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Put an end to New Year's Eve fears in dogs! Top tips from professionals


Put an end to New Year's Eve fears in dogs! Top tips from professionals Created: 12/21/2022, 9:05 am By: Nina Dudek Help your four-legged friend get over his fear of New Year's Eve! © Photoboyko/PantherMedia The loud New Year's Eve is a heavy physical and mental burden for pets. But there's a lot you can do to relieve your dog of the stress. These pro tips really help. Note to our readers:  W

Put an end to New Year's Eve fears in dogs!

Top tips from professionals

Created: 12/21/2022, 9:05 am

By: Nina Dudek

Help your four-legged friend get over his fear of New Year's Eve!

© Photoboyko/PantherMedia

The loud New Year's Eve is a heavy physical and mental burden for pets.

But there's a lot you can do to relieve your dog of the stress.

These pro tips really help.

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This changes nothing for you.

Actually your dog is not afraid of anything?

Does it even master challenging agility tasks or protect you in everyday life?

But on New Year's Eve he's just a quivering heap of misery?

You and your four-legged friend are not alone in this!

And even cat owners are often familiar with New Year's Eve fears in their pet.

On no other day do so many animals escape as on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, reports the TASSO Central Register of Pets for the Federal Republic of Germany eV

What is particularly striking is the number of escaped dogs: while there are an average of around 100 cases per day, at least 416 dogs were separated from their families on the last two days of the turn of the year. 


It's bad enough when the otherwise loyal four-legged friend suddenly cannot be found: because if an animal panics, the risk of your dog suffering a traffic accident increases - not to mention the long-term damage that such a shock can bring.

Tips on how to protect your dog and of course your kitten from New Year's Eve stress come from Dr.

Uwe Tiedemann, President of the Federal Chamber of Veterinarians and the dog experts from Kurgo.

The German manufacturer of dog-related products has made it its mission to develop products that make adventures with your dog easier than ever.

In short: The following tips come from real dog experts - for experts and everyone who wants to become one.

How do I know if my dog ​​is suffering from New Year's Eve anxiety?

First things first: how do you even know if a dog is scared, even as a layperson?

There are many signs of anxiety in dogs.

Incidentally, the bang on New Year's Eve is just one of seven sounds to which dogs typically react with fear.

These include, for example:

  • Tremble

  • Barking for no apparent reason

  • laid ears

  • Tucked in tail

  • Dilated pupils

  • loss of appetite

  • In extreme cases also diarrhea and/or vomiting

Mum or dad should therefore pay close attention to the behavior of their own four-legged friend.

And that already days before New Year's Eve, because four-legged friends have an unerring sense that "something is up".

In addition, the noise sometimes starts days before New Year's Eve, as soon as the first fireworks are available in stores.

Pet owners should always keep their dog on a leash in the days before New Year's Eve, as firecrackers are lit before that, especially in cities. 

Tip from the Kurgo team of experts

Can I prepare my dog ​​for New Year's Eve?

"Preparation is the be-all and end-all", the Kurgo experts know from experience.

"The most important thing to prepare the dog for the evening is a long, extensive walk."

After that, every four-legged friend should be so exhausted that, ideally, he sleeps through the night.

For dogs that are particularly hungry for exercise, a bike tour is recommended, provided the weather conditions permit.

Ideally, you should also include mentally challenging elements such as search and hide-and-seek games or skill tasks during the preparatory walk, because that also makes you tired.

Tire out dogs with agility games

Agility set for dogs: make them tired with obstacles © OTTO

With the Pet Agility training equipment you make your dog physically and mentally tired.

The set includes a dog tunnel, slalom poles, an adjustable high jump pole and a jumping ring.

Order the agility set from OTTO

In order to ensure the safety of your dog in the event of an emergency, should it run away in a panic, it should definitely wear a luminous collar or a corresponding signal light on the harness.

Especially in the dark of winter, the chances that the animal will be seen increase.

Collar light for dogs

With the collar light, dogs are always clearly visible.


This light ensures that your pet is clearly seen during night walks and low light conditions.

The LED light shines either continuously or in two flashing modes.

The replaceable battery lasts up to 100 hours.

Order a collar light from Amazon

What can I give dogs with New Year's Eve anxiety to calm them down?

In the case of particularly sensitive and jumpy dogs, it is sometimes worth using natural

medication such as globules or Bach flowers, as the Kurgo dog experts know.


pheromone diffusers spray natural hormones with a relaxing effect.

Such means develop their full effect only after two weeks, so you have to start with them in time.

Tip from the Kurgo team of experts


Uwe Tiedemann, President of the Federal Chamber of Veterinarians explains: "For particularly anxious pets, pet owners can discuss with a veterinarian which anxiolytic drugs can be used to calm the animal".

Naturally quiet with a pheromone diffuser

Adaptil Starter Set 48ml © Adaptil

This gentle diffuser was developed and recommended by veterinarians.

It is suitable as a natural calming agent for anxious behavior, fireworks, thunderstorms or fear of noise, but also for acclimatizing to a new home.

The evaporator covers an area of ​​up to 70 m² for around 4 weeks.

Order diffusers from Amazon

Relaxed with organic Bach flowers

Relieve stress drop by drop with organic Bach flowers © Zooplus

As early as the 1930s, the English doctor Dr.

Edward Bach the unique concept of Bach flower therapy as an alternative medical treatment method.

These SOS drops are made without alcohol from 100% natural, organically certified ingredients and help dogs, cats and horses to become more relaxed and calm.

Order organic Bach flowers from Zooplus

How can I calm my dog ​​down on New Year's Eve?

Every dog ​​reacts differently to the stress of New Year's Eve.

The task of the master or mistress is to find out what helps the animal best.

“Some dogs and cats can benefit from being engaged with during the fireworks.

Others like to seek a retreat.

The animal should have the opportunity to decide for itself whether it wants to be close or prefer to withdraw," advises Dr.

Uwe Tiedemann, President of the Federal Chamber of Veterinarians.

  • Feed well, all well:

    Especially in animals, their basic instinct for food can be used to effectively distract them from sources of fear.

    Special treat toys keep any dog ​​busy for a long time and distract from the stressful environment.

  • Distract playfully:

    The innate instinct to kill "prey" can also help to reduce stress on New Year's Eve.

    Chew toys are great for distracting dogs.

    But a sniffing mat that simulates the search for a track can also be of good service.

Sniffing distracted

Sniff mats provide a distraction for anxious dogs.


This sniffing rug mimics foraging in tall grass, satisfying the dog's natural curiosity while reducing stress.

Simply hide as small a treat as possible in the carpet fringes;

the level of difficulty can be increased by reducing the carpet to a bowl.

Order the sniffing mat from Amazon

  • Creating a relaxed atmosphere:

    On New Year's Eve, many animals relax in a deliberately calm atmosphere.

    Of course, this includes closing windows, curtains, shutters and doors to reduce noise and light stimuli.

    Music can also distract dogs from the loud noises outside, as can a movie (not a loud action thriller, of course).

  • Keep company:

    In this stressful time you should never leave your pet alone!

    Because when your four-legged companion notices that his master or mistress is fine, that will relax him too.

    So always radiate peace and contentment.

    If he wants to retreat to his favorite hiding place, leave him alone and give him enough space.

  • Give closeness:

    There is hardly a dog or a cat that does not love to be petted and spoiled.

    Take advantage of this animal fondness to calm the animal down with your closeness.

    Of course, no mistress or master has to scratch their tummy and ears for hours, but rather use this grounding ritual for an extra portion of fur care with a special massage brush.

Zoom Groom soothing massage brush

The Zoom Groom massage brush reaches the skin even under thick fur.

© Kong

Soothing, relaxing grooming against stress: This ergonomic dog brush attracts loose hair like a magnet and gently massages skin and muscles.

The special "fingers" of the Zoom Groom can also reach through thick and tousled fur to the skin underneath. 

Order a massage brush from Zooplus


Source: merkur

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