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Who is this, who is this: the surprising Slavic woman who started dating her man - voila! Sheee


For far too long, men have been the ones expected to take the initiative romantically or sexually with women, but not anymore. As in the dating app "Bumble" more and more women are taking the initiative themselves

For far too long, men have been the ones expected to take the initiative romantically or sexually with women, but not anymore.

The changes brought by the Mi-To revolution may sometimes confuse and cause insecurity, but also allow women to step out of their comfort zone, and take the initiative themselves.

This has many advantages:

first of all, it is a very refreshing change for the man - it can be surprising, exciting and flattering that a woman shows interest in him - just like every woman enjoys being flattered by being romantically interested in her, believe it or not - men also feel this way when women express interested in them.

A woman's appeal to a man can do wonders for him, and help open him up, build his self-confidence, make him feel welcome, and at the same time establish her in his eyes as a woman with self-confidence, which is known to be the most attractive feature.

The other advantage of the female initiative is that, in contrast to the classic way in which a man would "try to get" the woman, which can sometimes be interpreted as a bit of a two-match, when the woman makes the first move, especially when it is a place designed exactly for that, she controls the pace of the initial contact, and then , instead of being defensive and focusing on creating boundaries, she is free to enjoy the guy's company, and get to know him.

The initiative, on her part, makes sure that she has the safe space to find out that she wants him, before he makes a move on her that is ahead of his time, or tells her a "creative" opening sentence that eliminates the chance, such as "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?".

Here are some beautiful and successful women you all know who have already done it right:

Persistence pays off

Iggy and Ati (Photo: Nir Pekin)

Iggy Waxman was a super cool rock 'n' roll girl when Ati Schulberg was a teenage boy who admired her as a singer.

Of course, she didn't know about his existence until after he left the "Big Brother" house after a highly publicized and noisy affair with Leahia Griner, whom he met in the house.

It's not just that everyone called him "handsome" - this is one of the most justified titles ever given to a handsome man, and Waxman probably thought so too.

Instead of dreaming about him from afar and moving on, she decided to go for it.

She got his phone, and asked him out.

He says in retrospect that it stressed him so much that he told her he was in a relationship, and they agreed that everything was fine, and that one day she would invite him to a party she was recording at, casually.

The rejection did not turn off Iggy Waxman, at least not for a long time - half a year later she invited him, and there the chemistry had already taken its toll.

The two got married in 2012, after a year of dating, when Iggy was in advanced pregnancy, and they are together to this day, more than ten years later, plus two children, and in a relationship, as they say you win.

The gut always knows

Maya Wertheimer (Photo: Nir Pekin)

Maya Wertheimer, the attendant, the redhead and Asia's mother, also started with whoever was her husband.

Assaf Zamir, although according to her he did not meet any of the requirements that were always on her list when she meets a man.

"To be taller than me, funny, have a master's degree, combat service, who loves sports, such a salt of the earth, travels and loves to sleep under the sky. A romantic who will start with me and go back the good old way, man," Wertheimer wrote in a post on social networks: "This was my list , I thought that the man I want and need must fully fit these categories. Otherwise, he's not the one. I've dated guys like that who met all the criteria - but the heart? It didn't open."

"One day a guy came to train at the place where I trained, I didn't dwell on him, he is the complete opposite of everything I was looking for. It was almost 6 years ago, and one Asia. After the training he wrote a post that it was one of the hardest days of his life because he is so lazy. It's all That's how he laughed and charmed me, I even felt a little butterfly in my stomach. Strange. I plucked up courage and wrote to him. He doesn't fit the list but my stomach won, she wanted to exchange another word with him. I took such a brave step (what does it mean about me that I started with him? I'm desperate? This Not attractive). Later I simply discovered that I had taken the reins into my own hands. That I not only initiated - I also simply chose."

"I didn't wait and I didn't let the knight on the white horse come. I brought him. We were brought up to want to be the princess that someone would save from a coma, but in 2020, you can give that up, and be a queen. They call it a feminist - I call it normal, a woman."

When this is this - this is this

Comet Wiesel (photo: screenshot, Instagram)

You probably know the annoying phrase that people who have already found always say to those who haven't yet "when this is this - this is that".

Nice, thank you.

Really helps.

But you know what?

This story really proves that these troublemakers are right, and when something is true and accurate, nothing could prevent the connection, not even a stressful sentence like the one that Shavit Wiesel said to the foreign guy she didn't know and had only seen on TV (DeVice), in a Tel Aviv bar: "I know you Should be a part of my life."

That's how she felt, and that's what she said - what she later described as love at first sight.

After three and a half years of an incredibly photogenic relationship, Ohad Ben Nun and Shavit Wiesel got married, Michaela was born, and they all live happily and richly to this very day.

These women had the courage to choose the right man for them, listen to intuition, read between the lines, and know that they have arrived home.

You probably can too, but you won't know until you download Bumble.

Love has no boundaries

Ilanit Levy and Eliraz Sdeh (Photo: screenshot, Instagram)

Neither did Ilanit Levy, and she started with her current husband, Eliraz Sade, in a rather creative way.

The first time she saw him it was on Big Brother, and according to her she thought he was the cutest man on TV, and with her friends she would call him "my husband", and force them all to text him every time they were removed.

When Eliraz got a TV show, she was invited to be a guest on it, and went even though her agent advised her not to.

Did Ilanit Levy let Eliraz realize on his own that she was interested in him, and let nature take its course?


She's not the type.

Ilanit Levy probably won't give up laughs when there's an opportunity - she got a hinoma and entered the broadcast like that, she told the person that today is her husband that she already closed a hall for them, and when he replied that he has a girlfriend, she replied that she agrees to live in a threesome as well.

The frightened Eliraz didn't know what to do with himself, and probably wasn't sure if she was serious or not, but after the program he joined her for a night out with friends, and the next day he discovered that he had left a bag with sunglasses in her car.

It might have ended here, if she hadn't "accidentally forgotten" a spotted swimsuit left over from a photo shoot, in the sunglasses bag she returned to him.

So even if you are not intuitive like Shavit Wiesel and Maya Wertheimer, and not brave like Ilanit Levy and Iggy Waxman, the feeling of power and choice that accompanies the act of beginning is mega empowering.

There will be men who will feel uncomfortable with the change of roles, but while they are dwindling, the enterprising women are multiplying.

Come on, we understand that these love stories made you want to send this handsome an opening sentence that will finally teach them how to do it right.

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