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Boom appropriation application "closing day" Shao Jiahui: Force the inertia of the food system in the parliament? ︱Politics Town


The last Finance Committee meeting of the Legislative Council this session was originally scheduled to be held last Friday (16th), because DAB member Guo Lingli insisted on speaking at the last agenda, which led to an additional special meeting today (21st), "closed" day

The last Finance Committee meeting of the Legislative Council this session was originally scheduled to be held last Friday (16th), because DAB member Guo Lingli insisted on speaking at the last agenda, which led to an additional special meeting today (21st), "closed" The postponement of the day attracted some comments from lawmakers.

At the end of the last meeting, a number of councilors who had already pressed the button to speak "abandoned" the release of the project. They all explained at the meeting today. Guo Lingli, the protagonist of the incident, spoke three times.

Another dozen members of parliament spoke enthusiastically, and the discussion lasted for 80 minutes.

Shao Jiahui of the Liberal Party blamed the Education Bureau for the "addition of the meeting". He named the deputy secretary-general, Liang Yunyi, and asked why the eight projects were proposed at the last financial meeting. Do you think our congressmen must let you pass it?

Can we ask questions?

Shao angrily rebuked the bureau for habitually forcing the council to "hard food", which disrupted the Christmas and New Year holiday arrangements of members.

Guo Lingli's insistence on speaking made the accountant unable to close the furnace

The relevant agenda was put forward by the Education Bureau, and it involves resetting the Father Kwok Yee Ya Memorial School in Tsing Yi in Sham Shui Po, involving a cost of 450 million yuan.

Those who gave up speaking at the end of the last meeting included Guan Haoming, Chen Kaixin, and Li Huiqiong. Guan took the initiative to explain that he just wanted to express his opinion and had no specific questions, so he gave up speaking. question”, so I gave up asking questions that day.

Li Huiqiong directly reflected that the problem of school building allocation refers to the change of population structure, and serious consideration should be taken when relocating school buildings.

Guo Lingli asked questions three times, mainly around the "School Building Allocation Committee" and asked the Education Bureau to appoint more regional and school admission committees. She criticized the authorities for communicating with the industry about relocating school buildings 10 years ago. Policy and consultation issues, but in the face of funding projects to improve school buildings, the Legislative Council can only "hard food".

Legislative Council Finance Committee.

(Photo by Li Zetong/File photo)

Shao Jiahui: Guo Lingli has no problem aiming her gun at the Education Bureau

Wholesale and retail industry councilor and Liberal Party member Shao Jiahui was very angry. He pointed his gun at Liang Yunyi, deputy secretary-general of the Education Bureau, and took the initiative to mention last week's finance and accounting. He decided to give up speaking, "I'm done thinking about it, but Ms. Guo Lingli wanted to continue speaking at the end. I don't think there is a problem."

He pointed out that Guo is the member responsible for education of the largest party in the Legislative Council, the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong. He only spoke for 5 minutes, and there was no time to ask more rounds. The reason is that the authorities only put 8 items on the agenda in the last Finance Committee: "All Coming to the Finance Committee on the last day, do you think our MPs must let you go? Can’t we ask questions?”

A Member's Family Changed Air Tickets and Hotels Just for Today's Meeting

Shao Jiahui pointed out that the reduction of students and the killing of schools have caused the issue of school relocation to attract attention, and questioned that the Education Bureau did not do a good job of consulting.

He went on to point out that the Legislative Council has no meetings for most of this week. "Many colleagues have already left Hong Kong. Some of them have arranged annual medical check-ups today, some are doing business, and some are planning to travel with the whole family. They have to change their air tickets and hotels." , just to hold this meeting today." He named Liang Yunyi: "Does your family insist on living this year? Can you arrange a discussion on January 6? I want to ask this question, what's the answer? How can I help you in such a hurry? Miss Liang!"

Liang Yunyi immediately responded that the school would not be able to start the project as scheduled until it received the funding: "To be honest, if it is a few months late, it may be a school year late for the school to start." Shao then interrupted: "Ah, miss , On January 6th, we will open the internal committee. What is the date today? How many days away from Christmas, follow the New Year, open the internal committee on January 6th, and then open the financial committee, a few days away, please The two once chatted together, and Yi Zhiming, who presided over the meeting, had to intervene. Leung expressed his sincere thanks to the councilors for attending. Absent!"

Shao Jiahui.

(Photo by Liao Yanxiong/File photo)

Shao named the senior official of the Education Bureau: Is it because of your habit of doing things that we eat him?

Yi Zhiming later said that the Finance Committee is not a rubber stamp, "it will not be put on the last day, and it will help you pass it off", hoping that the government will pay attention.

Shao Jiahui also spoke again later, pointing out that if there is a problem with the policy, "you can't force people to eat it", he questioned the bureau's "has it been evaluated?" Inertia in bureau work? Have you heard from Chairman Liang Junyan that we are not rubber stamps, we must support it?”

In the end, Shao Jiahui refused to vote, while Guo Lingli voted in favor, and the project allocation of 450 million yuan was approved.

He Jingkang, Shang Hailong, and Chen Yongguang, members of the new electoral committee, also joined the Finance Committee.

The attendance rate of the members of the new parliament is not high Liang Junyan: Doesn't it mean that he is lazy to rubber stamp the new parliament?

Liang Junyan blames juicy, I saw the newspaper first, there are not so many stormy waves, the Legislative Council will be on holiday next Wednesday, and everyone in the Finance Committee will go back to vote︱Political affairs

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