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Send hundreds of packages! Record the day of the courier brother→


In the afternoon, it’s okay to deliver dozens of orders a day. If you’re not familiar with the road, you can deliver more than 100 orders a day. If you’re familiar with it, it’s estimated that you can deliver 200 orders a day.” The courier is working hard to deliver the package to you in spite of the epidemic, please everyone A little more understanding, a little more tolerance (Source: CCTV News WeChat official account).

Recently, due to the impact of the epidemic

There is a backlog of express delivery

Many couriers stick to their posts

Work overtime, non-stop

Recently, a reporter from the headquarter visited

A courier business department in Beijing

Record the day's work of the courier

They are braving the cold wind

A courier has to deliver more than 100 pieces a day

Even more than 200 packages

Courier sticks to his post in the cold wind

The workload is three to four times the daily

6 a.m., it's still dark

A courier business department in Beijing

Already running at high speed for sorting, disinfection, tallying, loading

In a semi-open work area of ​​about 300 square meters

Courier Hong Jiao and 28 colleagues have to sort and deliver 12,000 packages a day, which is three to four times the daily workload

In order to improve efficiency

We have thought of many ways

Someone wears multiple hats

Direct the vehicle and clear the space as soon as possible

Improve picking efficiency

Some people tally by area, accurate to building and unit door

Speed ​​up delivery time

Courier Hong Jiao

It was transferred from other sites in Beijing

Although not familiar with the surrounding environment

but he is confident

"Give me half a day, there are always more solutions than difficulties"

The packages he delivered today are mainly

Fresh food, grain and oil, drinking water and other daily necessities

It is also the "main force" in the surge in express delivery

On the way to follow Hong Jiao's delivery

Headquarters reporter found

Most residents will take the initiative to choose "contactless pickup"

Ask the courier to leave the package at the door

reduce the risk of infection

After Hong Jiao explained the reason for the delayed delivery time

The residents would also understandably say to him

"It's okay, you worked hard"

He decided to go home after Chinese New Year

Do your part on the job

due to familiarity with the environment

It took Hong Jiao twice as long to deliver the first car of parcels

Going back to restock

My daughter in Anhui made a video call

"When is dad coming back?"

Looking at her daughter's aggrieved expression

Hong Jiao comforted her and said

“Will go back during Chinese New Year” 

Hong Jiao said

His family hoped that he would go home early for the New Year

But he still decided to stay on the job

do one's best

finished the morning work

Hong Jiao is going to continue delivering after lunch

"Have confidence!

It's no problem to send dozens of orders in the afternoon.

Can send more than 100 orders in a day when the road is not familiar

If you are familiar with it, it is estimated that you can deliver 200 orders a day.”

Brave the epidemic and welcome the cold winter

The courier is working hard to deliver the package to you

Please be more understanding and more tolerant

  (Source: CCTV News WeChat Official Account)

Source: chinanews

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