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A short visit to the pool changed my life - you too can switch to a healthy lifestyle - voila! good to know


Millions of people in the USA and hundreds of thousands in Israel have already learned to swim rowing quickly and effortlessly using the TI method - at the largest swimming school in the world - and have made a significant change in their lifestyle

And then something happened that changed everything...

You know those who were born athletes?

So I'm the exact opposite of them, I never liked sports, I flunked gymnastics classes at school, I was one of the kids who finished the run last with panting and pain in the side and for many years it worked for me.

I laughed at friends who run and train, I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and put a cross on everything. I had a successful career, I was making a lot of money.

Then something happened that changed everything...

Total Imerzen long-distance rowing swim Edited interview channel September 13, 2022.mp4 from TI on Vimeo.

Millions of people in the USA and hundreds of thousands in Israel have already learned to swim rowing quickly and effortlessly using the TI method - at the largest swimming school in the world!

- and make a significant change in their lifestyle,

especially for those who do not and do not persist in sports - the best way to adopt a healthy and sporty lifestyle and lose weight!

Learn to swim long distances without getting tired in 10 weeks!

Rowing swimming studies (Photo: TI SWIM)

At the age of 30 I got to the point where I can't see my feet because my stomach is hiding me.

I was 30 kilos heavier.

Fat and flabby... I realized this is not the way I want to live.

I got fed up and came to the conclusion that work and food are not everything in life.

I started walking on a treadmill and went on a diet.

Then I injured my knee and the doctor sent me to swim rowing instead of walking.

After less than 5 minutes in the water I discovered two things about rowing swimming:

1. that I have no air after 2 pools

2. that I am the slowest in the pool

from this visit to the pool my whole life changed

I looked for a solution on Google.

And completely by chance, or not, I landed on the site of TI Global.

The site was clear and interesting.

Later I realized that TI is the largest swimming school in the world with branches all over the world... I bought a DVD and started learning rowing by correspondence.

There were a lot of crises along the way and it took time to figure out how and what to do, two years until I got to the point where my swimming reminded me of someone rowing... two years of trial and error, but slowly I succeeded.

Despite the success, I felt that it still wasn't "it".

As a last resort, I decided to fly to the USA for 48 hours for a weekend workshop in New York. As fate would have it, the person who gave the workshop was the founder of the method, Terry Lochlin, who over a cup of tea at the end of the workshop suggested that I bring TI to Israel. A few months later, over 16 years ago Year TI's first Israeli branch was established.

4 years after I jumped into the water and taught myself to swim rowing by correspondence, I established an international franchise swimming school that knows how to do magic.

Teach anyone to swim rowing in a short time.

The shortest in the world today, after 16 years of activity, Tiay is a large school with 70 branches and ten thousand new students every year.

Rowing is the perfect solution for those who want to start making a change and adopt a healthy and sporty lifestyle

. Thousands of new students come to TI Israel every year, 70% of them have never learned to row, most of them are not fit and have never been able to adopt and persist in any other sport - the learning graph In most sports it is long and requires a lot of effort and time to achieve good results.

At TI they are experiencing a makeover!

Technique instead of effort

Swimming is above all technique - the secret is not in fitness or effort but in proper movement in the water.

Unlike running or walking which are natural activities, swimming requires a different level of skill that most of us have not learned.

The level of friction between the body and the water is very high and is the most difficult factor for progress in the water.

If you have ever tried to run in water, you discovered that it is very difficult, because water is 800 times more compressed than air and applying more force only increases the friction.

Why specifically swimming with the TI method - how is it different from other sports?

  • Suitable for any age, weight and fitness level

  • Quick entry into fitness

  • Activates many muscle groups

  • Especially suitable for people who can't keep up with sports

  • Burns a lot of

    calories - in addition to activity, the body invests energy in self-heating in water

  • Swimming with the TI method

    prevents and solves back

    and joint pain and is recommended by orthopedists, chiropractors and physiotherapists (while swimming in the breaststroke style can cause back and knee injuries

  • No load on the skeleton and joints - minimal injuries

  • Especially suitable for heavy people and pregnant women

  • Extremely fast learning curve -

    allows you to achieve impressive results in a short period of time

  • Swimming has been scientifically proven to have

    a beneficial effect on: sleep, mood and stress reduction, asthma, blood pressure and more...

TI - learn to swim long distances without getting tired in 10 weeks

  • TI is the world's largest swimming school for adults, with an exclusive method that was developed 30 years ago by the groundbreaking swimming coach, Terry Lochlin.

  • At TI you will learn to row correctly according to a plan and worldwide standards

  • The most comprehensive study program in the field that includes theoretical and practical components and a complete envelope that guarantees that you will succeed

  • We teach swimming lessons in small groups of up to 6 students when the instructor teaches from the water

  • The duration of the lesson is 60 minutes, a lesson a week for 10 weeks

  • Wide nationwide distribution of over 70 branches - close and convenient

  • Responsibility for results

Facebook and Google rating of TI SWIM (Photo: TI SWIM)

The most important secret to know about rowing - free instructional video!

How to cause a 70% drop in rowing style effort from TI on Vimeo.

TI sells comprehensive swimming packages that include 3 components

1. The Netflix digital

companion program of swimming!

The program includes videos, examples of the exercises taught each week, a weekly practice program, theoretical background material, guidance, solving common problems and enrichment materials

2. Practical training

10 lessons once a week, on a fixed day and time in small groups of 6 people when the instructor teaches from the water, duration The class is 60 minutes

at the end of the 10 classes - a month of free training that allows you to train every day (except Saturdays) with a close trainer in the training groups

3. 360 degree solution

professional Zoggs binoculars, nutritional diagnosis, exclusive discounts on equipment purchases, TI global content, 5 online courses, Instruction books, sea training and more

Our guarantee - we guarantee that you will come out swimmers - without small print

The moment you chose TI you put your trust in us and we are here to stand behind our promise.

That is why we promise you that if by the end of the program you will not be able to swim with the TI method, we will teach you at no additional cost at our expense until you know!

There is no other swimming school that gives such a commitment!

How can we make such a commitment?

Very simple - we have the leading swimming teaching method in the world, we have not just become the largest body in its field in Israel and in the world - you get the highest quality product available.

What do you need to do to succeed?

Get to all the lessons and practice, leave it to us!

Invest 10 hours in yourself and you will receive a gift for life!

TI is suitable for everyone, no matter what your age or fitness level.

70 percent of our students did not know how to row and swim before the course.

In just 10 weeks they feel like they were born into the water, it's life changing.

You leave here with a set of tools that allow you to persevere and enjoy any pool.

But it is more than that.

It is a life changing tool.

What happens to people after that is nothing less than a transformation.

A dramatic change in the way of life that comes from within and is therefore also successful.

I define it as a killer application for a lifestyle change - and those who are looking to do it must try it.

Customers recommend rowing swimming lessons at TI (Photo: TI SWIM)

Only at TI we guarantee that you will come out swimmers!

For more details on learning rowing swimming using the TI method - taught nationwide - fill in your details

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