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At the Farnesina the XV Conference of Ambassadors. Meloni: 'the West is our playing field, the mission is to defend it'


Prime Minister Meloni to the ambassadors: 'You are the flag of Italy in the world'. Message from the President of the Republic, Mattarella, to the XV Conference of Ambassadors. Sequi: 'Diplomats are at the service of the country'. Metsola: 'Malicious actors undermine the EU with corruption'. Minister Urso: 'The future of the EU in Africa, Italy can play a decisive role'. The event at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, live streaming on (ANSA)

The Farnesina once again hosts the Conference of Ambassadors of Italy to the world.

The theme of the fifteenth edition is

'Italian diplomacy at the service of the country in a changing world'

in a discussion that will involve

over 100 holders of diplomatic offices abroad.

The work continues today.

Live streaming on 


- 18:50 – 19:00 Closing speech by the Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Antonio Tajani.

"I thank you for the silent, fundamental, strategic work you carry out every day in the interest of the nation".

Thus the Prime Minister,

Giorgia Meloni,

speaking at the Conference of ambassadors of Italy in the world.

"You are flags of Italy, in the sense of being bearers of an identity which is always - he added - the basis of any possible dialogue. You cannot talk to others if you are not aware of what you bear ".

"I confess that I have often wondered how difficult the life of an ambassador, a diplomat was, always being uprooted from one's context, always starting over, never putting down roots. This is done only if one carries within own roots".

Thus the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, speaking at the Conference of ambassadors of Italy in the world.

"As much as it may be a paid job-she added she-she,

there is no price for it.

It is a mission, and thus it must know how to interpret it and thus it must be adequately recognised.

Thank you on behalf of the whole nation for the sacrifices you make and for how you represent it". "Flags of an identity and bridges to build dialogue, and through these bridges let our nation walk". Giorgia Meloni intervenes at the assembly of ambassadors at the Farnesina recalling how much "availability" there is towards Italy, also for its culture and its uniqueness. "A complex and profound culture that also passes through our language.

Everyone, starting with myself, a great patriot, is overwhelmed by foreign words, by anglicisms, because ours is a very complex language.

The European Union, NATO and the UN are "the cornerstones of Italian foreign policy, in which Italy intends to play a leading role".

Thus the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, speaking at the Conference of ambassadors of Italy in the world.

"We are facing enormous challenges and it is necessary to make the best use of our resources, the instruments of foreign policy, diplomacy and security.

We are faced with the mission of defending the system that we have created from the rubble of the Second World War". Giorgia Meloni said this speaking to the assembly of ambassadors. "We must avoid the risk that this situation will be reduced to the story of the West, our field against the rest of the world". This is why "dialogue" is needed. The conflict in Ukraine is a watershed, we must renew relations with our friendly countries, he said.

"In all cultures this is the moment of the victory of light over darkness, instead Ukraine lives almost all of its days without electricity

. To understand how the Ukrainians are doing, I would ask all Italians to switch off one hour a day all the energy they have, to understand what it means to have people who defend freedom and love of country".

Thus the Prime Minister. "Energy dependence is the most visible today,

the battle on this front was started by the previous government, Draghi and Cingolani did an excellent job that I am continuing


Italy was the leader and brought an important result at home".

This was stated by Giorgia Meloni speaking to the assembly of ambassadors.

"Now the challenge is to go back to producing energy by diversifying. And in this picture the role of diplomacy is central. A great opportunity opens up for Italy". 

 "We have realized the too many dependencies, the strategic error in terms of sovereignty of giving up some value chains, the energy dependence on Russia, and we probably realize the excessive dependence in terms of security on the United States. And we realize how it would not be smart to get out of dependence on Russia by favoring dependence on China. Another mistake we risk making".

Thus the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, speaking at the Conference of ambassadors of

"I repeat what I have already said, we are in solidarity with them. I consider the violence against peaceful protesters and women in Iran something unacceptable".

This was stated by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, answering a question from reporters on the situation in Iran, leaving the Conference of Ambassadors at the Farnesina.

09:00 - 10:30 

"Innovative tools for economic diplomacy and growth", with speeches by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Antonio Tajani, by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Giancarlo Giorgetti, and by the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso.

As a government "we have launched the policy of growth diplomacy" and "we have the duty and interest to work to encourage not only exports", because "trade policy must not be separated from industrial policy in favor of the internationalization of companies, a tool better against relocation".

In this sense, "we must work in synergy" with the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, "because we are studying a strategy", for example with missions to various countries of the world "to allow Italy to count on more": said

Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani

opening the session "Innovative tools for economic diplomacy and growth" at the XV Conference of Ambassadors at the Farnesina.

"We can export our know-how where we can find resources" such as "lithium for example" with particular attention to Africa, underlined the minister, highlighting how in this context, "SMEs more than large companies need be supported by politics and the government. We can encourage the aggregation of SMEs both for exports and for internationalisation".

In addition to Turkey and the Vatican, an important mediation role in the Ukraine game "can be played by China, which can push Putin to more lenient advice", explained Tajani later, speaking with ANSA on the sidelines of the Conference of Ambassadors at the Farnesina .

"Even the US has a great role", added the minister, underlining that "we all work" for Kiev.

In Ukraine "we need to restore the status quo ante, we need unified support from the West to create the conditions for a ceasefire" from which to start to achieve peace.

To face the new international situation after the pandemic and the war in Ukraine and to respond to the challenge of US supremacy on international trade "we must draw Europe into the bridge with Africa because" the future of the West is bet on Africa, seen which is the only continent that does not have an empire and is growing in population and is the only one that has the resources we need". This is what the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy

Adolfo Urso said

at the conference of ambassadors, specifying that Italy can play a "decisive role".

From this point of view, the minister underlined, "Giorgia Meloni's Enrico Mattei plan is a win-win plan".

According to Urso, "with a view to partnership with Africa, we can save Western democracies and our well-being".

Furthermore, in his opinion, "the other two continents on which we must look and we can do so are Latin America, which must be freed from subjection to the Chinese continent and South-East Asia: those two outlets are two arms on which to focus with Our companies. Then we must also engage Turkey, and our companies have always done so".

Urso specified that "in the global projection towards Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America there is

it is the role that Italy can play that is decisive for Europe because with the eastern front closed as now, Europe is left with only the southern front manned by geographical, cultural, historical, technological, scientific and economic conditions from Italy .

If we know how to do it according to the national vision, we will find the role that belongs to us in history in the heart of Europe and the West ", she concluded.

10:50 - 13:30 Session "The attractiveness of Italy in the world",

with speeches by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Antonio Tajani, by the Minister of Education and Merit Giuseppe Valditara, by the Minister of the University and Research Anna Maria Bernini, and the Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano.

Brief ceremony of awarding the scholarships of the "Mama Sofia" Association in memory of Ambassador Luca Attanasio.

"I am absolutely convinced of the importance of playing a game in India, because it is a country that in the great competition that exists between the West and China cannot shift its center of gravity. We have a political duty to continue to talk both economically and politically", said Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani as he closed the session 'Innovative tools for economic and growth diplomacy' at the XV Conference of Ambassadors at the Farnesina.

"We have planned to expand and strengthen the network of Italian schools abroad by promoting the opening of new equal schools by strengthening the quality and efficiency of the system which must be increasingly integrated with the national school network also through the extension of the national system of evaluation and the possibility of having a mechanographic code. Furthermore, we have also planned to promote joint projects with the countries interested in promoting the teaching of the Italian language in the school curriculum, also providing for the training of teachers as we are already doing in Libya with a project which is enjoying great success".

This is what was announced by the Minister of Education and Merit,

Giuseppe Valditara

, speaking at the XV Conference of Ambassadors to the Farnesina.

Source: ansa

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