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Hard to find a medicine? A large number of antipyretics have been put in many places, and these few places are dismantled and sold


Xiangyang: 1 million tablets of ibuprofen + 20,000 boxes of Xiao’er Chaigui antipyretic granules per day. Medical institutions and retail pharmacies. Dismantling and retailing of antipyretic drugs in many places In addition to Nanjing’s announcement that 153 retail pharmacies of antipyretic drugs will unify the dismantling and retailing of antipyretic drugs, and each customer is limited to 6 pills.

  Recently, in response to the surge in demand for antipyretic drugs, many places have put antipyretic drugs on the market.

Fever-reducing medicines distributed across the country


Wuhan: 3 million tablets of ibuprofen are released every day

  According to the "Hubei release" news, in response to the surge in demand for the antipyretic drug ibuprofen, on December 16, the company raised medicines from Hubei Huazhong Pharmaceutical. The supply will be distributed in Wuhan area for one week, 80% of which will be distributed to medical institutions, and 20% will be distributed to retail pharmacies.

A week later, according to market demand, the company will adjust the plan to continue to ensure the supply of Wuhan, and will continue to increase the supply of four types of drugs, including Lianhua Qingwen, to the Wuhan market.

  According to the public's demand for therapeutic drugs, China Resources Hubei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has successively established contacts with many well-known pharmaceutical companies such as China Resources Sanjiu Pharmaceutical, Yiling Pharmaceutical, Wutai Pharmaceutical Group, and Taiji Group to carry out emergency procurement and establish a green payment system. channel, simplify the approval process, and speed up the release of drugs as soon as possible.

Since December, a total of 65,000 pieces of 4 types of drugs have been released.

Xiangyang: 1 million tablets of ibuprofen + 20,000 boxes of Chai Gui antipyretic granules for children every day

  According to Xiangyang Daily, starting from December 18, Huazhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. released 1 million ibuprofen tablets to Xiangyang every day to supply medical institutions and retail pharmacies.

Huazhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. actively adjusts production lines, expands capacity and expands production, does everything possible to ensure production factors, and increases the production of key drugs such as ibuprofen tablets and acetaminophen tablets.

  Starting from December 18, Sunflower Pharmaceutical Group (Xiangyang) Longzhong Co., Ltd. released 20,000 boxes of Xiaoer Chaigui antipyretic granules in Xiangyang every day to supply medical institutions and retail pharmacies.

Yichang: 3,800 tablets of ibuprofen can be produced per minute

  According to the "Yichang release" news, "Yichang Renfu Pharmaceutical has expanded the existing product batch to more than double, and can produce 3,800 ibuprofen tablets per minute. Yichang Renfu Pharmaceutical's Yuan'an oral preparation production workshop, in addition to Ibuprofen tablets, three drugs including acetaminophen tablets, compound acetaminophen capsules and pholcodine syrup are also produced here. In addition, Renfu Pharmaceutical is also planning to add 30 small packages of ibuprofen, " On the basis of the original packaging of 100 tablets per bottle, a small package of 30 tablets per bottle is added.


Cut the price of ibuprofen

  Not only has it stepped up efforts in production, Hubei Province announced this month to lower the price of ibuprofen. The website of the Hubei Provincial Medical Security Bureau issued a notice to adjust 21 products including ibuprofen suspension and Bairui granules from December 20. Drug prices linked to the Internet.

Among them, the ibuprofen suspension (100ml:2g) produced by Xiangyu Pharmaceutical was lowered from 15.53 yuan to 13.16 yuan, a price reduction of 15.26%.

Zhejiang: The daily output of ibuprofen granules has reached 40,000 boxes

  On December 18, the Zhejiang Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic. At the meeting, it stated that it would focus on strengthening the production, storage and supply of anti-epidemic materials such as anti-virus, heat-clearing and detoxifying Chinese patent medicines, and antigen reagents, and promote the development of relevant enterprises. Full horsepower, increase production capacity, and increase the production and supply of drugs. The daily output of ibuprofen granules has reached 40,000 boxes, and the production capacity of related key drugs is expected to be further increased before the end of the month.


Jinan: Emergency deployment of 50+600,000 tablets of ibuprofen

  Recently, the demand for antigen detection reagents and antiviral drugs in Jinan has surged.

According to "New Yellow River" news, at present, 27 key supply guarantee enterprises in Jinan are operating smoothly and efficiently, and 42 varieties of drugs are being produced at full capacity, with sufficient inventory reserves.

On December 16, the medical supplies support team of the Municipal Headquarters urgently deployed 500,000 tablets of ibuprofen to support key links such as grassroots clinics and pharmacies. At present, all the drugs have been released.

On December 17, 600,000 tablets of ibuprofen will continue to be deployed to ease the pressure on the city's demand for medicines.

At the same time, Jinan City will also improve its reserve capacity and continue to increase the procurement and reserve of "four types of drugs".

Qingdao: 1 million antipyretics will arrive

  According to the Peninsula Metropolis Daily, Bo Tao, director of the Qingdao Municipal Health Committee, was a guest on "Xingfeng Online" on December 19. He introduced that 1 million antipyretics will arrive in Qingdao City starting from December 19, and will be delivered every day in the future. A certain amount of antipyretic drugs have entered Qingdao, and citizens do not have to worry about the supply of drugs. It is recommended that citizens use them as needed.

Nanjing, Jiangsu: 2 million tablets of antipyretics are administered every day

  According to the "Nanjing release", in order to alleviate the difficulty of purchasing antipyretics in the near future, starting from the 19th, Nanjing will continue to release 2 million antipyretics to the market every day.

Starting from December 19th, 153 retail pharmacies will unify and sell them in a unified manner. Each customer is limited to 6 capsules, which can be purchased with medical insurance.

Dismantling and retailing of antipyretic drugs in many places

  In addition to Nanjing's announcement that 153 retail pharmacies will sell antipyretic drugs in a unified manner, and each customer is limited to 6 pills. Beijing, Guangdong Zhuhai and other places also introduced that many retail pharmacies supply antipyretic drugs that are sold in retail.


  At the press conference on the prevention and control of the epidemic in Beijing on the 19th, Wang Houting, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Drug Administration, said that drugs should be released reasonably, and drugs suitable for severe patients should be given priority to large tertiary general hospitals and corresponding specialized hospitals. Dosage forms suitable for children are preferentially delivered to medical institutions with pediatric clinics, and there are strict requirements for large-pack antipyretics placed in pharmacies to be disassembled and sold on demand.

Zhuhai, Guangdong

  On the 19th, the Market Supervision Bureau of Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province held a press briefing. The deputy director of the bureau, Huang Jianen, introduced that from the 20th, more than 500 retail pharmacies in the city will continue to supply antipyretic drugs that are sold separately.

These centralized delivery of guaranteed supply medicines include ibuprofen sustained-release capsules and so on.

In order to avoid blind hoarding of medicines, real-name registration is implemented for the purchase of guaranteed supply medicines, and the quantity purchased is limited.

  The purchase quantity of ibuprofen sustained-release capsules, diclofenac sodium sustained-release capsules and loxoprofen sodium capsules within seven days shall not exceed 6 capsules, and the purchase quantity of ibuprofen suspension shall not exceed 1 bottle within seven days.

Only one of the above-mentioned varieties can be purchased within seven days, and the retail price is 1 yuan per tablet, and the selling price of ibuprofen suspension (100 ml) is 19 yuan per bottle.

Zibo, Shandong

  According to the Zibo Daily report, on the afternoon of the 18th, in Zibo, Shandong, a citizen Ms. Li bought 30 tablets of ibuprofen for more than 7 yuan.

According to the staff of Zibo Lijian Zhongkang Pharmaceutical Chain Co., Ltd., the original packaging of ibuprofen tablets produced by Xinhua Pharmaceutical is 100 tablets in a bottle. Since December 18, 200 stores under the local Zhongkang Pharmaceutical have simultaneously disassembled and sold them.

Distributed across the country

"Health pack" with fever-reducing medicine

  Recently, Changzhou in Jiangsu Province, Daxing Yinghai in Beijing, Hefei in Anhui Province, Fuzhou in Fujian Province, Nanjing in Jiangsu Province and other places have successively distributed free "health packs" to the masses to help them fight the epidemic.

Changzhou, Jiangsu

  According to the "Changzhou Release", from December 8th, Changzhou City will distribute free "Health Care Packages" to key groups such as the "old and young" and needy groups in the city.

There are two types of "Health Care Packs": one is for children, and the other is for adults. The packs include antipyretics, cold medicines, vitamin C tablets and antigen detection reagents and other household medicines.

Beijing Daxing Yinghai

  According to the news from "Daxing Yinghai" on the 16th, Yinghai Town, Daxing District, Beijing is a subsistence allowance, low-income, children in difficulty, people who have lost their independence, people with severe disabilities, elderly people over 80 years old, people with severe disabilities, people with serious illnesses, and socially disabled people. Ten categories of groups, including security personnel and retirees from institutions, issued "epidemic prevention and health love packages".

The package contains antigens, N95 masks, thermometers, cold and fever-reducing medicines, alcohol sprays and other items. It also comes with an epidemic prevention manual produced by the town prevention and control office to provide basic epidemic prevention protection and guidance for everyone.

  At present, nearly 1,600 "epidemic prevention and health care packages" coordinated by Yinghai Town are being distributed to the needy people in batches.

Hefei, Anhui

  According to "issued by the Hefei Municipal People's Government", Hefei, Anhui, mentioned at the 134th video conference on epidemic prevention and control held on December 6 that "increase the procurement and storage of essential medicines such as 'health kits'".

There are three types of Hefei "Health Packs".

  The regular version for adults includes 2 boxes of antiviral drug Lianhua Qingwen capsules, 1 box of antipyretic ibuprofen sustained-release capsules, 1 thermometer, 2 N95 masks, and 2 bottles of 100ml alcohol spray.

Among them, Lianhua Qingwen Capsules in some packages are replaced by Shufeng Jiedu Capsules.

  The adult cough version adds 1 box of Xuanfei Baidu Granules to the regular version for those with coughing symptoms.

  The children's version includes 1 box of Lianhua Qingwen granules, 1 box of ibuprofen drops, 1 thermometer, 2 N95 masks, and 2 bottles of 100ml alcohol spray.

  At present, the relevant counties and municipalities are organizing the reserve of health kits in an orderly manner, and the allocation of materials in the health kits will be dynamically optimized depending on the situation.

The Hefei health kit will be given away free of charge to citizens who have been assessed as needing home treatment, and specific service rules are being formulated.

Fuzhou, Fujian

  On December 10, according to Fuzhou Daily, Fuzhou's first batch of 10,000 loving "health packs" went online, mainly for those who tested positive for home isolation within the city, and will be given away free of charge to citizens who have been evaluated for home treatment needs.

The "Health Pack" includes 1 box of Lianhua Qingwen Granules, 1 box of ibuprofen sustained-release capsules, 1 thermometer, 10 N95 masks, and a box of antigen detection reagents.

Nanjing Jianye

  According to "Jianye Broadcasting", starting from December 8, Jianye District will issue "Health Care Packs" to those who are positive for home isolation, including essential medicines, medical treatment guidelines, masks, thermometers, antigen detection reagents and other items.

There are medicines such as Shufeng Jiedu Capsules, Ibuprofen Sustained Release Capsules, Compound Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride Sustained Release Capsules, Ambroxol Hydrochloride Oral Solution etc. in the Youxin package.

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