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Data map: In the early morning of June 28, Beijing time, the match between Brazil and Serbia in Group E of the 2018 Russia World Cup started at the Spartak Stadium in Moscow. In the match against Mexico in the group stage, the teenager Enzo received an assist from Messi and scored with a strong shot. His soft appearance and fierce style of play formed a sharp contrast.

Data map: In the early morning of June 28, Beijing time, the match between Brazil and Serbia in Group E of the 2018 Russia World Cup started at the Spartak Stadium in Moscow.

In the end, five-star Brazil beat Serbia 2-0 to advance to the round of 16.

The picture shows Neymar greeting the fans.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Mao Jianjun, Beijing, December 18th (Reporter Xing Rui) There is still the last game, and the 2022 Qatar World Cup will come to an end.

For men, this is a four-year football feast, but for this editor, this is simply a four-year gathering of sportsmen.

  It doesn't matter if you don't understand the ball, others stay up late to watch the ball and scold him for being unpopular, but Xiaoxin stays up all night chasing the handsome guy on the screen.

32 teams, more than 800 strong men, some are funny, some are pure, some are delicate, some are young... Among so many styles of men, there is always one that suits you.

Funny Guy: Li Gui or Li Kui?

  When you mention macho and ball head, what is the first thing you think of?

Is it the muscular loli Nezha in the funny anime "One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes", or the black whirlwind Li Kui who holds a double ax and calls "good brother"?

  In the much-anticipated World Cup, there is also a hunk with a ball head, that is the German player-Serge Gnabry.

  Although in terms of appearance, Gnabry is a match between Grandma Wang and Grandma Yu—nearly close, but this German shooter has his own eye-catching trick. He tied his unkempt hair into a pair of ball heads, showing masculinity With a hint of silly cuteness, a hint of humor in his toughness, coupled with his dark complexion and full jaws of stubble, Xiaoxin looks familiar no matter how he looks at it.

  After reading the Weibo of a football commentator, Xiaoxin finally solved the case.

It turns out that in "Water Margin", when Li Kui and Wu Yong deceived Lu Junyi, Li Kui was asked to pretend to be a Taoist boy...

  This shape, can not be said to be very similar, can only be said to be exactly the same!

If Gnabry can have a face-to-face meeting with "Iron Bull", then it is really Li Kui who met Li Gui.

  In addition to Gnabry's confrontation with Li Kui, there is another player in this World Cup who is deeply loved by Chinese fans.

Mexican goalkeeper Ochoa became popular on Chinese social media because of his resemblance to the well-known actor Wu Zhenyu, and was called "Mexico Wu Zhenyu Fenyu" by fans.

  How similar do these two look?

Let's put it this way, if Wu Zhenyu wears a curly hair headgear to guard the goal, he can definitely achieve the effect of confusing the real.

  And after Messi broke through the gate guarded by Ochoa, Wu Zhenyu himself went off the field in person, "reflecting" mistakes for the opponent.

I have to say, Wu Zhenyu, you are a bit deep into the drama.

Data map: Messi in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

Cartoon sportsman: Can the "gold miner" dig the Hercules Cup

  For Xiaoxin, who doesn't usually watch football, the most familiar people on the field are undoubtedly Messi and Ronaldo.

However, the Portuguese team was too disappointing and was eliminated in the 1/8 finals. Xiaoxin had no choice but to chase "Boss Mei".

  However, why does this big-eyed Messi look more and more like the cartoon character "Gold Miner" in the mini-game? With his silly eyes and a big beard, isn't this the real-life version of "Gold Miner".

  There are also netizens who put Messi's profile picture and gold miner P together, there is no sense of disobedience.

Since the job of a gold miner is to mine and accumulate points to upgrade, Xiaoxin also hopes that "Boss Mei" can successfully mine the Hercules Cup tonight.


Pure desire sportsman: Are you tempted by "Girl Killer"

  White shirt, black trousers, coupled with a tall and straight figure and a handsome face, this is simply the prince charming that countless girls dream of in their youth.

  At the World Cup in Qatar, there was such a prince in white—Saudi coach Herve Renard.


You said you are 54 years old, how can you be called a prince?

We can't say that, after all, Charles was an (old) prince when he reached 70...

Renard directs the game.

  The 54-year-old Renard is known as the most handsome head coach of the World Cup national team.

He has a tough guy temperament and a tall and straight figure, which is somewhat similar to James Lannister, one of the protagonists in "Game of Thrones".

  When Renard was wearing a white shirt, he would unbutton the first button on his chest, revealing his dark skin, showing his pure and lustful charm.

  Renard isn't dressing like this, though, to show the world he can dress.

It is reported that as long as he wears a white shirt, the team can win.

However, after winning against Argentina, Saudi Arabia lost 0:2 against Poland. Is it possible that this white shirt is not the same as the one worn against Argentina?

Data map: On November 25, Beijing time, the final match of the first round of the Qatar World Cup group stage was held. The favorite Brazil team faced the Serbia team.

In the 80th minute of the game, Brazil's Neymar was substituted.

The picture shows Neymar's right ankle swollen after the game.

Exquisite and handsome men: if you want to have good skin, you must not miss medical beauty

  It is said that when a man is refined, there is nothing wrong with a woman.

Before the World Cup started, Neymar, the face value of the Brazilian team, arranged a medical beauty package for himself.

I have to say that although Neymar is just a football player, his image management work is better than actors and entertainers.

  It is reported that Neymar is doing laser facial beauty.

His therapist said that this treatment can strengthen the skin's resistance, make the skin look better, and help improve self-confidence.

  Well, it turns out that paying attention to appearance is also a good way to improve self-confidence.

It seems that a certain football team may consider taking time to do medical aesthetics.

  Facts have proved that Neymar's medical beauty is still very successful.

In the first round of the group stage, as soon as "Horse" came on the stage, he harvested thousands of fans in an instant, and the entry #内莫雅手# also appeared on the hot search list without any doubt.

Screenshots of netizens' comments.

  Looking at this posture, Xiaoxin couldn't help thinking of Neymar's craziest "fans".

In order to get close to Neymar, a young guy in his 20s actually fell in love with Neymar's mother, an aunt who is over 50 years old!

It really shattered Xiaoxin's three views...

Data map: Enzo in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

Fresh meat man: everyone loves, flowers bloom

  No matter how handsome Neymar is, after all, he is approaching the age of "middle-aged greasy".

Enzo Fernandez, the "little fresh meat" of the Argentine team, can be described as "loved by everyone, and flowers bloom when they see flowers".

He is only 21 years old this year. Not only does he play well, he is also handsome.

  In the match against Mexico in the group stage, the teenager Enzo received an assist from Messi and scored with a strong shot. His soft appearance and fierce style of play formed a sharp contrast.

With just this one kick, those who watched the ball and those who didn't watch the ball were all boiling.

Male fans are impressed by his skills, and female fans are fans of his appearance.

  Hey, if Xiaoxin's youth is "that year's 21st, at the party of his alma mater, standing like a minion", then Enzo's youth is "that year's 21st, at the World Cup, he scored a goal in his debut".

It can only be said that we are different, tears of dissatisfaction have flowed from the corners of Xiaoxin's mouth, oh no, from the corners of his eyes...

  After chatting so much, the leader is already urging the manuscript.

Although he has dark circles under his eyes and suffers from revisions, when he thinks of the sportsmen from all over the world fighting for himself as a spectator, do you think this blessing can be small?

Come on, have fun!

Especially thinking of Enzo's handsome figure.

Ready to support Argentina tonight!


Source: chinanews

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