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epidemic. 12.14|An increase of 14,870 confirmed cases imported 896 new highs


Starting today (14th), Hong Kong cancels scanning to travel with peace of mind, and the number of people arriving through the airport will no longer be issued a "yellow code" for three days from today. However, the number of confirmed cases rebounded again, with 14,870 new confirmed cases today, including 13,974 local cases.

Starting today (14th), Hong Kong cancels scanning to travel with peace of mind, and the number of people arriving through the airport will no longer be issued a "yellow code" for three days from today.

However, the number of confirmed cases rebounded again, with 14,870 new confirmed cases today, including 13,974 local cases and 896 imported cases.

Summary of today's epidemic situation:

- 14,870 confirmed cases, a slight increase of 8.4% compared to yesterday's cases.

- 896 imported cases hit a new high, accounting for 6.03% of the overall case rate; compared with the 17,857 airport arrivals on the same day, the confirmed rate was 5.02%, and the seven-day average rate was 4.24%.

- 35 new patients died, the 7-day average mortality rate rose slightly to 0.19%, the overall mortality rate remained slightly at 0.48%, and the cumulative death toll was 11,056.

- The local XBB case increased by 1, the local BF.7 increased by 1, and the local BQ.1.1 increased by 5, with a total of 7 cases.

- The number of cases in nursing homes remains at a high level. There were 32 cases in residential homes today, and 49 residents and 9 staff were infected.

List of relaxed epidemic prevention measures:

1. Citizens no longer need to scan the "Travel with Peace of Mind", but they will still be "anti-scanned" when entering designated places, that is, they still need to use Vaccine Pass 2. The "

yellow code" will be cancelled, and citizens can enter designated places after entering the country

. Nucleic acid testing for people from the Mainland and Macao at ports

4. Adjust the local nucleic acid testing strategy and gradually reduce the number of testing announcements issued to residential buildings

5. Cancel the requirement for electronic wristbands for people in home quarantine


12.13|An increase of 13,721 confirmed cases Cancel safe travel from Wednesday Cancel entry yellow code

The latest effective reproduction rate of local cases at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong is 1.4637, that is, one patient infects about 1.5 people, which has not yet peaked.

(Photo from HKU Faculty of Medicine)

▼On December 14, there will be no "yellow code" restrictions for those entering Taiwan and other places▼


Cathay Pacific Labor-Management Meeting Cathay Pacific said that it has improved the watch replacement union: the next step depends on the new watch update

【22:27】Christmas and New Year are approaching and the government canceled the "yellow code" arrangement, making it easier for Hong Kong people to travel back to Hong Kong. However, Cathay Pacific's labor issues are still unclear.

The Cathay Pacific Air Service Staff Union had earlier asked for an increase in flight manpower and rest time at outstations, and to improve schedules, or consider taking industrial action during the Christmas and New Year, and even did not rule out a strike.

Both employers and employees held a meeting today (14th) to negotiate but failed to reach a consensus. The union stated that the management verbally promised to improve the January and subsequent changes, and will decide on the next step depending on the January changes. Cathay Pacific said that it met with the union for 4 hours. Explain the improvement arrangement. Most of the concerns have been improved in the January update. The union representatives have been invited to meet after the January update is announced next Monday (19th).

▼On December 6, the Cathay Pacific Air Service Staff Union authorized the union to take the next step▼

[21:00] Macau Novel Coronavirus Infection Response and Coordination Center announced that yesterday (13th) there were 402 new cases of new coronavirus infection, including 202 women and 200 men, aged between 0 and 92 years old, and 112 of them had symptoms. As confirmed cases, 290 people are temporarily asymptomatic and listed as asymptomatic infections.

Among the 402 cases of new coronavirus infection, 2 cases were sent by medical observation hotels and hospitals, which were discovered during control; 153 cases were self-antigen detection, 210 cases were mixed nucleic acid samples and single sample detection in Macao, and single nucleic acid samples were detected in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province. 4 cases were detected, 5 cases were close contacts, 28 cases were in emergency and fever clinics, a total of 400 cases were found in the community.

From November 28 to December 13, a total of 1,325 people were infected.

9 new imported cases of asymptomatic infection were added yesterday, including 3 males and 6 females, aged between 23 and 69, who entered Macao from India, the United States, Vietnam, Portugal, Hong Kong and Taiwan respectively, and were classified as asymptomatic infections .

▼December 14 Macau’s Epidemic Prevention and Anti-epidemic Situation▼


The HKTB invites representatives of the Southeast Asian industry delegation to visit Hong Kong, saying that the abolition of the yellow code has not been able to attract tourists

[20:26] The Hong Kong government has relaxed a number of anti-epidemic measures starting today, including the cancellation of the yellow code restriction on immigrants, which is expected to attract foreign tourists to Hong Kong.

However, some representatives of the tourism industry in Southeast Asian countries invited by the Hong Kong Tourism Board to visit Hong Kong believe that Hong Kong is still later than other countries in relaxing the epidemic prevention policy. A quick test every day will deter travelers.

Qiangjian Building|24 buildings on the list, including Tsuen Wan Haojing Garden and Tuen Mun Fujian Garden, 2 buildings each

[20:10] The government has gradually reduced the number of mandatory testing announcements issued to residential buildings. The Medical and Health Bureau issued the latest mandatory testing announcement tonight (14th). The number of buildings on the list dropped to 24. And Jialan Court, Chung Pik Court and Block 3 of Tin Chung Court in Tin Shui Wai, Block 4 of Hillsborough Bayside in Ma On Shan, and Li Shing House in Li On Estate, etc.; there were 4 building sand sewage samples tested positive, and Tuen Mun alone had 3 buildings, including Blocks 6 and 7 of Fortune Garden, Block 2 of Royal Bay, and Shoutu House, So Uk Village, Cheung Sha Wan.

▼December 14, part of the building will be inspected▼


▼On December 13th, the government announced the cancellation of sweeping and traveling with peace of mind▼


[17:00] The Office of the Deputy Secretary of the Financial Secretary stated today (14th) that the driver of the deputy financial secretary, Huang Weilun, tested positive for the rapid test of the new coronavirus. , the results were all negative.

The spokesman said that the driver was responsible for driving for Huang Weilun. He did not need to have contact with the public and had no travel history. He wore a mask and followed relevant epidemic prevention measures when working.

His latest work date was last Friday (9th).

[17:00] The Center for Health Protection announced the latest situation of novel coronavirus disease cases. In the past 24 hours, there were 13 974 new local infection cases, including 3 256 positive cases of nucleic acid tests and 10 718 positive cases of rapid tests.

In addition, 896 new imported cases tested positive, and 35 more patients died at the same time. So far, the cumulative number of deaths in Hong Kong has reached 11,056.

▼On December 13th, the government announced the cancellation of sweeping and traveling with peace of mind▼


Pok Fu Lam Chi Fu Garden, Kowloon Bay Kai Tai Court and other 5 places have positive sewage and 50,000 people need to be tested quickly

[16:50] The government said today (14th) that a number of residential sewage tests in Kwun Tong District, Southern District or Wong Tai Sin District, such as Chi Fu Garden, Kai Tai Court and Yue Ting Xuan, were positive and the virus load was relatively high. High, the authorities will distribute about 50,000 quick test kits to relevant locations for residents, cleaners and property management staff to test themselves to assist in the identification of infected persons.

▼December 14, some residences with positive sewage test results▼

The Hospital Authority recorded a surplus of 490 million yuan last year, down 8.3%, and the expenditure on medical supplies and equipment soared by 20%

[16:27] The Hospital Authority released its 2021/22 annual report today (14th). As of March 31 this year, the Hospital Authority only recorded a surplus of 490 million yuan, compared with the previous year’s surplus of more than 500 million yuan. , a reduction of more than 40 million yuan.

In 21/22, the Hospital Authority’s revenue was more than 88 billion yuan, and its expenditure was more than 87 billion yuan, of which staff costs accounted for more than 58 billion yuan, an increase of more than 400 million yuan compared with the previous year, while the expenditure on medical supplies and equipment was more than the previous year. A large increase of 1 billion yuan, spent nearly 5 billion yuan, an increase of 20.3%.

As for the highest-paid executive of the Hospital Authority, Gao Basheng, the chief executive officer, earned an annual income of 6.166 million yuan, which was an increase of about 1,000 yuan compared with the previous year.

Travel with peace of mind is canceled│Welcome diners at the same table: Scanning the QR code before was too troublesome, so avoid eating out of the street

[16:16] The government canceled the mandatory scanning of QR codes for safe travel starting today, but the vaccination pass is still required to enter restaurants.

Citizens welcome the new arrangement and feel that it is more convenient to enter and exit restaurants. Some parents even took their children to the cooked food center in Haiphong Road Temporary Market today.

▼December 14, the restaurant situation on the first day of the cancellation of the safe travel program▼


Cancellation of yellow code|On the first day of arrival in Hong Kong, I look forward to drinking tea and traveling back to Hong Kong, hoping to relax again: Australia does not need to wear a mask to travel safely.

[15:09] The government will cancel the "yellow code" starting today. As long as the nucleic acid test is negative upon arrival at the airport, people entering Hong Kong can freely go out for activities, such as eating in restaurants, etc., without the need for quarantine.

The Chong family, who arrived in Hong Kong from Singapore, expressed their excitement about the new measures: "I look forward to walking around the company and going to a restaurant to drink tea." However, some Hong Kong people who have returned from Australia to Hong Kong still feel that the anti-epidemic policy in Hong Kong should not be implemented. It is not "close to the ground" enough, and should be relaxed: "Australia and Singapore do not need to wear masks. I feel uncomfortable being asked to wear masks when I return to Hong Kong."

▼On December 13, the government announced the abolition of the Scan Safe Travel and Yellow Code system▼


[12:08] Lu Chongmao, director of the Medical and Health Bureau, announced yesterday that a system of anti-epidemic measures will be relaxed. He mentioned that he will gradually reduce the mandatory testing announcements to residential buildings and instead distribute more rapid antigen test kits in the community.

However, several bureaus or departments are still conducting surprise inspections and forced inspections of buildings this morning.

Today (14th), the Civil Service Bureau, in conjunction with the Sau Mau Ping Police District and Health, carried out law enforcement operations at Block B2, Telford Gardens, Kowloon Bay, which was included in the mandatory testing announcement earlier.

The government sent personnel to check the test certificates of the people under inspection at the entrance and exit of the building. A total of 99 people under inspection were inspected during the operation, and all of them had been tested according to the regulations.

No one was punished.

The operation started at about 8:00 am today and ended at about 11:10 am.

He Boliang: Vaccine Pass promotes the vaccination rate, so 800,000 students do not need a quick daily test

[11:38] The government announced that the compulsory scanning will be canceled starting today (14th), but the vaccine pass must still be shown when entering and exiting some places. Ho Pak-liang, Director of the Center for Infection and Infectious Diseases of the University of Hong Kong, said on a radio program this morning that the scanning is safe to travel to track the itinerary Its role has been limited, and now it is a belated cancellation.

He pointed out that since the new government took office, the number of people over the age of 60 who have not been vaccinated has only decreased by about 30,000, and the vaccine passport has played a small role in promoting vaccination; he also believes that 800,000 asymptomatic students still need to take quick tests every day, which is very useless If necessary, it is recommended that the government consider giving three injections to asymptomatic students without rapid testing.

▼On December 13, the Medical and Health Bureau announced the latest epidemic prevention arrangements▼


Travel with peace of mind cancelled|Lu Chongmao urges not to delete the program and the vaccine pass must be continued: don’t make the wrong enemy

[11:15] The spokesman for the Office of the Chief Secretary for Administration said today (14th) that the senior personal assistant of the Chief Secretary for Administration, Chen Guoji, tested positive for the rapid antigen test of the new coronavirus disease.

Chen Guoji undergoes rapid antigen tests for the new coronavirus every day, and the results are all negative.

The spokesman said that the employee wore a mask and followed the relevant epidemic prevention measures at work. He had no recent travel history and the last time he went to work was yesterday (13th).

The Office of the Chief Secretary for Administration has thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the relevant offices, and will continue to strictly implement various anti-epidemic measures.

[11:00] The spokesperson of the Auxiliary Medical Service said today (14th) that the chief staff officer of the Auxiliary Medical Service, Huang Yingqiang, tested positive for the rapid antigen test of the new coronavirus disease, and is now being quarantined according to the guidelines of the Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health.

The last time Huang Yingqiang went to work was yesterday (13th). The spokesman pointed out that he wore a mask and complied with relevant epidemic prevention measures at work, and regularly underwent rapid antigen tests. He has no recent travel history.

The Auxiliary Medical Service will thoroughly clean and disinfect the relevant offices, and will continue to strictly implement various anti-epidemic measures.

[09:26] The Hong Kong government has revoked the mandatory scanning of the QR code for safe travel starting today. The Director of the Medical and Health Bureau, Lu Chongmao, said on a radio program this morning that the function of safe travel has been adjusted more than 40 times since it was launched, and nucleic acid testing can now be registered And show the vaccine pass, etc., emphasizing that this time is not canceling the entire safe travel app, and appealing to the public: "Qianqi is not good to take away with the mobile phone (safe travel)."

Regarding the renewal of the vaccine pass, Lu Chongmao emphasized that the vaccine pass is an important measure to promote the vaccination of citizens, and reiterated that if the elderly are seriously infected, the introduction of the vaccine pass is to encourage citizens to get vaccinated: "The (government) is to encourage everyone to get vaccinated, not necessarily to implement it Vaccine passport, I hope everyone will not make the wrong target and enemy."

Travel with peace of mind|Entering correctional institutions from now on does not need to scan again and still needs to show the vaccine pass

[07:28] The Correctional Services Department stated that visitors entering correctional institutions for visits do not need to use the "Safe Travel" mobile application to register, but they must continue to present the "Vaccination Pass" QR code (indicated by "Safe Travel", " "Smart Convenience" or "Yijiantong" apps, or use paper records, mobile phone screenshots are acceptable), "red code" persons are not allowed to enter correctional institutions for visits.

In order to reduce the risk of the virus entering the institution, visitors are still required to conduct a rapid antigen test on the day of their visit and obtain a negative result, and report the test result through the "Health Declaration Form" after arriving at the correctional institution.

▼On December 13, Chief Executive Li Jiachao announced the abolition of the system of scanning safe travel and yellow codes▼

▼On December 10, citizens snapped up rapid testing kits▼


Multiple measures to be relaxed within 6 days One article to see the latest requirements of immigrants, confirmed cases and students Cancel travel with peace of mind|Yellow codes will be canceled simultaneously from tomorrow Zeng Qiyin believes that the epidemic will not worsen rapidly and travel with peace of mind will be canceled|Jielong Huang described the historic situation as 0+0 Leave a small amount of QR codes to scan the vaccine pass to travel with peace of mind|Education Bureau: No need to scan again to enter the school from Wednesday and still need to show the vaccine pass. The following children are exempted from mandatory building inspections. 11 groups cancel regular nucleic acid testing. Strong building inspections|Government reduces mandatory inspections of buildings and falls to 26 buildings. You can free download for the last night of travel with peace of mind|From voluntary to compulsory use, the scene of citizens queuing up and scanning codes has become a history An 80-year-old woman died of illness and a long-term patient who was not vaccinated traveled abroad|Cathay Pacific will resume flights to Phuket and Nagoya next month, and Hong Kong Express will resume flights to Jeju and Busan ports. Customs clearance too early|Requirements for nucleic acid testing at mainland ports will be revoked tomorrow Lu Chongmao: Looking forward to clearing customs and confirming that Han left the temporary care center on Cairong Road without authorization and found it in one day. SWD asked the center to submit a report to strengthen security

Councilor Chen Zhenying was confirmed to have attended several events today and removed the mask to take a group photo to clear customs|Mainland and Hong Kong to resume customs clearance Sources: Guangdong and Fujian Provinces may be used as pilots The yellow code is equal to 0+0. The liberation of the mainland remains to be seen: next year, there will be a great chance of customs clearance in the mainland |

Customs Clearance|News: Returning to the Mainland at the earliest beginning of next month will be exempted from quarantine and will only be subject to home inspection for 3 days

▼December 13 under the first cold weather of this winter


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