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epidemic. Latest|Nearly 17,000 confirmed cases and 50 patients died, setting a new high after the rebound


The Department of Health announced yesterday (20th) that there were 14,982 new confirmed cases, and the immediate effective reproduction rate of local cases dropped to 1.13, which is expected to enter a plateau. This Thursday (22nd, tomorrow) starting from the winter solstice, the government will cancel the

The Department of Health announced yesterday (20th) that there were 14,982 new confirmed cases, and the immediate effective reproduction rate of local cases dropped to 1.13, which is expected to enter a plateau.

Starting from the winter solstice this Thursday (22nd, tomorrow), the government will revoke the upper limit on the number of people in restaurants, bars and pubs, and those who enter bars, pubs, nightclubs, nightclubs, banquets, and local tour participants do not need to take quick tests, but the mask order and vaccines will be maintained pass.

Chief Executive Lee Ka-chao said yesterday that more than 90% of the epidemic prevention measures have been lifted.

Announced on December 20 to relax measures from December 22:

Removal of premises capacity restrictions on catering premises, bars/pubs and listed premises

Cancellation of maximum number of people for banquet events

Revocation of rapid antigen test requirements for customers of (i) bars/pubs, (ii) nightclubs/nightclubs, (iii) persons attending banquets, and (iv) tourists participating in local tourism activities;

Eating and drinking are allowed in the following premises, including (i) the outdoor areas of places of public entertainment and activities, (ii) Mahjong Tin Kau venues, and (iii) the outdoor areas of sports premises.

The immediate effective reproduction rate of the latest local case of HKU has dropped to 1.13, and the epidemic is expected to enter a plateau.

(Photo from HKU Faculty of Medicine)

Summary of yesterday's epidemic:

- 14,982 confirmed cases, a slight decrease of 2.6% compared to yesterday's cases.

- 870 imported cases hit a new high, accounting for 5.81% of the overall case rate; compared with the 18,259 airport arrivals on the same day, the confirmed rate was 4.76%, and the seven-day average rate was 4.62%.

- 33 new patients died, the 7-day average mortality rate rose slightly to 0.204%, the overall mortality rate remained slightly at 0.47%, and the cumulative death toll was 11,243.

- Local XBB cases increased by 2, local BF.7 cases increased by 1, and local BQ.1.1 cases increased by 3, totaling 6 cases.

- The number of cases in institutions remains high. Today, 41 institutions have reported cases, and 75 residents and 13 staff have been infected.


12.20|An increase of 14,982 confirmed cases. From the winter solstice to the banquet, there is no need for rapid test vaccines. The cancellation of the mask order is the last step of normalization. List of 5 major epidemic prevention restrictions that have not been withdrawn

[16:42] The Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health announced that there were 15,971 new local infection cases and 982 imported cases, bringing the total to 16,953.

The number of dead patients reached 50, a new high in the rebound, and the cumulative number of cases increased to 11,293.

[14:10] The spokesperson of the Treasury Department stated that a family member of the Director of Treasury Services Zhang Xiulan was diagnosed with the 2019 coronavirus disease.

Zhang Xiulan is currently undergoing home quarantine according to the guidelines of the Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health, and will work from home during the quarantine period.

Zhang Xiulan has regularly carried out rapid antigen tests for the new coronavirus, and the results were all negative; the results of the rapid antigen tests conducted today were also negative.

She wore a mask and followed relevant epidemic prevention measures while working.

Chief Executive Li Jiachao went to Beijing today (21st) to report on his duties.

(Photo by Zhang Haowei)

[13:15] Some media quoted sources today (21st) as saying that as soon as January 3 next year, people will not need to enter isolation facilities after entering China. The news is yet to be confirmed.

Before Chief Executive Lee Ka-chao went to Beijing this afternoon to report on his duties, he was asked whether there were relevant arrangements, but he did not respond.

Tan Yaozong, member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, said that sources from all over the country indicated that the customs clearance work was in preparation.

(Photo by Zhang Haowei)

[12:30] Tan Yaozong, a member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, left for Beijing today to attend a regular meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. As for the customs clearance arrangements, he said, "I have seen news from all sides, and I am getting ready for work."

Customs Clearance|Tan Yaozong: Various sources indicate that the work is in preparation and I believe that customs clearance between the two places is in sight

[11:29] The number of epidemic cases has recently been at a "plateau" level of 15,000 cases per day. The government continues to relax anti-epidemic measures. The upper limit on the number of people including restaurants, bars and pubs will be lifted from the winter solstice on Thursday (22nd).

He Bailiang, director of the Center for Infection and Infectious Diseases of the University of Hong Kong, said on a radio program today (21st) that he agrees with the mainland's renaming of the new crown pneumonia to the new crown cold, and pointed out that Hong Kong has returned to normal in small steps for eight consecutive months, and the pace is slower than that of the mainland and the world. " From an international perspective, we are really slow and lagging far behind.”

He continued to point out that Chapter 599F, which is used for restrictions on listed places, and Chapter 599G, which is used to restrict gatherings, are no longer needed, and it is suggested that they can be cancelled, so as to speed up the pace of the epidemic.

Epidemic|He Bailiang approves Hong Kong's step-by-step return to normal and promotes withdrawal of 599G gathering restriction order 599F listed premises restrictions

[11:23] The spokesperson of the Official Receiver’s Office stated today (21st) that the Director of the Official Receiver’s Office, Mai Jinluo, tested positive for the rapid antigen test of the 2019 coronavirus and is being quarantined in accordance with the guidelines of the Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health. Her last day of work is Yesterday (20th), he wore a mask and followed the relevant epidemic prevention measures at work, and he had no travel history recently.

The Official Receiver's Office will thoroughly clean and disinfect the relevant offices, and will continue to strictly implement various epidemic prevention measures.

[10:18] The government announced that starting from the winter solstice on Thursday (22nd), the upper limit on the number of people in restaurants, bars and pubs will be revoked, and those who enter bars, pubs, nightclubs, nightclubs, attend banquets, and local tour participants do not need to take quick tests.

Liang Zhenhua, chairman of the Hong Kong Catering Management Association, said on a radio program this morning (21st) that the new measures will help improve business. He has lost business such as spring tea and group dinners for three years. "Great encouragement", "good positive news", and pointed out: "There is an official opportunity to cheer up during the Chinese New Year".

Epidemic|Thursday, the upper limit on the number of people in restaurants was removed

▼Weekly Epidemic Press Conference on December 20▼


▼On December 19, the MTR announced that Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve will run overnight▼

▼On the evening of December 18th, hundreds of fans watched the World Cup final in Olympian City▼


▼The Hong Kong Cycling Festival will resume on December 18, the coldest day after winter▼


Switch|Cancel the yellow code Ctrip big data reveals that Hong Kong people are frantically searching for Thai, Japanese and Korean flights for Christmas travel

[07:10] As the government gradually relaxes the epidemic prevention policy and the "yellow code" restriction on entry has been lifted, the Southeast Asian tourism industry immediately formed a delegation to visit Hong Kong. It seems that everything is going well for Hong Kong's return to normal.

Cai Wenxuan, managing director and vice president (international market) of Ctrip Group (, accepted an exclusive interview with "Hong Kong 01" and pointed out that on the day of the relaxation (13th), the number of Hong Kong people searching for flights to Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea also increased significantly, reflecting positive Plan Christmas and New Year trips; the search volume for inbound flights to Hong Kong has also increased astonishingly, an increase of 20 times compared to the same period last year, among which passengers from Vancouver and Toronto, Canada accounted for the most searches for Hong Kong flights, more than doubled compared to the 7 days before the relaxation.

[07:05] The new crown epidemic that has lasted for nearly three years has impacted Hong Kong's economy, and Hong Kong's status is likely to be surpassed by Singapore.

Cai Wenxuan, Managing Director and Vice President (International Market) of Ctrip Group (, said in an exclusive interview with "Hong Kong 01" that Hong Kong TV is influential, and the TV series named TVB are still deeply loved by Southeast Asian people. The industry will not be inferior to Singapore.

He also pointed out that although the two places are financial centers, they both have their own strengths. For example, Hong Kong is backed by the Mainland, and it is expected that the reopening will regain its advantages. "I think there is no reason for Hong Kong to do worse than Singapore."

Compulsory testing|20 buildings on the list involving Li Jiachao’s former residence, Emperor’s Garden, Xingfa Village, Huangpu Garden, etc. The sewage in Tai Kok Tsui Haitaowan, Weihao Garden, and Qifeng Garden were positive. The last step is the 5 major anti-epidemic restrictions. A list of online courses︱66% of the interviewed third-year students have myopia Experts call for exposure to the right amount of sunlight to slow down the progression of myopia Next year’s Lunar New Year Fireworks Show will be canceled for four consecutive years. There will be no Lunar New Year fireworks for four consecutive years. Leisure and Cultural Services Department: No time to prepare for the epidemic|14,982 confirmed cases, 33 more deaths, 4,143 hospitalized patients hit a new high, and the number of confirmed cases has hovered between 14,000 and 15,000 in the past two weeks. Department of Health: The epidemic situation seems to be stable Down Wang Shiya was involved in concealing her whereabouts. The defense said that she wanted to pass on an official, but she didn’t know who the candidate was. The official had no choice but to postpone it and then pre-trial Hong Kong Motors Northward|The details will be announced in the first quarter of next year and will be implemented within the year. Hong Kong drivers can stay in Guangdong for 30 days at a time

▼On December 20, Chief Executive Li Jiachao announced the relaxation of epidemic prevention restrictions▼


The 240-person banquet limit is loosened. Li Jiachao calls for objective evaluation: social measures have been relaxed by 90%.

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