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epidemic. Latest | 19,705 more confirmed diagnoses hit a new high after the rebound 954 cases were imported and 34 more people died


Today's winter solstice (22nd), the government further relaxed social distance measures, but the number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong rebounded sharply. The Center for Health Protection announced 18,751 new local infection cases and 954 positive imported cases, a single day

Today's winter solstice (22nd), the government further relaxed social distance measures, but the number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong rebounded sharply.

The Center for Health Protection announced 18,751 new local infection cases and 954 positive imported cases. The number of confirmed cases in a single day reached 19,705, a new high after the rebound. Another 34 patients died. So far, the cumulative number of deaths in Hong Kong has reached 11,327.

With the relaxation of entry restrictions to "0+0", and the long Christmas and New Year holidays, citizens will be stimulated to travel abroad. The next few days will be the peak period for airport departures.

In the first 20 days of this month, 424,000 people left the country through the airport, of which 32% were in the past five days, about 135,000 people, and 86% of them were local residents.

Relaxation measures from December 22:

Removal of premises capacity restrictions on catering premises, bars/pubs and listed premises

Cancellation of maximum number of people for banquet events

Revocation of rapid antigen test requirements for customers of (i) bars/pubs, (ii) nightclubs/nightclubs, (iii) persons attending banquets, and (iv) tourists participating in local tourism activities;

Eating and drinking are allowed in the following premises, including (i) the outdoor areas of places of public entertainment and activities, (ii) Mahjong Tin Kau venues, and (iii) the outdoor areas of sports premises.

The immediate effective reproduction rate of the latest local cases in HKU dropped to 1.104, and the epidemic is expected to enter a plateau.

(Photo from HKU Faculty of Medicine)


12.21|Confirmed cases rebounded by about 14%, Tam Yiu-chung pointed out that customs clearance work is in preparation

▼On December 21st, the airport is experiencing a flow of outbound Christmas tourists▼


▼December 21, there are exhibitors who want to set up food tasting at the industrial exhibition▼


▼On December 21, SoCO distributed Christmas gifts to 4,000 children▼


Fanling Green Lake Garden, Tseung Kwan O East Point City, and Ap Lei Chau Main Street sewage positive 50,000 people need to be tested rapidly at the AsiaWorld-Expo Quarantine Center and transferred to the Respite Center to provide 810 beds for institutional close contacts who do not need to be quarantined

[16:41]​The government announced today that positive results were detected for sewage in the Green Lake Garden in Fanling in the North District, Donggang City and Hang Hau Village in Tseung Kwan O in the Sai Kung District, and in the vicinity of Ap Lei Chau Street in the South District. There may be recessive patients in the premises. The government will distribute a total of about 50,000 rapid antigen test kits to local residents, local cleaning staff and property management staff for self-testing to assist in the identification of infected persons.

▼On December 22, part of the buildings will be inspected▼

▼Weekly Epidemic Press Conference on December 20▼


[15:00]​Government Flying Service spokesperson said today (22nd) that Captain Wu Weixiong, the director of the Government Flying Service, tested positive for the rapid antigen test of 2019 coronavirus disease today, and is now being quarantined in accordance with the guidelines of the Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health.

He took a quick test every day and was still negative before returning to the office yesterday. He wore a mask and followed the relevant epidemic prevention measures at work, and he had no travel history recently.

The Government Flying Service will thoroughly clean and disinfect the relevant offices, and will continue to strictly implement various anti-epidemic measures.

01 Preemptive|News: The close contacts of the institutions will be changed to the original location for quarantine and will not be sent to the temporary care center for isolation facilities

[10:57] "Hong Kong 01" learned that the elderly care industry has received a notice from the government that in response to the latest situation of the epidemic, the government has decided to concentrate resources on evacuating infected residents as soon as possible, and will no longer arrange for residents who are close contacts Go to the quarantine center for quarantine, and the arrangement for moving out of the temporary care center will also be adjusted. Like other community members who need to be quarantined, if they quickly test negative on the 4th and 5th day of quarantine, they can complete the quarantine without nucleic acid testing. .

It is reported that the SWD will hold an online exchange meeting with the Department of Health and the Hospital Authority tomorrow (23rd) to explain the relevant quarantine arrangements to the industry of residential care homes for the elderly and residential care homes for the disabled.

Winter solstice|The upper limit of the number of restaurants withdrawn

[10:48] Today's winter solstice coincides with the Hong Kong government's further relaxation of epidemic prevention measures, including the removal of capacity restrictions on catering establishments and the upper limit on the number of people in banquet activities.

Huang Jiahejin, president of the Catering Industry Association, said that the winter solstice meal reservation rate in Shangxing was originally only 50 to 60%, but as soon as the news of the relaxation came out, there was a surge in reservations. Most restaurants were full tonight, and the average reservation rate The rate reached 90%.

Huang Jiahe predicts that the single-day business volume of the catering industry during the winter solstice will increase by more than 10% compared to last year to 350 million yuan. People at banquets, such as wedding banquets, will increase the price, originally 20 rounds (the maximum number of people in the banquet event is 240 people), immediately increase to 30 rounds, 40 rounds."

▼Father's Day on June 19, the restaurant is full of diners▼


▼On December 20, Chief Executive Li Jiachao announced the relaxation of epidemic prevention restrictions▼


Liang Junyan was diagnosed and is now in isolation. He returned to the Legislative Council yesterday and was still negative

[09:48] Legislative Council Chairman Leung Kwan-yen quickly tested positive and is now being quarantined in accordance with the guidelines of the Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health.

The spokesperson of the Legislative Council stated that Liang Junyan conducts rapid tests every day. The rapid test before returning to the Legislative Council Complex yesterday was negative. He wore a mask and followed relevant epidemic prevention measures at work.

Quick test for students|Principal school principals call for temporary reservations until after the Lunar New Year, and the school community must make preliminary arrangements for customs clearance. Winter solstice|Liang Zichao calls for going out to celebrate festivals and pay attention to epidemic prevention and customs clearance will not increase the risk of epidemic prevention and control

[09:13] Liang Zichao, a specialist in respiratory system, said that although the epidemic situation in Hong Kong is currently relatively high, it is still dominated by local transmission, and the main reason affecting the spread of the epidemic in the mainland is the Spring Festival travel in the mainland. There is basically no impact on the prevention and control of risks.

In addition to the new crown, Liang reminded that other respiratory diseases have increased risks, which have already imposed a burden on the medical system, and the risk of cross-infection in hospitals has worsened. Therefore, they should be handled with care. Consider relaxing some special epidemic prevention measures after winter, such as the mask order.

▼On December 13, the government announced the abolition of the Scan Safe Travel and Yellow Code system▼


[08:18] The spokesperson of the Development Bureau stated that the rapid antigen test of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary for Development was positive. She wore a mask and followed the relevant epidemic prevention measures at work. She has no recent travel history. The last date of work was December 20 , and the director of the Development Bureau, Ning Hanhao, conducts rapid tests every day, and the results are all negative. The nucleic acid test results she conducted yesterday (21st) were also negative. The bureau will thoroughly clean and disinfect the relevant offices, and will continue to strictly implement various preventive measures.

Christmas | Dongying Tour will start in December with 4,000 group members

[07:00] As the government gradually relaxes the anti-epidemic policy, the "yellow code" restriction on outbound travelers returning to Hong Kong has been lifted. It coincides with the peak season of Christmas and New Year, and there is a "big outbreak" of citizens' outbound travel.

Dongyingyou said that in December, more than 200 groups, or about 4,000 group members, went to Japan, which has returned to one-third of the level of the same period before the epidemic. The peak period was December 23 to 25; During the period, the business volume recovered to 50% of the same period before the epidemic. On December 21 and 22, 20 groups went to other places.

Cross-departmental anti-epidemic law enforcement: Fa Yuen Street restaurants are suspected of having employees who have not been vaccinated and their business hours are restricted

[02:37] The police said that the Mong Kok District Licensing Team, Miscellaneous Investigation Team, Anti-Triad Action Team and West Kowloon Mobile Unit, together with the staff of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and the West Kowloon Licensing Office of the Fire Services Department, yesterday (December 21) ) launched an anti-crime operation code-named "LEVINGTON" (LEVINGTON), raided and inspected 27 places in the area, including nightclubs, bars, mahjong halls, dance halls, billiard rooms, amusement machine centers, and catering establishments, etc., to ensure that those responsible and customers to comply with relevant epidemic prevention measures.

(police picture)

▼On December 19, the MTR announced that it will run overnight on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve▼

Overseas travel tide|After the withdrawal of the yellow code, 20,000 Hong Kong people go abroad every day. Parents spend 45,000 yuan to take their children to travel to Korea for 10 days to pass the customs|Tam Yaozong: Various sources indicate that the customs clearance between the two places is expected to increase by 16,953 confirmed imported cases approaching 1,000 in preparation for work More than 50 deaths have hit a new high in half a year. Epidemic|Thursday, the restaurant industry will withdraw the upper limit of the number of people. The catering industry is encouraged: there will be an official opportunity to cheer up the epidemic during the Chinese New Year|He Bailiang approves Hong Kong’s step-by-step return to normal to promote the withdrawal of the 599G restriction order 599F Listed places have strong restrictions Jian Building | 16 buildings on the list of Shedi Peak.

Royal Palace and other imperial gardens, a total of six buildings were listed in Shapu Road and Carpenter Road in two days, residential buildings on Shapu Road and Carpenter Road, Meidong Village and Tin Yan Village, and 50,000 people had to pass the customs quickly | Epidemic situation in the Mainland is rising Customs Clearance|Li Jiachao’s FB announced that Shenzhen’s “Health Station” quota will increase by 300 and 2800 per day Qi Zhen is not a Hong Kong citizen?

Liu Jiaxian, the former executive manager of the Hospital Authority, was diagnosed for the first time on the last day of work at 12.20. The Director of Insolvency was diagnosed. The Director of Accounting Services had to be quarantined at home due to the epidemic in his family. 12.17 Received the CEO of the first tour group under the epidemic: Encouraged by the return of tourists

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