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"Hometown of Herring" How does the herring in a small town in northern Zhejiang "swim" to the whole country?


Every winter, Wangjiangjing Town, the "hometown of herring in China", ushers in a busy and joyous herring harvest season. The herring "swimmed out" from the fish pond in Wangjiangjing, and the dried herring was brought to the dining tables of more families., Jiaxing, December 18th (Zhang Yudi) Casting nets, fishing, collecting nets, sorting, and loading baskets... On the morning of December 18th, on the Hangjiahu Plain, the "land of fish and rice", Wangjiangjing, Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province In the Meijiadang Herring Breeding Base in Zhenmei, more than a dozen fishing masters in one-piece rubber pants opened a large net and kept pulling the net rope in their hands while shouting.

  Herring is the first of the "Four Major Fishes" farmed in freshwater in China. It has a green back and a white belly, a large body and thick flesh. It mostly grows in the "rivers and lakes" in the south.

Every winter, Wangjiangjing Town, the "hometown of herring in China", ushers in a busy and joyous herring harvest season.

  There are so many "rivers and lakes" in the south, why can Wangjiangjing Town become the "hometown of herring" and help herring "swim" to all parts of the country?

Fishing master enjoying the joy of harvest Photo by Yu Laixing

  As a canal water town, Wangjiangjing Town is rich in water resources. There is the largest freshwater lake in Jiaxing City - Meijiadang. Therefore, the development of herring farming is unique.

  Before and after the winter solstice, the herring breeding base in Wangjiangjing Town will stage a spectacular "giant net fishing".

With the fishermen's cry of "fishing!" the moment the fishing net was closed, fresh and plump fish jumped out of the water one after another, and people laughed and shouted "Celebrate the Fishing Year".

  "This net can catch about 80,000 catties of herring. This year, a total of more than 1,000 mu of herring has been raised, which will be sold to aquatic product wholesale markets in major cities in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai." said Yu Laixing, general manager of Jiaxing Chengxing Aquaculture Service Company.

  Yu Laixing introduced that a mature herring is not easy to come by. It starts to grow from a finger-sized fry, and it takes 3 years of breeding before it can be caught.

The fishing season will continue until the Spring Festival. With the approach of the New Year, the market demand will increase, and the sales of herring will also usher in a peak.

  In the memory of Laodijiaxing people, dried herring, which means "more than every year", has always been an indispensable delicacy on the Spring Festival table.

  There is plenty of sunshine after winter, so it is a good time to pickle and dry dried herring, and the production of "dried herring", a popular New Year product, is in full swing.

Among the herring caught, 25% will be processed into dried herring through processes such as pickling, pressing, and drying, and sold to all parts of the country.

  "After being caught from the fish pond, it must first be stocked in a purified waterway for a day and a night to expel the debris in the body and reduce the fishy smell. After the fish is smeared with salt, it needs to be marinated for 4 to 5 days, and then the fish is cleaned. Finally, the fish is dried for about a week before it is finished." Yu Laixing said.

  Yu Laixing said that after the herring is dried, it will be packaged in an assembly line, and the dried herring will be sold whole or in pieces in vacuum packaging.

  In terms of sales channels, herring products are both offline and online.

In addition to traditional large supermarkets and store sales, in recent years the local area has also adopted online sales, live broadcast sales and other models to help herring "swim out".

  "Wangjiangjing Town sells about 200,000 dried herrings through various channels every year." The relevant person in charge of Wangjiangjing Town said that next, Wangjiangjing Town will further promote the deep processing of fish products, extend the fishery industry chain, and increase the added value of products. Broaden sales channels.

  It is understood that this convenience from the fish pond to the dining table is due to the development of the herring industry in Wangjiangjing Town.

There are already many local brands such as "Meijiadang", "Jiahechiqing" and "Natural Dang", forming a whole series of "original species protection - improved species breeding - standardized breeding - industrialized processing and sales - leisure fishery". industrial chain.

  The herring "swimmed out" from the fish pond in Wangjiangjing, and the dried herring was brought to the dining tables of more families.


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