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Innovation and technology blueprint|Target manufacturing industry accounts for 5% of GDP in 2030 Sun Dong: Land and talent are challenges


The Bureau of Innovation, Technology and Industry released the "Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Development Blueprint" yesterday (22nd), setting out 4 major directions, 8 strategies, 16 goals and 42 recommendations.

The Bureau of Innovation, Technology and Industry released the "Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Development Blueprint" yesterday (22nd), setting out 4 major directions, 8 strategies, 16 goals and 42 recommendations. 1% in 2020 to 1.5% in 2025 and 5% in 2030.

Sun Dong, Director of the Innovation and Technology Bureau, said that some people think the goal is too aggressive while others think it is conservative. He emphasized that the target has been carefully considered internally. and human resources, but I am confident that it will not be achieved by 2030.

Sun Dongjin pointed out in a radio program on the 23rd that the goal of increasing the manufacturing industry's GDP from 1% in 2020 to 5% in 2030 has been carefully considered and debated internally, and based on Hong Kong's current situation, economic and political conditions in the next few years environmental predictions.

He said that some people think it is more aggressive, because Hong Kong's industrialization foundation is weak, the growth rate has more than doubled within ten years, and it has neither land nor talents; but some people think it is more conservative, and there is a big gap compared with the mainland and Singapore.

Sun Dong: The indicator is to seek stability while progressing

Sun Dong pointed out that the target is a scientific indicator, "it is neither aggressive nor conservative, but seeking stability while advancing." He said that there are certain challenges in achieving the target, especially in terms of land release and talent, but he is confident that it can be achieved. It is hoped that it can be achieved ahead of schedule without waiting until 2030, and it is emphasized that the key is to make a good layout.

In this blueprint for innovation and technology, special emphasis will be placed on supporting the research and development of semiconductor chips and new energy vehicles in Hong Kong.

Sun Dong said that it is necessary to be cautious in choosing the type of support, because Hong Kong has less land, and will be selected according to four principles: the first is high-tech elements, which make Hong Kong a leading position in Asia and the world; the second is that it can drive the growth of Hong Kong’s GDP; the third is First, it can increase employment opportunities in the local area and enable young people to move upward; fourth, it can make use of Hong Kong's strengths and contribute to the country's needs.

The government announced the blueprint for the development of innovative technology yesterday.

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The development of new energy vehicles is a strategic trend

In terms of semiconductor chips, he pointed out that it is not to repeat the "old ways" in other regions, but to develop the emerging third-generation semiconductor chips, namely gallium nitride, according to the latest trend.

He said that Hong Kong has had achievements and advantages in semiconductor chip research in the past. Many Hong Kong companies have developed chip-related factories in the Mainland, which has certain strengths. The government is also building a microelectronics center in Yuen Long.

As for new energy vehicles, he said that in the past five years, the mainland has developed well in this industry. For example, Shenzhen BYD Automobile has become a leading company in just a few years.

He emphasized that Hong Kong needs to have leading companies for industrialization. He believes that with the increase in demand for environmentally friendly transportation, coupled with the good development of the supply chain in the Greater Bay Area in the Mainland and the research on new energy vehicles in Hong Kong, it is a strategic trend to use new energy vehicles as the development goal and expand overseas. .

Sun Dong.

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Attracting enterprises to attract talents

In terms of talents, Sun Dong said that in the long run, he hopes that local talents can grow, but in the short term, there is a shortage of talents in various industries. The way to quickly reverse it is to introduce talents. Therefore, when introducing companies in the future, they will also introduce talents by the way. "Many talents follow the company. When discussing details with the importing company, it will also mention how the relevant talents join the company.

He also mentioned that he will continue to support university research and cooperate with the Education Bureau to promote STEM education in primary and secondary schools.

He pointed out that Hong Kong’s scientific research investment mainly depends on the government, which is different from the situation in other regions where private enterprises dominate. For example, Shenzhen’s public-private investment ratio is 1:9, and Guangzhou’s is 3:7. Therefore, he hopes that private enterprises in Hong Kong can invest more in university scientific research. , and investing in the early stage will help industrialization planning.

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