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Focus interview: setting the tone, pointing the direction and focusing on key points


Wu Sa, deputy director of the Economic Research Institute of the China Academy of Macroeconomics: "Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country's consumption-led domestic demand development pattern has basically taken shape." Guo Liyan: "In the process of promoting modernization, we must especially Efforts should be made to stimulate the vitality of the market and the momentum of market players, and we must treat all market players equally.

  CCTV News (Focus Interview): The Central Economic Work Conference was held in Beijing from December 15th to 16th. General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech, summarizing the economic work in 2022, analyzing the current economic situation, and deploying the economic work in 2023.

How to do economic work next year?

The meeting made arrangements in terms of adhering to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, strengthening coordination and cooperation of various policies such as finance and currency, and five key tasks.

Many of these five key tasks have attracted much attention, such as expanding domestic demand, whether the pockets of ordinary people will increase, and what policy signals the development of the private economy has ushered in. Today's program we will invite experts to focus on read.

  The Central Economic Work Conference pointed out that next year's economic work will be complicated. It is necessary to proceed from the strategic overall situation, start with improving social psychological expectations and boost development confidence, and do a good job.

The meeting focused on five aspects: expanding domestic demand, accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system, effectively implementing the "two unwavering", attracting and utilizing foreign capital more vigorously, and effectively preventing and defusing major economic and financial risks.

  Guo Liyan, Director of the Comprehensive Situation Research Office of the China Academy of Macroeconomic Research: "Aiming at the current problem of triple pressures, we are problem-oriented and goal-oriented. The organic combination of reforms will not only speed up the release of the potential of the demand side, but also improve the capacity of the supply side and increase the supply of higher quality and higher levels, so as to promote the formation of a dynamic balance between supply and demand at a higher level. This will provide a more solid foundation for our economy to stabilize and recover.”

  Among the five key tasks, efforts to expand domestic demand are placed first and become an important starting point for doing a good job in economic work next year.

Domestic demand, composed of investment and consumption, is an important engine of my country's economic growth.

Consumption, in particular, has been the primary driving force behind my country's economic growth for many years.

However, affected by factors such as the impact of the epidemic, shrinking demand has become a prominent contradiction in my country's economic operation.

  Wu Sa, deputy director of the Economic Research Institute of the China Academy of Macroeconomics: "Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country's consumption-led domestic demand development pattern has basically taken shape. Affected by the epidemic in recent years, consumption has also been hit the hardest, but it is also Next year, we will expand the areas with the most room and potential for domestic demand, so in order to achieve next year’s economic growth target, we must further intensify efforts to boost consumption and increase residents’ confidence in consumption.”

  Guo Liyan: "Our country has the resource advantages of a super-large-scale market, and has the world's largest and best-growing middle-income group. The per capita GDP has reached 12,500 US dollars, which is about to enter the high-income threshold. The trend of household consumption upgrading is already obvious. , The consumption potential is huge, and more policies are needed to further stimulate and release the potential.”

  The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to organically combine the implementation of the strategy of expanding domestic demand with the deepening of supply-side structural reforms.

Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Strategic Planning Outline for Expansion of Domestic Demand (2022-2035)" to make a long-term plan for the implementation of the strategy of expanding domestic demand.

  The Central Economic Work Conference emphasized that the recovery and expansion of consumption should be given priority.

Enhance consumption capacity, improve consumption conditions, and innovate consumption scenarios.

Increase the income of urban and rural residents through multiple channels, and support consumption such as housing improvement, new energy vehicles, and elderly care services.

  Wu Sa: "By resolutely implementing the strategy of expanding domestic demand, we can continue to release the potential of economic growth and guide all parties to focus more on improving quality and efficiency, as well as transformation and upgrading. Strive to achieve returns on investment, products with markets, and enterprises There are profits, employees have income, the government has taxes, and the environment has improved."

  Regarding investment, the meeting proposed that through government investment and policy incentives, it is necessary to effectively drive investment in the whole society, accelerate the implementation of major projects during the "14th Five-Year Plan", and strengthen inter-regional infrastructure connectivity.

Policy finance should increase financing support for major projects in line with the national development plan.

He also emphasized that it is necessary to encourage and attract more private capital to participate in the construction of major national projects and short-board projects.

  Guo Liyan: "On the one hand, the stimulation of consumption momentum is given priority, and on the other hand, a series of actions by the government is used to stimulate investment in the whole society, and to participate in related major projects and investment in improving people's livelihood, especially private capital. It can give them more active stages."

  Entering a new stage of development, the environmental conditions for my country to implement the strategy of expanding domestic demand have undergone profound changes.

There are challenges, but also opportunities.

  Guo Liyan: "Our current urbanization rate still has room for improvement. In the process of urban development, matching the improvement of the quality of urban life, there is still a lot of demand space potential to be stimulated, and relevant estimates are also a trillion-level market. There is another In terms of the current market operation, it is also promoting the construction of a high-standard market system, and in the process of promoting the construction of a large unified market that promotes high efficiency, standardization, fair competition, and full openness. It will also further activate the endogenous energy and vitality of many markets. It is a positive factor and favorable condition for us to expand domestic demand."

  Accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system is also one of the key tasks proposed by the Central Economic Work Conference.

The meeting focused on how to improve the resilience and security level of the industrial chain and supply chain, create strategic emerging industries, and accelerate the development of the digital economy.

  Guo Liyan: "In the process of building a modern industrial system, the primary task is to focus on key links, key components, and 'stuck neck' problems. While ensuring the traditional industry to consolidate its foundation and safety, we It is also necessary to promote the development of strategic emerging industries and future industries. For example, in the fields of these cutting-edge technologies, we must promote them to become more clustered and integrated, and to promote the continuous acceleration and growth of advanced manufacturing clusters, so as to provide strong support Relevant regional and national economies have stabilized, recovered, and structurally optimized and adjusted.”

  Fu Baozong, director of the Industrial Office of the Industrial Institute of the China Academy of Macroeconomic Research: "At present, the construction of a modern industrial system must proceed from the essential requirements of Chinese-style modernization. It must consider both the present and the long-term. It must reshape our competitive We must also consider giving full play to our traditional advantages. We must take the security of the industrial chain as the benchmark, guide the upgrading of the industrial structure, and take the new industrial model as the direction. We must accelerate the construction of a high-quality industrial development New ecology."

  The digital economy is one of the main engines driving my country's economic growth.

As of 2021, the scale of China's digital economy will reach 45.5 trillion yuan, accounting for 39.8% of the GDP.

The continuous improvement of digitalization level and capabilities has also pressed the "fast forward button" for the continued prosperity of my country's e-commerce.

  Fu Baozong: "The new technology with the new generation of information technology as the core is constantly making new breakthroughs, is widely infiltrating and integrating into various industries and fields, and is profoundly reshaping and changing the industrial development model and competition pattern."

  Wei Qijia, director of the Industrial Economy Research Office of the Forecasting Department of the State Information Center: "With the rapid development of digital technology, the characteristics of deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy have become more and more obvious. Platform companies are important market players and important carriers of technological innovation. Using digital technology to fully empower the real economy is of great significance to stabilizing growth, promoting transformation, and benefiting people's livelihood, and it has the strength and potential to participate in international competition."

  The Central Economic Work Conference proposed that we should vigorously develop the digital economy, improve the level of normalized supervision, and support platform companies in leading development, creating jobs, and showing their talents in international competition.

  Guo Liyan: "In recent years, the 'three new' economy has accelerated development, and new industries, new formats, and new models have emerged one after another. In this process, the platform economy has also played such a role, including that they lead innovation, that they provide jobs, and that they In terms of participating in international competition, it is expected to activate their kinetic energy and let them show their talents, so as to lead the development of the new economy and enhance the momentum of the new economy, it can further stimulate the vitality and kinetic energy of market players, thereby forming a comprehensive modern industrial system together with traditional industries. support."

  In response to the incorrect comments in the society about whether we adhere to the "two unshakables", the meeting gave a clear answer, emphasizing that we must be clear about our attitude, unequivocally, and earnestly implement the "two unshakables", that is, He said that we must unswervingly consolidate and develop the public sector of the economy, and unswervingly encourage, support, and guide the development of the non-public sector of the economy.

  Xu Zhaoyuan, deputy director of the Industrial Economics Research Department of the Development Research Center of the State Council: "State-owned enterprises and private enterprises are important market players, and they both play the role of 'harmony but difference' in promoting sustained economic growth and improving the quality of economic development. An important participant and contributor to the economy. This meeting once again proposed to implement the "two unwavering" policies, which demonstrates the continuity and stability of my country's policies and is of great significance to stabilizing the expectations of market players and boosting the confidence of private enterprises .”

  Guo Liyan: "In the current process of promoting modernization, we must especially focus on mobilizing the vitality of the market and the kinetic energy of market players. We must treat all market players equally. On the one hand, we must make state-owned enterprises bigger and stronger, and promote China's On the other hand, it is necessary to promote the growth and vitality of the private economy and private enterprises, and especially respond to some demands in the operation process of the private economy and private enterprises in recent years.”

  The private economy is an important part of the socialist market economy and plays an important role in stabilizing growth, maintaining employment, and improving people's livelihood.

The meeting used a lot of pen and ink to put forward requirements from the aspects of system, law, policy and public opinion, which once again demonstrated the country's determination to support the development of the private economy.

  Wei Qijia: "This meeting emphasized that from the two aspects of the system and the law, the requirement for equal treatment of state-owned and private enterprises is set down. This is an important practice and embodiment of improving the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities. Understanding and clarifying misunderstandings will play a very positive role in boosting the confidence of market players."

  Foreign capital is an important window to observe China's economy.

In recent years, China has steadily promoted high-level opening up, continuously reduced the negative list of foreign investment access, and continuously improved the business environment, which has attracted the attention of many foreign-funded enterprises.

Since the beginning of this year, against the background of repeated global epidemics and sluggish recovery of the world economy, my country has maintained a double-digit growth in absorbing foreign capital, with foreign capital absorbed exceeding 1 trillion yuan in the first three quarters.

  The Central Economic Work Conference proposed that greater efforts should be made to attract and utilize foreign capital, and made deployments in terms of expanding market access and implementing national treatment for foreign-funded enterprises.

  Guo Liyan: "The first proposal is to further relax the market access link, especially some access in the service field, to further remove some blocking points and stuck points encountered in reality, and relieve some worries for foreign investors to invest in China. In particular, we must Promote institutional opening up in terms of rules, regulations, management, and standards, and connect with international standards, so as to further create a market-oriented, legalized, and internationalized business environment, and enhance the attractiveness of foreign businessmen and foreign capital. External demand supports the entire macro economy."

  The last of the five key tasks is to effectively prevent and defuse major economic and financial risks.

The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to ensure the stable development of the real estate market, do a solid job in ensuring the delivery of buildings, people's livelihood, and stability, and effectively prevent and resolve the risks of high-quality leading real estate companies. Smooth transition to a new development model.

  This year's Central Economic Work Conference conveyed "confidence" with greater force.

The meeting pointed out that next year's economic work will be complicated, and it is necessary to proceed from the strategic overall situation, start with improving social psychological expectations and boost development confidence, and do a good job.

Confidence comes from scientific, objective, and accurate judgments; confidence is also the confidence to steer China's economic ship well.

Major policies for economic work next year have been set, and various key tasks have also been deployed.

With the continuous implementation of optimized measures for epidemic prevention and control, and the gradual release of the effects of various policies to stabilize the economy, it is believed that my country's economic growth rate is expected to continue to pick up. We must strengthen our confidence and move forward bravely.


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