Nach dem tödlichen Angriff auf ein 14-jähriges Mädchen im baden-württembergischen Illerkirchberg will der Innenminister des Landes, Thomas Strobl (CDU) gemeinsam mit dem türkischen Botschafter Ahmet Basar Sen am Dienstag den Tatort besuchen.

Das getötete Mädchen habe die deutsche Staatsbürgerschaft besessen und einen türkischen Migrationshintergrund, hieß es aus dem Innenministerium. Der Botschafter reise aus Berlin mit dem Flugzeug an. Um 12.30 Uhr wollten sich der Botschafter und Strobl mit dem örtlichen Bürgermeister im Rathaus vor Ort treffen, sich danach zu einer Gedenkminute am Tatort versammeln.

Messerattacke bei UIm: Täter wird am Dienstagmorgen vernommen

Update vom 6. Dezember, 10.58 Uhr: Die Ermittler zur tödlichen Messerattacke in Illerkirchberg haben den Verdächtigen am Dienstagvormittag vernommen. Der 27-jährige Tatverdächtige hat demnach aber noch keine Angaben zur Sache gemacht. Das sagte ein Sprecher der Staatsanwaltschaft am Dienstag. Der Mann sei nach wie vor mit erheblichen Verletzungen unter polizeilicher Bewachung im Krankenhaus und stundenlang operiert worden. Ein Polizeisprecher hatte zuvor gesagt, er habe sich vermutlich mit dem Messer verletzt.

Illerkirchberg: Welche Konsequenzen nach der Tat in Ulm im Raum stehen

Die Staatsanwaltschaft prüfe derzeit, ob sie Haftbefehl beantragt oder ob es Anhaltspunkte für verminderte oder ausgeschlossene Schuldfähigkeit gibt, was gegebenenfalls eine Unterbringung in einer psychiatrischen Klinik nach sich ziehen würde. Dafür brauche es aber zunächst ein Kurzgutachten, sagte der Sprecher der Staatsanwaltschaft.

Das zweite angegriffene Mädchen habe seine Wissens nach die Nacht im Krankenhaus verbracht und sei medizinisch soweit versorgt, sagte der Sprecher weiter. Die 13-Jährige sei so schwer verletzt worden, dass in ihrem Fall gegebenenfalls auch der Verdacht des versuchten Mordes im Raum stehe. Ihre psychische Verfassung sei schwer zu beurteilen, es habe das Angebot einer Notfallseelsorge gegeben.

Kabinett in Baden-Württemberg gedenkt dem Opfer von Illerkirchberg

Update vom 6. Dezember, 10.33 Uhr: Das Kabinett in Baden-Württemberg hat der Opfer der Gewalttat von Illerkirchberg gedacht. Innenminister Thomas Strobl (CDU) habe dem Kabinett von dem Vorfall und dem Stand der Ermittlungen berichtet, erfuhr die dpa aus der Sitzung am Dienstag. Der CDU-Politiker habe seine Kabinettskollegen um einen Augenblick des Gedenkens gebeten.

Illerkirchberg: Nachbarn richten Worte des Beileids an Familie der getöteten 14-Jährigen

Update from December 6, 10:21 a.m

.: The community of Illerkirchberg is also mourning online.

On the FB page "Schwarzes Brett Illerkirchberg" the citizens of the community exchanged days before about a kitten that had arrived, looking for an apartment and the late mail.

Now you can see pictures of burning candles.

"Time to pause," writes one woman.

"Our heartfelt condolences, we are shocked and stunned.

We are infinitely sad and can't believe it. Our thoughts are with you, your neighborhood," writes a man, probably addressed to the victim's family.

The town sign of the Oberkichberg district of Illerkirchberg.

© Bernd Weißbrod/dpa

„Unbegreiflich und erschüttert über die heutige Tat in unserer Straße“, schreibt eine andere Frau. „Unsere Gedanken sind bei den Angehörigen und Freunden der Verstorbenen. Wir hoffen, dass die Freundin durchkommt! Ein junges Leben einfach so ausgelöscht! Fassungslos und auch wütend! 14 Jahre alt, das ganze Leben noch vor sich.“

Schulkinder in Ulm: Nach dem Tod einer 14-Jährigen trauert die Gemeinde Illerkirchberg

Update vom 6. Dezember, 09.41 Uhr: Einen Tag nach der Tötung eines Mädchens auf dem Schulweg ist die Trauer in Illerkirchberg (bei Ulm) groß. Wie der SWR berichtet, versammelten sich noch am Abend Hunderte Menschen am Tatort, um ihre Trauer und ihr Mitgefühl auszudrücken. Demnach wurden Blumen niedergelegt und Kerzen angezündet. Teilweise seien Schock und Trauer auch in Wut umgeschlagen.

Candles and flowers are at the crime scene in Illerkirchberg, where two girls were attacked with a knife on Monday and a 14-year-old died.

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Among the mourners was the mayor of the community, Markus Häußler (independent).

He told the SWR that they now want to help the family of the dead and wait for the rest of the investigation.

The suspect is a 27-year-old man who lived in the local accommodation for asylum seekers and is from Eritrea.

Knife attack on two girls in Illerkirchberg - suspect under police guard in the hospital

Update vom 6. Dezember, 06.28 Uhr: Nach der tödlichen Messer-Attacke auf zwei Schülerinnen in Illerkirchberg stehen die Ermittler vor der Aufgabe, das Motiv des Angreifers herauszufinden. „Jetzt ermitteln Staatsanwaltschaft und Polizei, weshalb es zum Angriff auf die beiden Mädchen kam und ob der Tatverdächtige und die beiden Mädchen sich vorher kannten“, teilten die Behörden mit.

Der Tatverdächtige, ein 27 Jahre alter Asylbewerber aus Eritrea, befindet sich ebenfalls wie die Freundin der getöteten 14-Jährigen im Krankenhaus. Der Mann habe sich vermutlich mit dem Messer verletzt, sagte ein Polizeisprecher. Ob versehentlich oder absichtlich, sei noch nicht klar.

„Wir werden diese schlimme Tat restlos aufklären“, kündigte der baden-württembergische Innenminister und Vizeregierungschef Thomas Strobl an. „Diese Tat rührt uns zutiefst, wenn das Leben eines unschuldigen Kindes so brutal ausgelöscht wird“, teilte der CDU-Politiker mit. „In Gedanken sind wir in diesen schweren Stunden bei den Eltern, der Familie, den Hinterbliebenen der Getöteten sowie bei den Mitschülerinnen und Mitschülern und Freunden des jungen Mädchens.“

Messer-Attacke auf zwei Mädchen - Angreifer kam aus Asylbewerber-Unterkunft gerannt

Update vom 5. Dezember, 18.45 Uhr: Bei dem Täter soll es sich um einen 27 Jahre alten Mann handeln. Der Angreifer soll nach Angaben von Polizei und Staatsanwaltschaft am Montagmorgen aus einer benachbarten Asylbewerberunterkunft gekommen und nach der Tat wieder dorthin geflüchtet sein.

„Als die Polizei diese mit Spezialkräften durchsuchte, traf sie dort auf drei Bewohner, alle Asylbewerber aus Eritrea“, hieß es weiter. Bei dem 27-Jährigen habe die Polizei ein Messer gefunden, das als Tatwaffe in Betracht komme. „Der Verdächtige befindet sich aktuell unter polizeilicher Bewachung in einem Krankenhaus.“ Die Beamten hätten die beiden anderen Männer mit zur Dienststelle genommen.

Die Polizei bat in der Mitteilung darum, „keinen Generalverdacht gegen Fremde, Schutzsuchende oder Asylbewerber allgemein zu hegen oder solchem Verdacht Vorschub oder Unterstützung zu leisten“.

Angriff auf zwei Mädchen auf dem Schulweg: Täter griff wohl mit Messer an

Update vom 5. Dezember, 18.12 Uhr: Die beiden Mädchen in Illerkirchberg bei Ulm sind nach ersten Erkenntnissen der Ermittler vermutlich mit einem Messer attackiert worden. „Die 14-Jährige musste nach dem Angriff noch am Tatort wiederbelebt werden, bevor sie in die Klinik gebracht wurde, wo sie trotz aller ärztlichen Bemühungen verstarb“, teilten Polizei und Staatsanwaltschaft am Montagabend mit. Eine 13-Jährige wurde schwer verletzt.

Update vom 5. Dezember, 16.01 Uhr: Laut Informationen des SWR soll es sich bei dem Haus, in das der mutmaßliche Täter flüchtete, um eine Unterkunft für Geflüchtete handeln. Die Polizei hat diese Angaben nicht bestätigt. Noch gibt es keine weiteren Details zu dem Überfall auf zwei Mädchen in Illerkirchberg (Baden-Württemberg, Nahe Ulm) am Montagmorgen. Für den Nachmittag wird eine Pressemitteilung erwartet.

Angriff auf zwei Mädchen auf dem Schulweg - Augenzeuge berichtet dem SWR von Angriff „ohne Grund“

Update vom 5. Dezember, 15.26 Uhr: Gegenüber dem SWR berichtete ein Augenzeuge von den Geschehnissen in Illerkirchberg am Morgen, dass er nahe einer Ampel Geräusche gehört habe: „Da lag das Mädchen blutend am Boden, mit einer riesigen Stichwunde im Bauch. Ein zweites hatte Verletzungen unterhalb der Brust, eine Stichwunde. Sie war völlig aufgelöst.“

Das zweite Mädchen habe ihm berichtet, dass ein Mann aus einem Haus gekommen sei und die Mitschülerin ohne Grund geschlagen habe. Danach soll der Mann sie in den Bauch gestochen haben und wieder ins Haus geflüchtet sein. Von der Polizei wurden die Angaben des Zeugen nicht bestätigt.

Illerkirchberg: 14-jähriges Mädchen erliegt ihren Verletzungen

Knife attack on the way to school: Two girls were attacked and injured by a man on the open road in Oberkirchberg in the Alb-Donau district.

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Update from December 5, 2:42 p.m

.: The 14-year-old girl who was attacked with a knife on the way to school in Illerkirchberg succumbed to her injuries.

A spokesman for the police headquarters in Ulm confirmed this to


More detailed information has not yet been announced, "the investigations are in full swing".

After an attack on two girls in Illerkirchberg - no impact on the neighboring elementary school

Update vom 5. Dezember, 13.14 Uhr: Nach dem Angriff auf zwei Mädchen in Illerkirchberg (Alb-Donau-Kreis) ist zunächst noch vieles unklar. Nach bisherigen Erkenntnissen sind die beiden Mädchen im Alter von 13 und 14 Jahren auf dem Weg in die Schule gegen 7.30 Uhr von einem Mann angegriffen und verletzt worden. Sie wurden schwer verletzt in ein Krankenhaus gebracht.

Der Angriff auf zwei Mädchen in Illerkirchberg (Alb-Donau-Kreis) hatte nach Polizeiangaben keine Auswirkungen auf eine benachbarte Grundschule. „Es gab entgegen von Gerüchten keinen Amokalarm in einer Schule“, sagte ein Polizeisprecher am Montag auf Nachfrage. Die beiden Verletzten seien auch nicht im Grundschulalter. Die Schülerinnen waren offenbar auf dem Weg zum Bus in eine Nachbargemeinde.

Der mutmaßliche Täter soll in ein benachbartes Wohnhaus geflüchtet sein. Die Polizei traf dort auf drei Menschen, darunter soll auch der mutmaßliche Täter sein. Weitere Details zum Angriff, dem Motiv und den Verletzten waren zunächst unklar.

Messer-Attacke: Zwei Mädchen auf Schulweg schwer verletzt

Erstmeldung vom 5. Dezember 2022

Oberkirchberg – Zwei Mädchen sind am Montagmorgen auf dem Weg in die Schule in Illerkirchberg (Baden-Württemberg) von einem Mann angegriffen worden. Die Polizei ist mit einem Großaufgebot vor Ort. Das berichtet der SWR. Die beiden Mädchen sind demnach schwer verletzt in ein Krankenhaus geliefert worden.

Messer-Attacke auf offener Straße: Zwei Mädchen auf Schulweg schwer verletzt

The alleged perpetrator is said to have fled to a house.

According to the SWR report, the police arrested three people, including the suspect.

A special task force surrounded the building.

At the same time roadblocks took place.

Drones were also used to get an overview.

Knife attack on the way to school: Two girls were attacked and injured by a man on the open road in Oberkirchberg in the Alb-Donau district.

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Knife attack on the way to school: Two girls seriously injured

The police initially gave no information about the exact state of health of the two injured girls.

The two injured were not of primary school age, said a police spokesman on Monday when asked by the dpa news agency.

The police are also initially silent on the identity of the suspect.

Forensics are still on site.

“Right now we are all in shock.

We're just waiting to see what the further investigations by the police reveal," said Markus Häußler, Mayor of the municipality of Oberkirchberg, to the radio station Donau3FM.

Emergency pastors are therefore on duty and take care of the relatives and students together with the community.


Source: merkur

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