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With no ball tonight, do you feel a kind of post-finale emptiness?


Having just won the Golden Globe, he would have ushered in his second trip to the World Cup in Qatar, but now he bid farewell due to injury at the last moment. Golden Globe winner Benzema left the team due to injury before the start of the game. Mane, Royce, Pogba, and Kanter finally failed to appear on the field in the national team uniform., Beijing, December 19th. Question: There is no ball tonight. Do you feel a kind of emptiness after the finale?

  Reporter Wang Yu

  Again, bathed in the evening sun and waking up.

  The sound of traffic outside the window reminded me that the city is going through the hustle and bustle of the evening rush hour. The mobile phone I found in the panic has no more 99+ unread messages. The sudden peace in my heart makes everything feel like a lifetime away.

  The night in the distance is eating away at the afterglow of the sun, and there is no room left for the Qatar World Cup schedule on the wall.

The familiar night is approaching, but it's time to wake up from the dream.

When Messi and the whole team raised the Hercules Cup, not only did he and the Argentine team realize their dreams, but also the youthful years of countless fans all over the world finally came to an end!

  Just 24 hours ago, France and Argentina had not ushered in the final decisive battle, and the Hercules Cup was still waiting for a new king; 24 hours later, the Blue and White Army had embraced the Gold Cup to spend a wonderful night, and Messi, the king of the generation, was finally crowned .

  Since then, the youth of a generation has a destination, and the green memories of a generation set sail again.

  This past night, when the penalty shootout was decided, it was a disappointment for the fans who were intoxicated, and it would make people who pay attention to the World Cup suddenly feel lost.

The fans seem to be used to paying attention and shouting, and when this long-established habit is out of order in an instant, the inertia will always make people feel overwhelmed.

  "Is the World Cup finally over?"

  I don't know whether it is carnival, sadness, emptiness, or rejoicing when this thought appears in our minds.

  The 28-day wonderful journey has come to the end, the World Cup seems to be really over.

As media people, the hustle and bustle of the champion's ascension to the top has passed, and we can finally usher in our own farewell moment in a corner other than hot spots.

After the awards ceremony, in the Lussel Stadium, people lifted the man who had reached the pinnacle of football on their shoulders. Many cameras took pictures of him, countless eyes looked at him, and the monitors around the world broadcast his ... All football-related moments belong to Messi's moment and also belong to youth.

  It's hard to say goodbye, farewell from the beginning of the story.

  Qatar World Cup, Chinese football has once again become a spectator.

Having missed the top football arena for 20 consecutive years, what we have lost is not only the opportunity to participate.

The football industry, professional leagues, and popularization of sports are all waiting for an opportunity to take off.

  During the Korea-Japan World Cup, Xiaoxin was still an ignorant elementary school student, and now he is about to enter his 30s.

When will the national football team return to the World Cup?

Four years or more?

In any case, each of us hopes to bid farewell to the trough of the National Football Team in the past two decades and usher in a new life.

  Italy, Colombia, Sweden, Nigeria... too many familiar strong teams failed to appear in Qatar's winter.

Among them are world champions, African powerhouses, and American powerhouses.

They used to create too many classic moments in the World Cup, but now the replacement of the lineup has dragged them into the change and reincarnation of the times.

France striker Karim Benzema has been forced out of the World Cup with a quadriceps injury in his left thigh.

Having just won the Golden Globe, he would have ushered in his second trip to the World Cup in Qatar, but now he bid farewell due to injury at the last moment.

  Four years is nothing more than a "corner" of a century-old history for a team, but for players, once they miss it, it is an unbearable regret in their careers.

Golden Globe winner Benzema left the team due to injury before the start of the game. Mane, Royce, Pogba, and Kanter finally failed to appear on the field in the national team uniform.

  Some of them have never had the opportunity to "intimate contact" with the football temple before "Say HI".

Even the greatest players can hardly resist the impermanence of fate.

This is the cruelty of football, and the unknown and regret also constitute the indescribable charm of this sport.

  Difficult to say goodbye, bid farewell to the gods.

  On the shore of the Persian Gulf, I will go slowly.

Starting from the third round of the group stage, every match day of the World Cup in Qatar will experience a farewell.

Cheers, reversals, lore and tears, the world football enjoys the joy of victory and witnesses the birth of a miracle.

Welsh player Bale (red) ran to the sidelines to celebrate after scoring a penalty kick.

  Veteran Bale led Wales back to the World Cup after more than half a century. The elimination of the group is difficult to wipe out the stubborn background of the European Red Dragon. The first-generation Belgian team once again fell on the way to the championship.

De Bruyne, Lukaku, and Hazard have stood side by side countless times, but they can only be disappointed again with expectations, and cannot escape the fate of reincarnation.

  In the crowd leaving Qatar, Muller was saying goodbye. He hinted that he was about to leave the national team, and took away the last glory of the German team after turning around; The young man beside him; Ronaldo is also saying goodbye, his tears are nostalgia and unwillingness to this field.

  The dancing Brazilian won the hearts of the fans, but not the game.

28 years ago, the World Cup witnessed how terrifying the more rational Samba Legion was no longer dancing, so we look forward to what kind of transformation they will usher in four years later; Not yet the end of the song.

  If the love comes from an accident, the shouting fans will go on and on, using decades of following to find the cause and effect.

Since then, football has a meaning other than winning or losing, and it is also a unique and indispensable meaning.

What remains unchanged is that there will always be people coming and going here, and it is still better than flowers blooming here.

Ronaldo knelt down on the court.

  It's hard to say goodbye, bid farewell to the era recorded in history.

  The 92-year history of the World Cup has continuously confirmed a "truth"-the championship trophy is not always awarded to the best players in the world.

The uncrowned king is the consolation of world football to the top teams, but it is the most difficult pain for the parties involved.

Fortunately, such regrets did not appear at the Lusail Stadium last night.

  From the young Messi to the world champion Messi, he used five World Cups to achieve his dream.

The passing of each other eight years ago was replaced by an affectionate kiss, which brought a perfect end to the era of peerless double arrogance in the past ten years, and also took away the last gleam of the era of stars.

  Modern football is no longer unrestrained and romantic, and it is even more difficult for superstars like Pele, Maradona, and Messi to appear.

Collectivism begins to overwhelm individual heroism.

When the football god comes again four years later, will Mbappe be the one who breaks the game?

But so far, the success of Wonder Boy is more based on the team's strong overall strength and silently dedicated teammates.

  Will football get better?

Finding the answers to the propositions in this grand narrative background is no easy task.

After all, Yuanyuan's football is at the feet of 22 people in the green field.

Each of us is a bystander, a passer-by, a "decibel" in the noise of the World Cup, and a value in the explosive heat.

  But why, we love the World Cup so much?

Some people say that the World Cup is an intimate date between players and the national team, and the World Cup is not a four-year date between fans and football.

  Farewell will come as expected.

When the Qatar World Cup comes to an end, both the Lusail Stadium and the Khalifa International Stadium will fall into silence with the stories that happened here, and fans from all directions will flock again.

Just as world football will definitely go through changes and enter the next era.

Mbappe won the Golden Boot.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  As far as we are concerned, as the TV commentary said: "Whether the team you support wins or loses tonight, I hope that the insights tonight can help you bravely face the real life after opening the door tomorrow morning. That’s the real beauty of the sport.”

  In 28 days, epics of football were written and sung one after another. All the persistence and struggle of the heroes finally echoed. The wind on the southwest coast of the Persian Gulf brought our respect and love, as if it could take away all Trivial and unbearable.

  Starting tonight, there will be no games, we don't have to stay up all night, "dumpling wrappers" will always fade out of our lives, but our lives continue.

"In ordinary life, live like a hero." This is what the World Cup means to us ordinary people.


Source: chinanews

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