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How Trump could still get away with it all


How Trump could still get away with it all Created: 2022-12-24 05:02 By: Daniel Dillmann, Christian Stör Is Donald Trump falling over impeachments and tax returns? According to a legal expert, there is still hope for the former president. Hardly any taxes paid: Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump report negative income "Democrats' political game": Trump's team defends US presidents and att

How Trump could still get away with it all

Created: 2022-12-24 05:02

By: Daniel Dillmann, Christian Stör

Is Donald Trump falling over impeachments and tax returns?

According to a legal expert, there is still hope for the former president.

  • Hardly any taxes paid:

    Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump report negative income

  • "Democrats' political game":

    Trump's team defends US presidents and attacks Democrats

  • Trump's tax:

    All news and current developments from the USA relating to Donald Trump's tax in our new ticker.

+++ 1:15 p.m .:

Could Donald Trump’s tax return really mark his political end?

In the US, many already think so, mainly because few Republicans seem willing to defend the US President against the allegations.

But Trump can at least hope for protection in the possible lawsuits recommended by the Capitol Storming Committee.

His defense attorneys could plead the First Amendment of the US Constitution in that case.

It protects freedom of speech in the USA and is considered a particularly valuable asset.

In addition, if Donald Trump takes a lawsuit to the Supreme Court, he could also hope for support there.

"The current Supreme Court has been successfully conquered by the Republican Party," law professor Jim Gardner told



Trump himself had appointed a chief justice and two judges during his tenure.

Bad news reached Donald Trump's ears this week.

(Archive image) © KEVIN DIETSCH/AFP

Donald Trump and Melania have barely paid any taxes in six years

Update from Thursday, December 22, 6:30 a.m.:

For years, Donald Trump refused to disclose his tax documents.

However, the former US President lost out in a legal dispute with a congressional committee.

A first report of the committee has already been published.

It states, among other things, that the tax authority IRS did not check Trump properly (see initial report).

The report also shows that despite sales in the millions, Trump hardly paid any income tax.

Accordingly, Trump and his wife Melania Trump declared a negative adjusted gross income in four of the last six years.

Due to millions of dollars in deductions, almost or no taxes were incurred in 2016, 2017 and 2020.

Trump reported an adjusted gross income of more than $24 million in 2018 and paid almost $1 million in taxes.

According to the New York Times, sales of real estate and investments alone brought $22 million into his coffers.

Two years ago, an analysis by the New York Times showed that while Trump's companies were making enormous sales, they were also making massive losses, which Trump then used to avoid taxes.

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Donald Trump's team defends his tax return

Update, 12/21/2022, 3:25 p.m .:

According to Steven Cheung, spokesman for Donald Trump, his tax return would only show that he “built a very successful business and created numerous lucrative assets over the course of his career”.

Cheung accused the Democrats of playing a "political game".

Instead of Donald Trump's tax returns, "They should release the tax returns of Nancy Pelosi and her crazy husband Paul to see how much dirty money they've made selling America and endangering our national security."

Trump's tax becomes public - ex-president caught lying

First report from Wednesday, December 21:

Washington, DC - It is probably the most momentous week for Donald Trump since the start of his political career.

First, the US Congressional Capitol Storming Committee recommended that the Justice Department file indictments against Trump.

The former President of the USA is said to have made himself punishable in four counts.

It was the first time in the country's history that Congress recommended an agency investigate a head of state.

But that was not all.

Just one day later, a committee of Democrats in the House of Representatives dropped the next bombshell.

Donald Trump's tax documents from the past six years, i.e. since he took office after the US election in 2016, are to be published in the next few days.

First, critical passages in the documents would have to be blacked out.

Donald Trump and the tax - no check by the authorities

It is already known, however, that the US tax office apparently did not subject Donald Trump's tax documents to a standard check after he moved into the White House as required.

According to the report, the tax authority disregarded its own rules, according to which the tax assessments of all presidents are to be checked.

"It will probably surprise people how much the IRS

Red.] broke their own rules," said Dan Kildee, Democratic Assemblyman.

According to the Reuters

news agency, the authority has

not yet commented on the allegations.

Donald Trump caught lying

This, in turn, proves that Donald Trump lied on multiple occasions during the 2016 campaign against Hillary Clinton.

At the time, the Republican candidate claimed that he could not follow the tradition of American presidential candidates to make their tax returns public before the election.

The reason he gave was a routine review of his tax records.

But this did not take place.

The documents already published prove this.

Donald Trump: The biggest scandals and missteps

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Donald Trump's tax assessments - only a few details included

However, it remains unclear whether Donald Trump's tax assessments really provide information about his financial situation and the amount of taxes he has paid.

According to the committee, the tax assessments to be made public would contain few details.

But the mere fact that Trump has been fighting tooth and nail for more than six years against the documents being published suggests that one or the other unpleasant detail will be hidden.

  • 1999

    : Donald Trump flirted with a candidacy for the office of US President for the first time.

    In an interview with MNSBC, he says of his tax returns: "I probably wouldn't have any problem publishing them."

  • 2011

    : Donald Trump demands that US President Barack Obama publish his birth certificate in exchange for a promise to publish his tax assessments.

    A week later, Obama released the certificate.

    Trump says his tax filings will be released "at an appropriate time."

  • 2012

    : In an interview, Donald Trump asked the then Republican presidential nominee to release his tax records.

    Otherwise, people would assume that "something was going wrong."

  • 2014

    : Donald Trump says in an interview: "If I decide to run for office, I will definitely file my tax returns, and I will be happy to do so."

  • 2015

    : Donald Trump again promises to make his tax returns public if he runs for president the following year.

  • February 2016:

    When asked, Donald Trump announces that his tax documents will be published "in the coming months".

  • May 2016:

    Donald Trump says he will not release his tax records before the November 2016 election, breaking with a tradition held by candidates from both parties since 1976.

  • January 2017:

    Donald Trump's adviser Kellyanne Conway says the White House will not release any presidential tax filings "for the foreseeable future".

  • April 2019:

    Democrats in the US Congress instruct the US Internal Revenue Service to hand over Donald Trump's tax records to Parliament.

    Donald Trump appeals.

  • August 2022:

    The appeal is rejected, Donald Trump's tax documents must be submitted to Congress.

    Trump is appealing again, this time to the Supreme Court, the country's highest court.

  • November 2022:

    The Supreme Court rejects the objection.

(Daniel Dillman)

Source: merkur

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