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Heavy losses for Russia – Moscow allegedly wants to mobilize Crimean residents


Heavy losses for Russia: Russia loses 90 soldiers in Bakhmut on Christmas Day Created: 2022-12-25 04:57 By: Caspar Felix Hoffmann, Sebastian Richter, Vincent Büssow, Lucas Maier, Christian Stör Russia suffers heavy losses in the Ukraine war. The numbers are devastating. Ammunition is also scarce. The news ticker. Intelligence report: The Russian army has limited operational capability due to a

Heavy losses for Russia: Russia loses 90 soldiers in Bakhmut on Christmas Day

Created: 2022-12-25 04:57

By: Caspar Felix Hoffmann, Sebastian Richter, Vincent Büssow, Lucas Maier, Christian Stör

Russia suffers heavy losses in the Ukraine war.

The numbers are devastating.

Ammunition is also scarce.

The news ticker.

  • Intelligence report:

    The Russian army has limited operational capability due to a shortage of ammunition.

  • Losses:

    Ukraine reports the destruction of Russian military equipment.

  • Editor's note:

    Some of the information on the Ukraine war processed here comes from the warring parties in Russia and Ukraine.

    They can therefore not be independently checked in part.

+++ 4.15 p.m .:

Within the last 24 hours, Russia has lost more than 90 soldiers at the front in Bakhmut.

100 others are also said to have been injured, as Serhii Cherevatyi, spokesman for the Eastern Armed Forces of Ukraine, announced on Ukrainian TV.

"The enemy is trying to break through by any means, systematically taking casualties and not being able to break through the front," Cherevatyi said.

News on the Ukraine war: Soldiers convicted of "brutal torture".

+++ 15.20:

Four Russian soldiers in Ukraine were each sentenced to eleven years in prison for torture.

Two of the men were involved in the Ukraine war as mercenaries on the Russian side, the other two belonged to the Russian army, according to

The Kyiv Independent


Ukraine War: Russia loses 90 soldiers in Bakhmut on Christmas Day.

(Archive image) © Libkos/dpa

All four convicts had admitted their guilt in full before the court.

The men can still appeal against their conviction, it is said.

They "brutally tortured" three Ukrainian veterans in the village of Brorova, Kharkiv region.

The prisoners were detained without food and water and were also tortured, according to the Kharkiv region prosecutor's office, which issued the verdict.

Moscow reportedly wants to mobilize Crimean residents

+++ 2:00 p.m .:

Moscow has so far failed to convince Iran to supply missiles to the Russian military.

This was reported by Kyrylo Budanov, head of Ukraine's secret service, in an interview with the

New York Times

on Friday (December 23).

According to Budanov, Russia wants to order missiles from Iran in addition to drones in order to replenish its arsenal in the Ukraine war.

However, Tehran refuses for fear of sanctions.

According to intelligence reports, Russia is suffering from the high loss of missiles and ammunition (see update from 11 a.m.).

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Heavy losses for Russia: Moscow allegedly wants to mobilize Crimean residents

+++ 12.40 p.m .:

Russia is apparently trying to mobilize the residents of the annexed Crimean peninsula for the Ukraine war.

As early as Wednesday (December 21), the military leadership in Kyiv stated that there were "covert mobilization measures" in the area.

Now the portal of the Ukrainian government

National Resistance

reports that people are being offered plots of land on the Black Sea peninsula in order to persuade them to fight in the war against Ukraine.

Putin declared partial mobilization in Russia to be over in October.

Since then, however, there have been repeated reports of covert conscription, which is intended to compensate for the high losses.

+++ 11.00 a.m .:

The Russian army should only be operational to a limited extent despite the reinforcement of its troops in the Ukraine war.

This was reported by the British Ministry of Defense in its intelligence update on Twitter.

Accordingly, a lack of ammunition is most likely the reason for the loss of the upper hand.

Attacks with long-range missiles on Ukraine's infrastructure are said to have been reduced to one attack per week to compensate for the loss of such weapons.

Russia is said to be unable to carry out large-scale attacks due to the shortage of ammunition.

Heavy losses for Russia: Almost 500 soldiers killed in 24 hours

+++ 9.20 a.m .:

On Saturday (December 24), the Ukrainian general staff published new information on Russia’s losses.

Accordingly, 480 Russian soldiers died in combat within 24 hours.

In addition, among other things, a tank and eight drones were destroyed.

The numbers at a glance:

  • Soldiers:

    101,430 (+480)

  • Aircraft:

    283 (+0)

  • Helicopters:

    267 (+0)

  • Tanks:

    3006 (+1)

  • Armored fighting vehicles: 

    5994 (+8)

  • Artillery Systems:

    1988 (+4)

  • Air defense systems:

     212 (+0)

  • Multiple Rocket Launchers:

     418 (+4)

  • Cars and other vehicles:

     4627 (+5)

  • Ships:

     16 (+0)

  • Unmanned Combat Drones:

     1706 (+8)

  • (Source: Facebook post from the Ukrainian General Staff on December 24)

Update from Saturday, December 24, 7:38 a.m .:

According to Ukraine, Russia suffered further heavy losses in the war.

The military leadership in Kyiv reported that two artillery systems were destroyed in the Zaporizhia region on Thursday (December 22) and more than 70 soldiers were wounded.

It has also been confirmed that nine Russian drones of various types were shot down last day.

+++ 10:55 p.m .:

The medical facilities in the Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine are overcrowded with wounded Russians.

This is what Hanna Maliar, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, wrote on Facebook.

"The medical facilities (...) are overloaded and unable to treat the large number of wounded soldiers of the Russian occupation forces," said Maliar.

A significant number of them die while awaiting priority medical attention.

According to Maliar, the premises where they are located are closed with metal bars to prevent slightly wounded soldiers from deserting.

Ukraine War: Ukrainian military attacks Kadyrov's Chechens

+++ 18:25:

outside of Tokmak in the Zaporizhia region, the headquarters of the Russian troops were hit by a Ukrainian attack.

This was announced by the Ukrainian armed forces in a telegram.

It is believed that a group of Ramzan Kadyrov's troops were there at the time.

"It happened last night.

Local sources report that many Chechens were burned to death in their sleep, as was the occupying forces' headquarters.

The information is currently being verified,” the Ukrainian military said.

Ukraine War: Soldiers killed by Russian sabotage unit

+++ 5 p.m .:

The Ukrainian military “destroyed” a Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group that crossed the state border of Ukraine on Thursday morning (December 22).

"The Territorial Defense Forces of the Sumy region destroyed a Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group!" said the head of the military administration of the Sumy region Dmytro Zhyvytskyi on Telegram.

After a brief skirmish, two Russian soldiers were killed.

There were no casualties on the Ukrainian side.

This information is not independently verifiable.

War in Ukraine: Ukrainian air defenses shoot down Russian drones

+++ 4.30 p.m .:

The Ukrainian air defense shot down two Russian drones, the spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force, Yuriy Ihnat, announced on the radio.

"In the morning and afternoon of December 23, two drones were shot down by the Luftwaffe on the Eastern Front, which have so far been identified as Orlan-10 drones," Ihnat said.

Russia continues to conduct aerial reconnaissance using drones.

This is dangerous because the information is collected in real time.

This information is not independently verifiable.

Ukraine War: Ukrainian military attacks Russian bases

+++ 3.30 p.m .:

The Ukrainian military reports attacks on Russian bases.

Ukrainian forces also confirm that three days ago they hit a "concentration" of Russian troops in the Kherson region, some distance behind the front line.

The attack took place in the Skadovsk district, near the border with Crimea.

"Up to 140 Russian soldiers were wounded and eight Kamaz trucks with ammunition were destroyed," the Ukrainian military said.

This information is not independently verifiable.

Ukraine War: Russian car blown up in Melitopol

+++ 1:10 p.m .:

Russia continues to fight in the Ukraine war with losses and setbacks.

Now the center of the Russian-taken city of Melitopol in Zaporizhia Oblast has been shaken by a heavy explosion.

According to deposed mayor Ivan Fedorov, a car belonging to Russian invaders was blown up.

"There was a loud explosion in the center of Melitopol," Fedorov wrote on Telegram.

"According to eyewitnesses, the car used by the Russists [Russian Armed Forces] was blown up."

Ukraine War: Russia's Losses in Numbers

+++ 11.00 a.m .:

Russian losses in the Ukraine war continue to rise rapidly.

It was not until Thursday (December 22) that the number of fallen soldiers exceeded 100,000 - which Ukraine took as an opportunity to celebrate this milestone with a light projection (see update from 6.50 a.m.).

Losses for Russia: Does North Korea help out with weapons for Wagner mercenaries?

+++ 9.00 a.m .:

Russia is having a hard time with the loss of people and material in the Ukraine war.

The regular Russian armed forces get help from the Wagner group.

According to the US government, tens of thousands of mercenaries are deployed in Ukraine.

However, they are apparently dependent on North Korean equipment for their attacks.

White House Communications Director John Kirby said Thursday that "North Korea has completed an initial arms shipment to Wagner" -- the mercenary group paid for it.

"We assume that the amount of material supplied to Wagner will not change the dynamics on the battlefield and in Ukraine, but we are certainly concerned that North Korea is planning to supply more military equipment."

North Korea itself denies supplying the Wagner Group with weapons.

According to the state news

agency KCNA

, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs described a Japanese report as "fundamentally false" and "the most absurd diversionary maneuver worthy of comment".

Losses for Russia: Ukraine celebrates milestone

Update from Friday, December 23, 6:50 a.m.:

Russia has lost more than 100,000 soldiers in combat in the ten months since the start of the Ukraine war.

For the Ukraine, this means a milestone that the country celebrated with a light projection in Kyiv.

"The situation with light has improved in Kyiv," Deputy Head of the Presidential Office Kyrylo Tymoshenko wrote on Telegram on a photo showing the light projection with the inscription "100,000".

The photo shared by Tymoshenko was projected onto the front of the Vernadsky National Library in Kyiv, at the top of the building.

The news came in blue light and was later also

shared on Twitter by the English-language Ukrainian news

site UkraineWorld .

Heavy losses for Russia: Moscow loses 200 more soldiers in Kherson

+++ 8:20 p.m .:

Up to 150 Russian soldiers were killed and around 50 wounded in an attack by Ukrainian forces on a Russian airfield near the city of Kakhovka in the Kherson region on Tuesday (December 20).

This was announced by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the evening (December 22) on Facebook.

The General Staff also said that up to 20 pieces of Russian military equipment of various types were destroyed in this attack.

This information is not independently verifiable.

Heavy losses in the Ukraine war: 10,000 Russian soldiers every month

Moscow/Kyiv – The Russian invaders have been deployed in Ukraine for more than 300 days.

President Vladimir Putin had originally assumed that the "military special operation" would be over quickly.

But that has long since been out of the question.

On the contrary: the Ukraine war is going downright devastating for the Russian armed forces, their losses are exorbitantly high.

A look at the statistics shows how problematic the situation has become for Russia.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, the number of Russian soldiers killed since the invasion began on February 24 has now passed the 100,000 mark.

This means that the Russian armed forces are suffering an average of about 10,000 soldiers killed each month - an unimaginable amount.

Although winter has almost brought fighting to a standstill on the southern and eastern fronts, Russian casualties are still very high.

The reason is the battle for Bakhmut, where Moscow is obviously determined to achieve a largely symbolic victory despite significant losses.

(cs/spr/cas/vbu with dpa/AFP)

Source: merkur

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