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Learn about the most important amendments to football law in the new season and the World Cup


Tomorrow, Saturday, the official matches for the new season in the five major leagues will start against Liverpool and Manchester City on the English Football Association Shield, which is witnessing the implementation of several important amendments to the law of the game.

Tomorrow, Saturday, the official matches for the new season in the five major leagues will start against Liverpool and Manchester City on the English Football Association Shield, which is witnessing the implementation of several important amendments to the law of the game.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) - responsible for approving the amendments and enacting the laws of the popular game - approved these amendments during its 136th meeting in the Qatari capital, Doha, last June, and announced the start of their implementation starting from the current 2022-2023 season in all competitions. Local and international, including the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Among the most important amendments is allowing 5 substitutions for each team per match, after applying this change temporarily since 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, after the laws allowed only 3 substitutions.

Although allowing the five substitutions for each team in the match will become legal, the application of the rule in some tournaments will be in the hands of the authorities supervising the organization of these local tournaments in the civil federations.

For example, the English Football Association agreed to allow 5 substitutions when FIFA put forward the idea in May 2020, but it returned again to the three changes system for the past two seasons, before agreeing again to adopt 5. Substitutions starting from the current season.

The Legislative Council also confirmed the old text that requires the goalkeeper to stand on the goal line between the posts and under the crossbar until the penalty kick or penalty kick is taken, as he is allowed to move sideways only, and it is not allowed to advance from the line until the ball has been kicked and it is in play.

And “IFAP” decided to try the proposal of Arsene Wenger, Director of Development in FIFA, regarding the resumption of play after the ball left outside the touch line with a kick in the foot instead of throwing it by hand as is the practice, to become a kick in contact.

136th Annual General Meeting of the IFAB scheduled to take place on 13 June


— The IFAB (@TheIFAB) May 27, 2022

Line man robot

The Legislative Council also approved the use of a new, semi-automatic technology to detect offside, through the assistant referees’ robot, which proved effective in controlling offside in just half a second.

And the British newspaper "THE SUN" reported last June that the preparations for the first participation of robots in arbitration in the World Cup, for the first time in the history of the largest tournament for the round witch, had been completed.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said he was keen to introduce the "semi-automated infiltration" system in the Qatar World Cup, whose matches will start next November, after a series of experiments in some recent FIFA tournaments.

And the "man of the line" was the old name of the assistant referee, until the eighties of the last century, when his task was limited to offside and the ball outside the lines, but his tasks expanded since the 1994 World Cup in the United States, and his tasks expanded little by little, until it reached his active participation in calculating Penalties near him.

video |

Behind the scenes of the #FIFA referees camp for the World Cup referees #Qatar 2022 from #Argentina#Al-Kass channels

– Al-Kass channels (@alkasschannel) March 27, 2022

10 cameras to catch an intrusion in half a second

The Sun newspaper said that this "man of the line" robot uses 10 cameras to track 29 physical points for each player with high accuracy, noting that its use is not a spur of the moment, but several experiments were conducted on it that began in the 2019 Club World Cup, which was won by Liverpool, and the Arab Cup that was held. In 4 of the eight World Cup stadiums in Qatar at the end of last year, and finally the Club World Cup that was held last February.

She added that all evidence confirms that the new technology in offside is much faster compared to the video assistant referee (VAR) technique.

And the automatic infiltration technique using the "man of the line" was officially used - for the first time - in the Club World Cup this year, and this official experience confirmed that its accuracy and speed in decision-making far exceeds the speed of the video assistant referee, as it informs the mouse referee of the presence of offside within half a second. Only, through modern technology that relies on tracking the players' limbs and the ball, which are the main determinants of offside.

Article 11 of the Football Law (Offside) stipulates that the player is penalized for being in an offside position at the moment the ball is played or touched by one of his teammates if he participates in active active play by interfering with the game or with the opponent or by obtaining an opportunity and taking advantage of Being in an offside position if the ball rebounds to him, whether from the posts, the crossbar, or the opponent.

To activate the automatic infiltration technology, cameras are installed along the two lines of contact around the field to capture the movement of the players and the ball, and the technology gives about 29 data points to each player by creating three-dimensional visual representations, to distinguish if the player is ahead of any part of his body, as is the case in video games.

The International Federation of Football Associations, represented by its Referees Committee, continues to experiment with a new technology called semi-automatic infiltration during the Club World Cup competitions.

report |

Wael Albezreh @WaelAlbezreh

- beIN SPORTS news (@beINSPORTSNews) February 14, 2022

The camel gave birth to a mouse

The analyst and former international referee, Hamdi Al-Qadri, comments - to Al-Jazeera Net - on these new amendments, saying that what he called the new amendments to football laws is not commensurate with the number of meetings, private transfers, salaries and imaginary bonuses received by the FIFA Development Department, led by Wenger, and if the most expressive expression of these Modifications of the proverb "The mountain labored and gave birth to a mouse".

Al-Qadri added that the proposal to experiment with a foot contact kick has existed for more than a quarter of a century and is not the brainchild of Wenger. Previously, when they re-discussed it and even tried it again, because its negatives are more than its positives.

Al-Qadri added that the amendment of goalkeepers not moving forward during penalty kicks or penalty kicks does not require amendments and proposals, but rather requires an emphasis on the referees, very firmly, to adhere to the application of the text of the basic law, which has existed in all football laws for more than 22 years, which was issued in 2000. Almost the same modified text.

  • Former international referee

Source: aljazeera

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