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Another moment here: 2023 models that will arrive here in the coming months


As every year, dozens of models will arrive on the Israeli market this coming year as well. We have compiled for you the most important and interesting ones, which should land here in the first quarter of 2023. Photo: Manufacturer

As always, pointing out the exact arrival date of a new vehicle on the market is a rather vague exercise.

There are always shipping matters, marketing decisions on the correct start date of the sale, logistical organization and more.

In the current era, some of these constraints have completely disappeared and some have become impossible to predict.

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For example, the question regarding the beginning of marketing is simpler (in a rough generalization), if this is where they start selling, since the shortages in the local market make the audience pounce on every new model as a great loot.

On the other hand, the production and shipping issues make the target date quite flexible.

Some of the models on this list should have been here a long time ago.

Either way, these are the new models you can expect in the first quarter of 2023.

More trams from China

Chinese brands are starting to establish themselves in the local market.

One such is MG who has a kind of right of first refusal here.

Here is supposed to arrive a car that was already supposed to reach us in 2022. It is an MG4.

It is a completely new compact family car based on a new electric platform.

Beyond the current design, and the passenger cabin that takes a clean and unadorned line, you can also find two drive units here.

One with 160 hp and a range of 350 km, the other with 204 hp and a maximum range of 450 km.

Another Chinese electric that will arrive here soon is the Ceres SF5.

Seres started its journey in Israel with a basic, cheap model without advanced safety systems.

The SF5 should show the more recent side of this manufacturer, with respectable leisure dimensions, power up to 650 hp and acceleration to 100 in only 3.5 seconds.

The declared range is also impressive with 500 km between charges.

Chinese of all kinds.

Photo: Manufacturer

On the more upscale side of Chinese, Wei will be here soon.

The first model to arrive in Israel (perhaps before the end of this year) is the Kofi 01, a plug-in hybrid recreational vehicle, with fairly generous dimensions.

The drive unit includes a gasoline engine and an electric engine that together offer no less than 465 hp.

The declared electric capacity exceeds the standard with 150 km declared on the purity of electricity.

In the future, it is expected that a smaller plug-in hybrid recreational vehicle and a number of new electric cars will join our list of models.

Another new one in the local market will be made under the name Ssangyong.

After a period of crisis and acquisition by new owners, Ssangyong is on its way again.

In terms of the local private market, this means that we will see an electric version of the Coronado here.

and the rest of the world

One of the more important cars for the Israeli market is also expected to arrive in the first half of 2023. The Toyota Corolla underwent a significant facelift in which the hybrid drive units were strengthened, the passenger cabin was upgraded, the safety systems underwent a comprehensive update and only the exterior design remained fairly similar.

From the Stanlantis concern we are expected to witness a variety of new models in some cases and new versions in other cases.

Alfa Romeo Tonale is expected to arrive here in its powerful plug-in version.

The drive unit here should bring the Tonale to its full potential with a power of 275 hp on the one hand and an electric range of 60 km on the other.

A new Corolla will arrive towards the middle of 2023 Photo: manufacturer

The new 408 that will be launched in Europe soon will arrive here from Peugeot.

Yes, Peugeot is bringing the 400 series back to life and this time it's not a classic sedan.

In fact the 408 plays in terms of appearance on several fields and offers a combination of the crossover and fastback worlds.

The familiar drive units will offer gasoline and hybrid options, with an electric version expected to join in the future.

Another car that defies the classic division of categories is expected to come to us from Citroen.

The X version of the C4 offers a three-box-like structure from the side, a coupe-like silhouette and a tailgate from the Fastback witnesses.

The combination should fill the gap between Citroen models and the list of drive systems here includes both the familiar options and an electric version.

Subaru Evolutis is expected to land here in its renewed version soon.

Subaru's large recreational vehicle, which includes the option of up to 8 seats, has undergone a slight facelift with a change in the appearance of the front and some more significant upgrades on the inside.

Among other things, the safety systems have been updated, which now also includes assistance in avoiding an obstacle.

Inside the passenger compartment, the most noticeable change is the multimedia screen that has grown in size, while under the hood there are no changes.

In the coming months, the new Kia Niro is expected to arrive here, and this is another very important model for the Israeli consumer, judging by its past success.

The new generation is designed in a distinct way and looks almost flashy compared to the gray appearance of the previous generation.

The passenger cabin also underwent the same revolution and now looks modern, covered with screens, and completely up-to-date.

Both drive versions will be relevant to us, with the first being a regular hybrid, the second being a more powerful plug-in hybrid and the third being an all-electric version of the model.

The electric version should offer 204 hp and a range of 463 km on pure electricity, of course.

The Hyridic Eclipse Cross.

Photo: Manufacturer

Another model that wins the sympathy of the local audience, should receive an important boost in the segment of its propulsion systems.

Mitsubishi Eclipse-Cross will be offered here for the first time in its sophisticated plug-in hybrid version that includes two electric motors and a gasoline engine.

The result is quite powerful with 224 hp, dual drive and on the other hand an electric range of 57 km.

All this with the aforementioned home charging option.

The intriguing Hyundai Ioniq 6 is also expected to arrive soon.

The sedan with a spectacular coupe-like design is based on the same platform that serves the Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6.

This means it will be offered with a variety of batteries and electric drive units.

From one engine and rear-wheel drive to a pair of engines with exceptional power.

Either way, the Ionic 6 comes with particularly impressive range data, which in certain versions may reach up to 610 km.

This is, among other things, thanks to the design with low wind resistance and an aerodynamic efficiency rating of 0.21 Cd.

From sport to ostentatious splendor

In the list of models that are on their way here there are also other, different cars, some would say more interesting.

Hyundai, for example, is about to strengthen the arsenal of the manufacturer's sporty N division.

The latest N version of the I30 is expected to arrive in Israel, but not only.

For the first time, the hot version of the N division for the Hyundai I20 and even the N version of the Hyundai Kona will arrive here.

The new BRZ will finally arrive from Subaru.

The pure sports car of the Japanese manufacturer, which was developed in conjunction with Toyota, will arrive here in its new version that includes an atmospheric engine whose volume has grown to 2.4 liters.

The sporty Coupe Leon will arrive here with two new entry-level variants.

The one that was presented with a supercharged and powerful second L engine, will now be offered with two weaker engines which will be a new entry level for the young brand.

The basic one will arrive here with a supercharged 1.5 L engine producing 150 hp and above it will be offered a supercharged 2.0 L version with a power of 190 hp.

Hyundai N models will try to wink at the sporty crowd.

Photo: Manufacturer

Among the luxury brands, we can mention Genesis, which will launch the all-electric GV70 EV in Israel.

The company's large recreational vehicle receives in this version a pair of electric motors producing 435 hp.

These actually create a double drive and catapult the enlarged vehicle to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds.

The stated driving range here is 400 km.

 DS7, the large French recreational vehicle, underwent a significant facelift a few months ago and is scheduled to arrive in Israel in the first quarter of 2023. The model underwent a fairly significant facelift that includes exterior design changes, lighter updates to the multimedia system and enhanced advanced safety systems.

There is now also a high-end plug-in hybrid version that produces 360 hp.

Lexus has already started taking orders for the RZ, its new electric SUV, but the first vehicles aren't expected to hit the road until 2023.

The new model is based on Toyota's dedicated electric platform and is actually the first Lexus model designed to be electric from the start.

At the same time, the marketing of Lexus RX in its fifth and completely new generation will begin here.

You can expect powertrains to range from supercharged gasoline engines to more powerful plug-in hybrids.

Audi was one of the first to respond to the electric movement with the first Audi e-tron.

Now with more models in the arsenal it's time to update the large recreational vehicle and also give it a new name to match the company's model families.

If so, from now on the model will be called Q8 e-tron.

The new model includes a more aggressive look, extensive use of recycled materials and a more powerful drive system that relies on new batteries.

Audi's first electric car has been updated.

Photo: Manufacturer

Mercedes' comprehensive electric show continues and in the coming months we will see the recreational version of the electric EQS ​​here.

The recreational version will also be a tremendous display of capability and technology.

The drive versions will offer up to 544 hp and electric driving ranges of up to 660 km.

Among other things, it will also be possible to find here the giant Mercedes screen - Hyperscreen - with a width of 141 cm from door to door.

The new generation of Mercedes GLC is also expected to reach us, among other things with rechargeable hybrid units and an electric range of up to 120 km.

For those who are less interested in electricity and more in the sensations and driving of their recreational vehicle, the T version of the Porsche Macan will arrive in Israel.

In this version, Porsche took features from more powerful models of the model and combined them with the basic supercharged 2.0 L engine in the range.

The external and mechanical additions should produce a new and more exciting driving experience here compared to the regular Macan.

The continuation of the trend

At your disposal, a bit of motor escapism.

In the quarter of 2023, the Bentley Bentayga EWB is expected to land here.

It is actually a long wheelbase version of the luxurious recreational vehicle of the aristocratic manufacturer.

An addition of 18 cm to the wheelbase is mostly intended for the rear seat occupants.

They can relax in a pair of "airline" seats in the manufacturer's language with 16 adjustment options, temperature sensors, the possibility of tilting to 40 degrees and more.

That's on the way too.

Photo: Manufacturer

Anyone who goes in to purchase a Bentley that is completely pre-ordered, expects a long waiting time.

In the past year, reality has taught us that even the purchase of a popular and cheap car can lead to a wait of many months.

This simple fact will continue to cloud the local market and make it difficult to buy specific models.

But despite all this, the wheel continues to turn and the new models are on the way.

We can only hope that towards the end of next year, the latest predictions will come true, and the automotive world will return to producing and supplying without significant limitations and disruptions.

were we wrong

We will fix it!

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